Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Busy Day, Busy Day

Busy day but I feel like I got NOTHING done. That is a horrible feeling. I have spent a lot of time today looking up HTML codes and dinking around on this blog. I didn't get much done except I added a link on the sidebar to a new photo album I made. I am putting only my crocheted projects in that album. When time permits, I might add another album on there with some of my other projects and a link. Doing this link pretty much took me all day. Now I know how it is done though so it should be quicker next time.

I actually worked on something I am supposed to today. I started work on my mother's Christmas gift. She had bought a crewel kit at a yard sale this past summer but she doesn't do that. She thought that since I cross stitch, I would be willing to do it for her for Christmas. I told her I would try. I got it out today and started on it. I have to say that it is going pretty quick. I will most likely have it done tomorrow or the next day. I don't really like doing it though. It would probably be nicer if I knew how to do it well. Can't get there unless I practice though. The yarn in this thing is terribly rough though. It hurts my fingers using it. It breaks really easy. I don't know if this is a really old kit and that is the reason for this is if they all are like this.

I have no pictures to show you today. Maybe I will take one of the crewel project tomorrow. My dh will be going to a meeting tomorrow night and so I am planning on getting out that "special project" and working on that tomorrow. I need to make a run to Hobby Lobby tomorrow also to pick up some blue aida cloth for the Christmas gifts I am making this year. I am cross stitching pictures of snowmen. They are actually quite cute with cute sayings on them. I will try to get some pictures in an album tomorrow to show everyone the ones I have finished. I have four finished and hope to get three more done in the next 5 weeks. That in addition to my "special project", my mother's gift, knitted hat for dh's Christmas stocking and some other little things.

Christmas Project List
  1. Four Cross Stitch Pictures
  2. Knitted hat
  3. Crewel picture
  4. "special project"
  5. Treasure Moments Keepsake Dress #2 (for my sister's baby)
This list doesn't seem so long once I write it out like that. (of course, I could be forgetting something...that very well could happen and has been known to happen in the past.) Of course this doesn't include other projects I have going or any WIP's or WIM's. I have many WIM's.

Well, I better be going tonight. I need to get to bed. I want to start getting up at 6:30 to have my devotions and get ready before Chloe gets up. Maybe even 6:00 so I can shower too. This depends on how early I can get to bed in the evening and tonight it doesn't look so early.

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Mom Kopf said...

Anna, I like your new blog.It was fun to read and I loved the picture of my present, it looks beautiful!I know that I will enjoy it. Remember that when you have a day that feels like you didn't accomplish a thing, if you spent time with your Savior, you did the most important thing. He loves the time you spend with Him! Love, Mom