Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shrug, Purse and Coasters

This week has been a tough one for me emotionally. It is hard to go around my house and not see my dog Simba. I miss her. She is in a better place though and is no longer in pain. This gives me a sense of peace. We had our good times with her and I am thankful for each and every one of them.

I have been able to get a few things done this week in spite of my down trodden emotions. I made myself a shrug using this pattern. It worked up very quickly and I am quite pleased with it. I ran out of yarn though so the ruffle is not as long as it should be. It will work though.

It looks kind of brown in the picture but its really a darker Thyme green. Kind of like a dark army color. I used TLC Amore yarn in Dk. Thyme. It is simply the best yarn. This is the first time I have used it and I am in love. I used a size J hook to make this. It took me two evenings to make. Very easy and you can even adjust the size to whatever you need it to be. I just followed the pattern.

I also worked on Ashlie's purse today. I got a lot of feedback from members over at crochetville so I decided to line the purse and insert plastic canvas to help it hold its shape a bit better. I also added a handle to make the purse a bit more of an every day type purse. The feeling was that if there was no handle, it seemed to be more of an evening clutch style purse.

I ended up scratching the lining. I couldn't get it to work right and my sewing machine isn't feeling well. (I have asked for one for Christmas but since money is a bit tight, I'm not going to be getting one...maybe my birthday.)

I really love the added handle. I think it makes it look truly like a purse.

I joined a crochet-a-long over a c'ville and this one happened to be coasters. I thought this would be a great idea to get some Christmas gifts done in a hurry since coasters work up fast. I made these for our friends Kirk and Rachel who are coming from England to visit for Christmas. (two weeks from tomorrow they arrive...I'm getting excited.) The pattern is called Aspiring Accents Coaster.

These coasters were done in a sage green to match Rachel's living room couch. I used this pattern and size 10 thread with a size 5 hook. They were very easy to make and took me about three hours for all six of them. I thought it would be better to make the set of six instead of four. Knowing the way things have gone for me in the past with visitors, I knew that if I made four, five people would show up for tea and she wouldn't be able to use matching coasters.

I also finished my mother's poncho today. I took a picture of it but I won't be posting it here until after Christmas. I know that she picked out the pattern and all but she hasn't seen the color of yarn I did it in and I think it should be a suprise just how pretty it turned out. I am actually quite pleased with it.

Well, its late here and I really must be going to bed. I am tired. There are a lot of things I need to get done tomorrow. I am planning on framing all six cross stitch pictures that are Christmas gifts tomorrow and crocheting this "pork butt" magnent for my girlfriend Laura. It is quick so that should take me at the most a half an hour. That will be more thing crossed off my to do list for Christmas. It seems that for every one I cross off, two or three more get added. I am just steadily plodding along and hope to be caught up this next week. (can a crafter ever be caught up??? I think we all know that answer to that question.)

Have a great day everyone. Don't forget to leave me a comment sometime. I love to hear from you and hear what you have to say about the things I make.


Tandi said...

You've done some beautiful work! The shrug looks awesome (I love Amore but I really hate working with it). And I really like the way the purse turned out. It is such a great size. Did you use a pattern for it?

Sally said...

Your shrug came out beatuiful...I love the color too!! Great purse and coasters too!!!

Anna said...

Yes I used a pattern. I used this pattern.
The thing I most like about this purse is it is so versatile. You just change the size of yarn and hook and get a totally different purse. Also, you can add motifs to change the size too. I love it.

Tracey Rose said...

I love all of your beautiful work! And your little girl is beautiful too! I fell in love with TLC Amore when making an afghan. My only complaint is that it has pilled a little, and I haven't washed it yet. But it is so yummy soft. I just love your thread coasters and will have to try some out myself. Are you from Southern Louisiana? I'm from New Orleans and my family is still there. Hope you have a happy holiday with your family and visitors!

iida said...

Hi and thank you for reading my blog and the encouraging words! I am very jealous of your shrug, it's so pretty and of exactly a color I'd wear. Good job! =)