Thursday, November 10, 2005

The End of the Day is Here

All I can say is that today has been very trying for me. I won't get into how that has been because I don't want to bog everyone down. Its just been one of those days where I feel that I cannot do anything right for nothing. I am ready for tomorrow to come and be here.

I thought I would post a couple of my poems for you all to read. I wrote them a couple of weeks ago but never posted them on my other blog like I wanted to so I will post them here.

My Battle

Taking over me.
Hard to see?
For me.
My spirit weakens.
Losing control.
The old nature wins.
Fresh start.
Old habits,
Creeping back in.
I slip up and fall again.
A voice.
A face.
My eyes look upward.
I reach for the outstretched hand
of my Savior.
Someday I will be perfect.
Not today.
Today I am me.
Struggling. Two wills.
A battle.
Who will win?
The new creature.
My new self.
Jesus made me new.
Jesus gives me strength.
I take a step.
One step.
I am closer.
Tomorrow I will take another.
I will fall again.
I will rise again.
A battle will be lost.
A battle will be won.
A promise.
God's promise.
We will win.
We will triumph.
-Anna Ness

So, that's it. I don't think it is one of my best but it has a nice cadence to it.

I worked on my mother's Christmas gift again today. (I am so proud of myself for that.) I was kind of hoping I would get it done today but no such luck. I am to a point now that is slow going. Maybe it will be done tomorrow and I can cross that off my list of projects to finish in the next five weeks. I wasn't able to work on my "special project" today at all. I had some other things I had to prioritize today. I have a planned time tomorrow to work on it though. I can't wait til it is done and I can get a picture of it up for everyone to see. (of course, that will be AFTER Christmas so DH doesn't see it.)

Chloe is growing up so much this past week. She is actually laughing more and more. (I was getting kind of worried.) She smiles and holds her mouth wide open a lot but no laugh. Anyway, I was able to make her laugh out loud quite a bit this week. She started saying ma-ma-ma-ma this past Sunday. I don't know if that counts as Mama yet though. I have a sticker to put on her calendar when she says Mama. Should I wait until she actually know what she is saying when she says it? I think so. Her second tooth is almost ready to come in. In fact, I am a bit suprised that it hasn't yet. Her appetite has been next to zilch for the past couple of days. I actually fed her some formula in a bottle tonight because I was a bit worried that maybe her problem is my milk supply and she isn't getting any. Nope. She drank one ounce and that was it. (from the bottle.)

I am quite lucky that she takes the bottle. I was supposed to start her on it when she was about two months old and just give her one feeding a day with it but that stopped shortly after I started. Most babies who wait this long refuse to take formula or even drink anything from a bottle. My sister had problems in this area with her son. But Chloe took it and knew exactly what to do with it.

Well, it is getting late and I would like to get up at 6 am to get my devotions and shower done before Chloe gets up. I didn't make it this morning since I was up so late last night. I really want to do it tomorrow so I had better get to bed soon.

Have a great day and do something spontaneous today!!

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Hi Anna,

I do have a pattern for the cradle purses. You can email me at

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