Saturday, November 12, 2005

FO Finally!!! Yippeeee!!!!!

I am so excited. I finally finished a project today. It seems like forever since I finished anything. (so, its only been a little over a week but that can be a long time when you are three months behind on Christmas gifts.) The project I finished is my mother's gift. That lady done in crewel.

Well, I wasn't liking it as I was doing it. I did the yarn part first and boy did that look horrible. I then did the floss part and those flowers looked better than the yarn ones but I thought the whole picture looked as if a second grader made it. I was about to call it quits today and I called my mother and explained the whole situation to her. She said it was up to me and it probably looked better than I was saying. Well, I told her that I would send it to her anyway and let her decide but that since I didn't like it, it wasn't going to be her "Christmas present".

This is what I finished. Now that it is done and has all those little details that take a long time but add so much, it actually doesn't look as bad as it did this morning. I think I kind of like it. I just wish my stitches were nicer but hey, this is my first time doing crewel so cut me some slack, won't ya?

Here is a picture of the finished project. I know my mother reads this but she already knows what it is anyway. (hey, and maybe she will forget to read this blog...seeing as how I have two and sometimes she forgets things like that anyway.)

Now I just have to find a frame that will do the picture justice. I looked and looked in Hobby Lobby yesterday but no luck. (James was waiting for me too so I didn't have a lot of time.) I only browsed thier clearance frames that were half off but there wasn't anything good. They actually had the perfect frame but it was sideays from how I needed it. (it had an easel back so I couldn't make do.)

I worked on the "special project" again last night and tonight. James went to work at the Franklin Graham conference so I had a couple of hours to work.
Bad News...Bad News...Bad News...........
I almost got caught last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!I have managed to keep this secret for almost a year now and to get caught about a month away from Christmas would be tragic!! Who knows!! He might even know what I am doing without me getting caught.

Here's what happened. He had told me that he would be working at the conference until about 12:00 or 1:00am. So, I thought that at 11:30 pm I would put away everything and climb into bed and be asleep by the time he got home and he would think I had been sleeping the whole time. He had walked to the conference and I had asked him to call home before he left to walk home so that "I wouldn't worry" about him walking home at 1:00 in the morning. Well, at about 10:30, lights pull up in the driveway and I am sitting on the couch in full view of the window. (curtains drawn, of course) I knew it was him so I made a mad dash and scooped everything up and ran into the office and threw it up in my "hiding space". When I went to greet him at the door, he mentioned that he saw me dashing about and knew that I was hiding something. My heart was pounding a million beats a second at this point and it was all I could do to remain calm. (like he doesn't notice everything...) I wouldn't tell him what I was doing and just acted like I was being naughty for staying up late instead of going to bed. I pretended that was what I was hiding. (he knew better but didn't push it.)

Anyway, now I am hoping that he doesn't figure it out but I am sure that he has. I know him. He is one smart cookie. He probably knows and was totalyy shocked but didn't want to let me know because it was such a great surprise. He will tell me after he opens it at Christmastime that he knew I was making it. I will ask how? And he will say..."remember the time when I came home early..." There is hope beyond hope that he doesn't know. I mentioned to him later that I didn't want to tell him what I was doing and he said "is it something I asked you not to do?" I lied. (sorry mom!!!! I really am but this has GOT to stay a secret and I always knew there would come a time when I would have to lie to him to keep it a secret.) I hate lying but this is very important. Hey!!! Its Christmas!!! Can't ruin Christmas, can I?

So, I worked on it again tonight. He had better come home early again because I didn't want to take any chances, so I put it away at 10:00. I might get an hour tomorrow night to work on it and then it is back to Chloe's naptime as my only time to work on it. He is going hunting next Saturday morning so I will try to get up early and work on it before Chloe gets up. I have the feeling I am going to have to pull a couple of all nighters to get this one done in time.

I took a picture of my workbasket today. Just thought it might be interesting for you to see my current WIP's. Now these aren't the ones that I haven't touched in a while. These are my current projects that I am working on now or have in the past couple of weeks. (all except for my thread tablecloth. That is in the very bottom of the basket.

In it you see a bunch of thread for different projects I have going. I have the Treasured Moments Keepsake dress I tested the pattern for in there. I also have the one I have started for my sister's baby. I have the poncho/capulet I started yesterday for myself in there. (I know, I know...what am I doing starting projects when I am behind on Christmas gifts? Well, join crochetville and you will see why. There are so many people there creating so many beautiful things and I just had to have one.) I put it down again. Don't worry. I am going to get these Christmas presents done if it kills me. (not really, mom!!)

Do you see the cute little fabric bag thing in the basket. My wonderful mother made that for me per my request. She had made me one when I was a girl and in my moving about it got left in a house I lived in. So, I asked her to make me another one and being the kind and loving mother that she is, she did. It is a little bag that opens up and folds out like a book. Inside are plastic ziplock bags sewn in that hold my embroidery floss. On the two "covers" there are pockets to put whatever project you are working on and your scissors and things and it even has a built in pincushion. My mother always says that she has tried to sell things that she makes and no one wants to buy what she makes. Well, Mom!!! I think you should sell these on ebay. I think you could make some money. They are practical and pretty!! Just my two cents worth.

I have some WIM's I thought would be good to get written down. I always am thinking of things I would like to make and never remember them. (cause I think of so many things...I probably have projects thought up to last me the rest of my lifetime making.)

My WIM's

  • embroidered tea towels
  • lapghan for newphew (per sister's request)
  • shawl for me
  • cross stitch growth chart for sister's kids (peter rabbit)
  • crocheted bookmarks for birthdays this next year
  • kitchen sets for Christmas next year
  • baby girls pantsuit outfit in thread (to design)
  • two scarves to design (rose collection)
I could go on and on but it is getting late and I can't think very well when its late. I am going to go make me a cup of coffee and work on a Christmas present. I started another one today. I only have three left. I have less than five weeks until our friends from England arrive and then i will have no more time for anything.

Have a great night everyone.

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