Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two More FO's

I did it!!! I did it!!! I did it!!! I am so totally excited!! (I'm dancing around my house...well, I was until I sat down to type this.)

What did I do??? I finished a Christmas gift. No more cross stitch pictures. (except for one but that cannot be mentioned here...shhhh!!!!!) Here is a picture of the cross stitch I finished today.

I am so glad to be finished with it. I have a terrible headache today and I think it is from too much eye strain. All this cross stitching in a hurry business has got to go.

I just have to work on my "special project" and then I don't think I will cross stitch for a very long time. Crocheting is so much easier on my eyes and it is so much more relaxing.

Actually, cross stitching would be relaxing too if I just took my time about it. Same goes with crocheting. If I just took my time with my crafts, I am sure it would be relaxing. But there are just too many wonderful things I want to make and not enough time in my life. Hopefully, when I get to heaven, I can craft away forever. I would love to make people things for eternity. That would be bliss.

I sure hope that everyone likes thier presents this year. I have put a lot of thought into what would be a good present and I think these cross stitch pictures are just the thing.

I finished another thing today too. I had started a poncho the other day. (when I wasn't supposed to, mind you.) It is also done. Once I had a large chunk of time to devote to it, it actually went pretty fast. It was the same stitch over and over. Here is a picture of it.

I used Red Heart Lustersheen and a G hook. The pattern is called Shells and Roses Poncho and was a free leaflet put out by Coats and Clark at Hobby Lobby. ( they should put a couch in that store since I practically live there.)

Now I started on a new project. The purse I am making for my friend Ashlie. I am using this pattern and size 10 thread in turqoise with a size 5 hook. Here is a picture of one of the motifs.

The thread looks blue here but it is really a bright tourqoise. Really pretty. I think my friend is going to love it. I am excited about it. This is the most fun I have had making a gift in a long time. (not including my "special project".)

Well, Chloe has been sleeping in the playpen for two weeks now for her naps. The first week I put her in it for just one nap. Last week I put her in it for both naps. This week I put the playpen in a different room. The first nap of the day she screamed for thirty minutes. I gave her an extra 10 minutes to get to sleep on her own or I was going in to rescue her. She ended up going to sleep in about 7 on her own. The second nap was a lot easier. Next week I am going to try putting her in different rooms of the house for each nap. Then the following week I think will be the week I try an all nighter. I will need lots of prayer that week since it will be a long night the first night or two.

Well, off the work on that purse and get something to eat. My tummy is rumbling.

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