Monday, January 16, 2006

Angel Whispers Dress

Here it is. My first dress design. I am in love with designing. I don't think I'll be able to stop. (not that I want to or anything.) I had a bit of trouble with this dress though. I kept trying to do complicated things and it wasn't turning out well. So, instead I just decided to keep it simple for my first dress and then to make changes to the basic dress each time until I get more advanced. I already have an idea for the next couple of dresses but there is so much to do before then.

I have to finish that blue dress I am testing for the garden and then she has something new that I will most likely test the second wave of. Then I still have to finish that Spring Lily bonnet from last September that I was supposed to be testing. (please don't tell...just kidding...I did get her the dress done and half the bonnet so I think she was fine with that.)

Well, here is the dress.

And a side view.

And a close-up of the stitches. Can't see it too well, but I used a 3 dc shell and a sc all the way around. Kind of a textured feel to it and still lies flat. It also has some strength to it like fabric. that's actually what Ashlie said when she saw it. That it was like material instead of crochet.

I really hope the Boutique wants to buy it. She wants to see my stuff and will give me a guesstimate on how much she thinks it will sell for and if we are both in agreement then she will probably buy it from me. I sure hope so. I would like to make some money on the side. Even if its just to help me buy more yarn. That is what the Proverbs 31 woman did.

Can you believe that Chloe is 10 months old already?? She just turned 9 months old a couple of days ago!! I am serious. Time has flown by so fast. What really gets me is that James won't see her again until she is 15 months old. She will be completely different and I will probably hardly notice because I will be with her the whole time.

Well, I am not going to pack up the computer tonight. I think I will wait until morning. I am tired and need to get some sleep. This means that my farewell speech will be tomorrow and not tonight. (I am still going to post up north but I probably won't get near as much time on the computer since my parents only have dial-up. Oh well, I will try as hard as possible to keep up to date on it.

Have a wonderful night everyone. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of my dress design. I would really love to know. Thank you.

The Birthday Girl

Since I have already posted twice today and I still have one more to go I will keep this short and sweet.

I think Laura loved the gifts I gave her. I told her the slippers were from Ashlie and I but I think pretty much everyone there (including Laura) says they were from me. Ashlie did buy the yarn but no one counts that.

I think of the three gifts I gave her, my purse was her favorite. She even opened it up and squealed, "Its PINK inside!!" That just made my day. I was so excited to actually make someone something that they truly love. She even said she would wear it to church the next morning. I am so honored to have my work proudly worn. That doesn't happen very often. (maybe my mother and sister but that's about it.)
Now this next picture is Laura's face as soon as she sees those "chunky" earrings I made her.

Now this is how she looked once she put them on. I know she likes them but whether or not she'll wear them is a story we will have to learn about another time. I told her she could take the earring loops off and run a brown ribbon through them and wear them as a necklace and she turned and looked at me and said very matter-of-factly, "I just may have to do that." I think in Laura language that means, "Yes, these suckers are heavy and pulling my earlobes to the floor."

Anyway, after passing the gifts around, everyone was talking about the things I made and telling me I should go into business. I proudly said, "I am already." I told them the name of my business and they all loved it and said it was perfect. So, there you have it. They think I could make a fortune. (okay, not really a "fortune" but maybe a healthy side business.) I think it is perfectly along the Proverbs 31 woman thing. 9my favorite chapter in the Bible since it helps me to be a better wife to James and a better mother to Chloe.)

Well, I have one more post. My dress design debut photos.

Chloe at a Party

These are just some pictures of Chloe at Laura's party Saturday night. We had a good time there. I even left Chloe for about an hour. Tell me who's proud of me for that? My first time leaving her with anyone other than James. (and that only happened a handful of times) It probably won't be happening again for a long time. I just don't like leaving her. She is such a part of my life. I know that when she gets older it will be harder to go on a date with James with her and then I will start leaving her. For now, I don't have to and I don't want to. Nobody in the olden days left thier kids with babysitters all the time. They didn't need to get to the movies every Friday night or go out to dinner every week. Why is our culture so set on these things. It seems to me that something else is missing. More people leave thier kids with babysitters to have "quality alone time" and yet more marriages are breaking up. I wonder why that is. Could it be that people need to spend more time at home with thier husbands and children and less time searching for meaning in the world?

Anyway, here I am getting on another soap box and I don't mean to. It is getting late and I tend to do that at night. maybe I should just stick to posting in the am. HHmmm!! There's a thought. Not much time in the am though. Chloe is up and the day must be started.

