Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And a Matching Scarf

Well, I just had to have a scarf tonight to match the Bow and Arrow Hat I made from Dot's pattern. She didn't have a scarf pattern to match so I just took part of the pattern and repeated it over and over for a skinny scarf. It took me about 20 minutes to complete it and I am in love with it. Absolutely in love. I will be wearing this set often and am really looking forward to making some other sets from different patterns.

Here is a close-up of the scarf pattern.

So we went to that Christmas party tonight and it was a lot of fun. I actually knew someone there so that made it fun. Had I not seen them, it would have been extremely boring with such a young baby. My friend held Chloe the whole time so I got to eat and look around and things. James wore an elf costume since he was one of Santa's elves. My pictures of him didn't turn out though. The lighting on the stage was bad and from the distance that I was, it just didn't turn out. Too bad because you all would have laughed and laughed and laughed. He had on this dress thing and some green tights and some elf shoes. Okay, the really funny part is that the dress only came about midthigh!!! Can you imagine??? That is a lot of tights showing on those legs. I am thankful that James is secure enough in himself that he would volunteer for something like this just to bring joy to children. (gosh, it would be horrible if he weren't secure and that's why he did it...okay...let's not think about that...he's secure...he's secure....he's secure.)

So Chloe got a present from Santa. We were actually supposed to have the gift wrapped and to the office this morning but hey...I have an in with one of the elves so we got that taken care of.

Here is a picture of me and my baby and I am sporting my new and wonderful hat and scarf set. I am still amazed that I made this and am wearing it. I haven't made very much stuff for myself before and I figured it was high time I start. How dare I make things for others and expect them to wear it if I don't wear anything I make. So, I will be making myself some things. In the past I have just had a hard time forking over the money to buy the yarn needed to make the things I like. (the things I like always use the nicer more expensive yarn or I have to buy the $20 book to get the right pattern.) I have actually been emboldened by my girlfriend Ashlie. I am always complimenting her on her wardrobe and the gusty things she wears. (Okay, she's the one with the tin foil space age purse...remember?) Well, she told me that she used to be scared too. Then one day, she just decided that if she liked it...she was wearing it. It no longer mattered to her what other people think. I started thinking about it and that has been my problem. I used to be a bit more of a free spirit in high school. I would wear things that weren't in style just because I liked it or I would wear things with a bit of flash to it. Well, when I met James, he slowly changed me. Not on purpose mind you...just his personality. He has very distinct tastes. Everything has to be just so or its out. Well, over the years my wardrobe has started to relfect that taste. Just boring browns, dark blues, blacks and whites and occaisionally the off white or something. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I decided that I look really good in dark red so I ventured out a got a few red things for my wardrobe but that was pretty much it.

After my shopping day with Ashlie, I now have pink ( and bright pink at that) and turqoise and other bright colors. I looked in my closet today and smiled because I see colors. So, I made this hat and scarf set and James laughed at it and said he didn't like it. I told him, "Well I DO and I am wearing it whether you like it or not." And I got three compliments on it too. (Santa gave me a compliment...how nice of him.)

Well, I am off now to get some more crocheting done.


iida said...

Your baby girl looks absolutely adorable! =)
I too like to wear colors and I'm sure your husband will get used to you wearing them as well. My boyfriend only wore black and white clothes but luckily I'm getting him to believe that other colors suit him as well =) It seems that when you wear clothes of bright color, you feel more sunny.. I think the hat looks great on you, by the way!

iida said...

I sort of started off there, but as you can see I improvised after the face was finished to make it more suitable for a puppet. Thank you! =)