Friday, November 18, 2005

5 Down...Too Many to Go!!

I must be losing my mind. (or it already got lost a long time ago) I've added even another project on my growing to do list for Christmas. I have decided to make this pattern or this pattern for my girlfriend Laura. She loves piggies and last I knew, she collected them. So, I hope I can get something done for her in time for Christmas.

I finished a cross stitch picture last night for Christmas. This one will be going to my brother and sister-in-law in Papua New Guinea.

It is such a relief to have one more picture done. I have two left unless I don't make the one for my friends in England. I really want to but if I don't have the time then I won't be able to. Family is most important.

Here is my updated Christmas list.

  • Two cross stitch pictures
  • "special project" for hubby
  • Treasured Moments Keepsake Dress (for sister's baby)
  • purse for friend
  • piggie item for friend
  • poncho for Mother

We have run up against a problem, which is why I am stressed out a bit more than usual today in regards to getting these gifts done. Its not actually a problem in the sense of the word, merely a dilema for me. I have mentioned that our friends from England are coming to visit for three weeks starting the 16th of December? Well, there won't be any time while they are here to finish Christmas presents. So this means that I have exactly four weeks (to the day) to get this whole list done. (and some of these things are quite time-consuming.) Well, last night, James informed me that my Father-in-Law will be here to visit the 3rd through the 8th. A whole week. Not that I won't be glad to see him or anything. It will be his first time to see Chloe. I am actaully quite happy that he wants to come. Its just that will be a whole week taken away from crafting these gifts. I know I will have a bit more time while he is here than when our friends are here but I just wasn't expecting it. That's all. So, I basically have 2 weeks to get these gifts done.

Our friends will be leaving back to England on the 4th of January. Then James deploys on the 6th. At that same time, I will be leaving for Washington to spend those five months with family. So, needless to say, the next month and a half will be extremely busy for me.

I have also updated my WIM's list. Here that is. These are things I would like to work on after Christmas. (I may need a little break though....although I might be so in the groove I won't be able to stop...Oh No!! Help me!!)

  • poncho for me
  • knee lenght sweater for me
  • Baby Chenille sweater and hat for Chloe
  • regular sweater and hat for Chloe
  • afghan for Chloe
  • embroidered tea towels
  • lapghan for newphew (per sister's request)
  • shawl for me
  • cross stitch growth chart for sister's kids (peter rabbit)
  • crocheted bookmarks for birthdays this next year
  • kitchen sets for Christmas next year
  • baby girls pantsuit outfit in thread (to design)
  • two scarves to design (rose collection)

And so the list grows. (more and more everyday) Can I get is all done? That is the question of the year. We shall see. At least some of these are smaller things that should only take a day or two.

I bought a pattern book yesterday. (yes I actually BOUGHT a pattern book.) I have decided that in order to have the really nice patterns, I will need to buy them. (or have other people buy them for me for gifts...that hasn't happened yet...but one can dream, can't they?) Anyway, this pattern book is of afghans for kids. Girly afghans though. They are floral in nature and absolutely gorgeous. They are not really "baby" afghans. I want to make on for Chloe for her first birthday. She will most likely have outgrown her baby afghan at that point and these are just to beautiful NOT to make.

Well, time is money as they say and I should not be sitting on this computer typing my life away when there are so many projects that call.

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