Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A hatting I will go...A hatting I will go!!

I made another hat today. I just had to. I saw this pattern and knew that I had to make it for myself. I was reading it and it called for Baby Coordinates yarn and what luck. I had most of two skeins left over from that hat and bootie set I made for Alissa. I had been thinking while I was making her set that I just love this color of blue and how nice it would be to have a shawl or poncho or shrug or something made from it. Well, when I saw this pattern and that it called for this yarn, I just knew I had to make it. And today. It couldn't wait til after Christmas. (knowing my memory, I would forget what I wanted to make and with what and it would never get done.)

Anyway, this hat took me about an hour to make. Would probably have taken me less time except I did three rows wrong and had to frog. I was reading the pattern too fast. I do that sometimes. more of late since I am on this kick of actually finishing things that I make. I think I have finished more things this year than ever in my life combined!! Actually that is not true. The first year I started charity crocheting I finished a lot of baby items. This is the first year I have finished a bunch of items for myself or for gifts.

Well, here is that picture before I forget.

I actually took this picture myself. It was hard to get myself centered into the camera frame but I think I got the knack of it.

I have the perfect place to wear this today. Tonight is the Sqaudron Christmas party for kids and so we are taking Chloe to it. I know she is a little young but sometimes I just need to get out of the house and this is the perfect opportunity.

She will get to sit on Santa's lap and get her picture taken. ( I just hope she doesn't cry...she gets stranger anxiety.) I am debating whether or not to put her in her Christmas dress I made her or this other Christmas outfit that was given to her. The other outfit is just a simple sleep and play outfit in velour. Not very pretty but it does say "Baby's First Christmas" on it. James is worried that her dress will get dirty. I haven't made up my mind yet. I want her to be cute.

We will be taking a little present for Santa to give to her. They made a price limit on the gift of $10 which I think is a good idea for those older kids who know the prices of things. For Chloe its not that big of a deal. I bought her some soft plastic blocks yesterday for Christmas but I forgot that I was going to also buy her those wooden alphabet blocks with the wagon for her toy. Then on top of that I bought a set of those little peek-a-boo blocks to put in her stocking. So that would have been three sets of blocks for Christmas. How silly of me. So, I think Santa will give her these plastic blocks tonight. Then I can get her those other blocks for her toy.

Well, I am off to get some of this house cleaned up before we have to go tonight. James and his friend Nathan spent the weekend fixing the leak in our bathtub. The funny thing is, they spent more time (and money I might add) fixing the things they broke themselves while trying to fix the original problem. As my father so wisely says, "Don't mess with plumbing...do it yourself on everything else...but when it comes to plumgbing...call someone." Well James did call someone yesterday but they quoted him $79 an hour. NOPE!!! Not worth it. He did it himself and with Nathan and they got the job done. No more leaks and now my drain plug thingie works too. I am so proud of my do-it-your-selfer hubby. He is learning. Just a few years ago he would have payed a couple a hundred for someone else to do it and we would still be paying for it on the credit card.

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