Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Second Post for the day.

So, I guess Blogspot has a downside. I can only add five photos per post. Its still better than yahoo which only allows me one and that one has to be at the top...not where I want to put it.

Anyway, here is the continuation of my previous post.

On Sunday night we went with our good friend Nathan to see Bethlehem at Broadmoor. Broodmore is a huge Baptist church in our city and every year they built Bethlehem in their parking lot. It was one of the neatest nativity scenes I have every seen. It was an actual village with villagers milling about and selling their wares. (not actually but pretending.) They had basketweavers, blacksmiths, a fish stand, a bakery, some houses, a temple and all sorts of things. They even had live animals milling about. While we were standing in line to get in, two villagers came up and gave us some shekels (pennies and nickles) to pay our taxes with once we got inside. They had some tax collectors inside. At the gate there was a beggar asking for alms so we gave him a penny from our tax money. The whole thing was really neat. They had an inn and out front was the innkeeper and his wife with a couple of goats and a basket of vegetables and they told us they were getting ready to make some goat stew. Another villager came up and asked where the baby Jesus was and the lady said she didn't know who she was talking about but that a young couple had the come the night before who had a baby in the stable out back and she was going to take them some of her goat stew once she got it made. The whole thing was absolutely wonderful. It would have taken a lot of money to put this whole thing on. At then end they have a huge tent with a choir in it and tables upon tables of cookies and hot drinks. That alone would have cost a fortune. There were at least a thousand people there while we were there and they were going to be putting this on for two nights each weekend for two weekends. Here are a couple of pictures I got while we were there.

The first one is of Chloe and I petting the Roman's horse. Chloe liked the horse but didn't like touching it.

This second picture was inside the refreshment tent after we walked through the village.

I look horrible in this picture. I wanted to post it anyway though. Having a baby is truly humbling.

I know I am not supposed to be making things for myself when I have Christmas presents to do but I just couldn't help myself. When I see a neat pattern, I just have to try it. So, I have made two hats for myself.

This first hat was made using this Peachy Keen pattern and some Caron Cozy yarn. I am in love with this yarn. I have been trying out new yarns and patterns lately to broaden my horizens and I am finding that there are so many nicer things out there. I am having a blast. This crochetville forum is really helping along in my crocheting skills.

This second hat was made using this Gastby cloche pattern and some leftover Red Heart Lustersheen I had from that poncho I made myself. I think I should have used a thicker sport weight yarn. This hat turned out slightly too big for my taste. I wanted it to sit above my eyebrows like in the photo at the website and mine has kind of a flare that I didn't want. Oh well, its cute anyway. Now I just have to come up with a flower for the side of it. That website charges for thier flower patterns so I haven't made one yet. I am thinking about buying the patterns since they are so unique and I probably could never come up with a design as great as theirs.

I did finish the purse I was working on for my friend Laura. (Ashlie's sister...I talk alot about Ashlie) I was not too happy with how it turned out though. It is not the same purse they have pictured on the front of the pattern. This was one of those leaflets you can pull off in a store and it was Hobby Lobby's own pattern. I am very disappointed with it. It is not my own error either. The pattern was extremely easy and there is not way I could mistake what they were saying. I read it and reread it and there was no mistakes on my part. There were about 30-40 extra rows in my purse than in the picture. Also, the stitching around the middle portion looks nothing like the purse. My purse is actually the size of a tote. NOT what I was going for. Laura doesn't carry totes. She likes purses. Oh well, she'll like it just cause I made it anyway. I know her.

Our friends from England will be arriving Friday. I am so excited. That is the day after tomorrow. I have been busy cleaning my house today and getting ready for their arrival. In fact, I really should still be cleaning but I needed to take a break and I haven't posted here in so long I figured it was long due. (before I forgot everything I wanted to post about too.)

So, we are going to be taking them to the Rainforest cafe for dinner on Friday night after they get in. Saturday we are going to Six Flags over Texas and also to Medival times for dinner that night. I am totally excited about that. We will be eating with out hands while we watch knights on horses have jousting tournements. Talk about cool!! Then on Sunday we will be going to the Galleria and ice skating and shopping the day away. Hopefully we will be getting back in time Sunday night to take them to that Bethlahem village. I think thier girls would love that. (ages 7-8 or 8-9, I'm not for sure on thier ages)

This will be such a fun time. Hopefully I can get a few breaks to post here about the fun we are having and some pics but if I can't, I am sure you all will understand.

My dear daughter has awoke so I must go spend some precious time with her before she grows up too much. I was feeding her earlier and was amazed at how much she has grown and the difference between her just a few short months ago. These times are precious and I don't want to waste any of it. I won't get them back.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Debi said...

I think you look beautiful and radiant beside your precious baby!!!!
Being a mom is truly awesome.