Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In Loving Memory

Simba Marie Ness

She was the best dog anyone could ask for. She never barked except when someone came into our yard or knocked on our door. Even then, it was only a warning bark. Of course, this did not apply to the many mailmen she had seen in her lifetime. They were intruders and they warranted more.

Simba loved people. She would get excited whenever someone would come in our home. She loved to greet everyone with her tail wagging madly behind her, thumping into everything that go into its way, and her mouth smiling in its own doggy sort of way.

Simba loved her walks. And boy do I mean love. All I had to do was mention the word walk and she would jump in circles, point to her leash and run straight to the door. The whole walk she would hold her head up like the proud dog she was. She knew that she was special and loved.

Simba was smart too. She knew the difference between walk (leash and front door) and outside (backdoor) She also knew when I was upset. If I were crying she would come up to me and look at me with her puppy dog eyes. Then she would gently place her head in my lap and lay there until I stopped crying. She would then pick her head up and start licking the tears off my face.

I remember the times she would sit up against a wall and start licking it. (weird, huh???) I also remember the time that James pulled a toy gun on me for pretends when I got home from work and she barked and snarled ferociously at him.

Simba was put to rest on November 28, 2005. She had been suffering arthritis for two years and the past few months had gotten worse to where sometimes she was unable to stand up.

Simba was a good dog and loyal to the end. I will miss her, my baby. Never will there be another dog like her.


Sandra said...

Anna, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much Simba meant to you, I know how much all animals mean to you (I personally know). I'm not sure if you remember this particular time, but once when we were still stationed in Arizona and Solomon was away at Tech school, you and I were on our way to the store when we approached a dead dog in the road. You started crying and had to pull over and catch your bearings before you could even continue driving. I had never seen anyone react so passionately before towards an animal that they didn't even know and had never seen before, but I suppose that was the uniqueness and kindness of your spirit towards every living thing. Feel good in knowing that Simba was able to experience that kindness first hand everyday that she had with you. She was only a good dog because she had a good mama....Sandra

Cristin said...

I can't tell you how many times I've begged God to let my Janey live forever....she's only 3 but she's the gem of most my days. She sounds a lot like your Simba!! LOVES people! LOVES going on walks, except my Janey pulls on her leash and looks back at me like 'come on!! I've waited all day for this. I've got far too many things to be sniffin' for you to be walking that slow!'
And my Janey doesn't give kisses... :( I'm not sure why? The ONLY thing she really licks is her leash!!! Every once in while she kisses me and it's just a flutter, like did she really kiss me? or is that just her nose? We found her as a stray. She's BY FAR been the best dog ever!! She learns SO fast, you only need to tell her once and she knows. She's very smart! My hubby teases her with WALK and she comes running and then he says BATH and she goes and hides -- he gets her running back and forth until I stop him!
Well, I've said enough about my honey...
I'm so sorry to hear the heart ache you are feeling. One thing a friend shared with me a while ago is that God gives us the Grace to handle things in life as they come. My prayer for you is that His Grace would wash over you in your time of mourning. Be well my friend. Rest in Him