Monday, December 05, 2005

Two Neices and a Nephew

I got a few more gifts done between yesterday and today. I made a hat and bootie set for my newest neice Alissa yesterday.

I used Bernat Baby Coordinates sport weight yarn for this set. I bought a book at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off of 99 cents so that was a great deal if you ask me. It had two patterns in it. This set (which included a sweater and matching blanket) and another sweater with matching blanket. Two very cute sets. I choose this one for Alissa though. I thought it was very girly. I kind of like the blue with the pink trim. Kind of reminds me of denim.

A couple of months ago, my sister asked me to make her two older kids (1 1/2 and 3 years old) some little blankies to take in the car with them when they go out. It seems that she has to pack three blankies for Alissa because the other two steal them from her. I guess it gets quite cumbersome loading three large blankets around for all of them. So, I made these two lapghans for them. Sarah says they love to stick thier fingers through the afghans so I made two granny squares and then put a simple edge on them.

The first one is one I made for Timothy. It was made in Simply Soft Brites yellow and green. The green looks kind of pale in this picture but it is really a brite lime green. (my computer doesn't like lime green I guess...) I put a simple dc border around the edge of this one.

This second one was made for Megan. She is the oldest of all three kids. This blankie is made in Simply Soft Brites Teal and Grape. (purple) The edging is bigger than Timothy's. I did a sc, ch3 border around it. I love those types of borders.

I tested a hat today for Etaria over at This is a very nice hat. I made it for our friend Kirk who is coming over from England for Christmas with his family. We are excited about thier visit. It is less than two weeks away. My how the time flies. It has almost been three years since we saw them last.

Anway, back to the hat. It is called Wood Ridge Mountain Snowcap. She has a scarf to match it too. I didn't test the scarf though. She has a whole collection of hats and scarves called the Rugged Mountain Collection. I help her name those. (can you tell I am proud of that??)

Anyway, I made this hat with Wool-ease. My first time using that type of yarn. I like it except it is a bit rough on my hands. It makes a nice warm hat though. Can you see the cables in this hat? This is the first time I have made cables. I always thought cables were something you knitted. I now know better. This was actually very fun for me to make. Because it was different than any other hat I have made before. (which were the boring sc back and forth type or a pretty baby hat.) I never made a pretty adult hat before so this is nice.

I am a bit concerned that it is not guyish enough. Etaria made these patterns to be unisex and kind of appealing to men. I know that my guy would NOT wear this though. He doesn't like it. I love it though and think it is kind of masculine. I hope that Kirk likes it. I am debating whether or not to give it to him. I don't want to be totally embarrassed by giving a guy something I made that he doesn't like. I will have to ask James in the morning when he wakes up what his opinion is.

So, the other day I promised pics of our Christmas lights. Here they are in all thier splendor.

We finally got them put up Sunday afternoon. I am proud of them. We went out last night and bought a Christmas tree. We actually got a real one this year. Our first real one since we were married. Our very first Christmas, some guy James worked with gave us a bunch of his old Christmas stuff and in it was an 8 foot fake tree in excellent condition. We have used it every year for the past 7 and it is starting to show its age. (whatever that may be) We decided that since we are having company for Christmas this year, we wanted a real tree. Also our house is pretty small and that huge fake tree just took up too much room. With a real tree, we can kind of choose the size we want at the farm.

Now we just have to get it into water and into the house and decorate it. (don't know when that is going to happen...)

Well, its getting late and I need some sleep. (I can't wait to get to heaven and not need sleep anymore. It would still be fun to sleep sometimes. I love crawling under the covers and feeling that warmth and drifting off into slumber land. I just hate this needing it thing. Sleeping is for the birds.

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