Wednesday, November 16, 2005

HELP!!!! I'm going cross eyed!!

I have been cross stitching for the past week now. I am almost done with another Christmas present and once I am finished, I will post a picture of it here. I doubt anyone who would be recieving one of the presents will be reading this blog so I am perfectly safe for now. I have also been working on DH's "special project" every afternoon for about 1 1/2 hours. This is during Chloe's second nap and the largest chunk of time I have during the day when dh is gone. I am getting along nicely on it and might, just might, be able to get it done in time for Christmas. I am thinking though, that if I can't finish it completely, I will still give it to him. I will be able to at least get most of it done and the rest of it is not noticable anyway. I will just finish it up after Christmas.

My fingers are starting to cramp up though from all this stitching. I had worked on that thread dress for Chloe the week prior to last week and so working with cross stitch right after that has thrown my fingers into total turmoil. I sure hope they forgive me. (after Christmas though.)

I am so naughty. I can't believe myself. Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to handle all the Christmas presents I have to finish in just 4 1/2 weeks time...I go and add two more. Yes!!! Two more. So, I didn't care for the crewel picture I was making my mother so I asked her if I could make her a shawl or poncho instead. (actually with...I'm still giving her the picture.) She said yes and I sent her some links to ponchos she might like and she choose one and picked out a color and everything. Now she is really excited and actually wants me to maybe teach her how to make another one when I visit in a couple months.'s the problem...after finishing the crewel picture completely...Me thinks me hubby likes alot...So, I'm giving it to her but also have to do this poncho too. (a promise is a promise.)

Then to make matters worse, I had an idea day before yesterday that seemed brilliant at the time. (note to self...when inspired by brilliant ideas...pause...breathe...don't do it.) My girlfriend Ashlie (the one I taught to crochet that baby hat and bootie set) loves (and I mean LOVES) purses. And not just any purse. She likes the Bling Bling!! Take in consideration her current mode of money transportation. A bright silver space age bag. You can see this thing a mile away blinding you. James says it looks like she made it from tin foil. (and being the modest one that she is, replies "yes!") Anyway, after a conversation last night with her about her sense of style, I have decided on just the purse for her. This one!! I ordered some medium bright green thread to make it from I am pretty excited to make this purse for her. Seeing as how much she loves purses and how much she loves things that are different. This will truly be different. I am actually thinking of making myself one. (after Christmas of course...what do you think I am...crazy???)

It was everything I could do today to keep myself from crocheting. I was very good and kept myself on track though and worked on those cross stitch pictures. Talk about dedication!!! I am actually growing up!!

Here is a picture of my precious baby girl showing her love for books. I can't believe how at such a young age, she has so much interest in them. I have been reading to her since she was a week old though so it is quite understandable. I read a book or two to her everytime I put her to bed, either for naps or bedtime at night. I am an avid reader. (or actually I once was but had to give it up more recently for more important things( I think crocheting is more important than sue me!!) I am just glad that this reading gene passed on to her and I hope to instill it even deeper in her as she gets older. I truly believe that reading is what gives your imagination wings. (and some people have even commented on how far reached my own imagination is...this is good, right???)

Chloe's favorite book right now is 5 Little Ladybugs. She loves to touch the little raised up ladybugs on the pages. She even giggles when I stick my fingers through the holes on the opposite pages and try to touch her fingers.

Isn't she just the cutest. Her new favorite game is to take some books off the shelf and sit on the floor surrounded by them. She can actually be quite choosy about which books to take off the shelf though. My sister gave her a little plastic photo album from the $1 store with pictures of her three kids in it and Chloe love to eat it.

Well, guess who just woke up from her nap. (yup, my princess!!) And princesses need to eat too. So, I must be going before princess turns into monster, growling and snarling for food. (yes, even the sweetest of sweet princesses can turn into these monsters when not fed when hungry.)

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