Oh well, here are those pictures I keep talking about and not posting.

I told Laura that if she would feed Chloe than that was how I would leave Chloe with her. So, she agreed. We suckered Clive into holding her. I left and so I have no record of how messy this got. (actually Chloe does pretty well sitting still while you are holding her and feeding her with a spoon.)
I had promised to make Laura some puppy chow and I had forgotten to go to the store. This is why I had to leave Chloe in the first place. Brandi and I had to run to the store to pick up the ingredients. So, here I am making puppy chow in my nice dress up outfit. Everyone said how nice I looked. (even in my red house shoes!!) I had nice shoes I had bought to go with my outfit but I didn't feel like wearing them all night.

The really funny story of the night was that Ashlie had gone to Sam's club to buy the food for the party. I walked in the door and sitting on her counter were two cans 7lbs. each and one 4 lb can of beans. Have you ever seen a 7lb can of beans. The things were monstrous. She used one can for the beans for everyone and even that was enough to feed 50 people. Laura kept telling her, "I told you so!!) when we told Ashlie that was way too many beans. (just be thankful she didn't decide to cook ALL of them.) Later on she said, 'I guess that's why the can said perfect for catering, huh?" Well, yes!! I told her they didn't write it because the beans tasted so good. She won't live that one down for a while. Will kind of made her feel better though by saying that our parents know how to cook now because they were once our age and made the same mistakes we make. That's how they always know exactly how much food to make. They used to make enough to feed army's too.
Here is Chloe and Katherine. I am so glad that Katherine and her husband Jarred came to the party so I got to see them before we left. I don't get to see them near as much as I would like to. They are one of those truly sweet couples. They are both nurses to.

Well, I am off to post yet again. This will be of Laura opening her gifts from me.

Saturdays Post

I am going to attempt something new. I have a kazillion pictures to post and since I can only post 5 per entry, I am making four posts. I tried to post on Saturday after I finished my gifts for Laura and the computer froze when I hit the publish button. (drat it cause I spent 45 minutes typing it when I was supposed to be doing other things.)

Well, I don't even remember what I talked about so I am going to start new. I designed my first purse and it turned out so adorable. Laura is actually pretty lucky that she recieved it because I really wanted to keep it. I convinced myself that I made up the pattern and it wouldn't be that hard for me to make another one. Laura, on the other hand, does not have the pattern, nor does she know how to crochet and so she would never have a purse like this on unless I gave it to her. So, upon that reasoning, I broke down and gave it to her. Here is what the finished purse looks like.

Here is what the inside looks like.

I truly believe that this constitutes my own design. Sure it is similar to the original by looking at it but you can see some major differences. (aside from yarn changes and stuff) My purse was made up completely different and although similar stitches were used, mine are a little different. Also, I add different handles and a lining.

So, I was supposed to finish these slippers for Ashlie to give to Laura. Guess what!! I did!! Here they are in all thier glory.

It is sometimes hard to make things that are not your own inspiration but someone else's. This was one of those projects. I am very pleased with how they turned out and I must say that by the end of making them, I was kind of attached to them and thought it would be nice to have some for myself. I probably won't but it would still be nice.

Well, I am off to start another post. The next post will be from Laura's party.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Am I supposed to be doing something??

I have four days left before I leave and here I sit making jewelry for myself. How silly of me!! I actually should be working on that purse or those slippers for Laura's birthday party tomorrow. The slippers will be easy. I just have to cut out the pastic canvas to match the soles and sew those together. Then I have to sew the two straps on each side and they are done. I will get on that in morning. NO MORE PROJECTS TONIGHT!!! I mean it. After I post here I am going to bed. I am exhausted. I hope I get a chance to take a nap tomorrow before the party. I don't think I will be staying too late. I will go over early to help set up and stuff so then they won't mind if I leave a tad bit early.

So you ask what it was that I was working on that I wasn't supposed to be??? Ask and you shall receive. I made a necklace and earring set to wear with my outfit tomorrow to the birthday party. This is the first necklace I have made out of beads. I have made many earrings. Not necklaces.
This picture doesn't really do it justice. It looks so cute on me. And the bigger beads are almost the color of the camisole I am wearing. I have a torquoise camisole with a brown shrug and brown goucco (spelling??) pants. I hear that they are all the rage and so Ashlie made me buy them. (just kidding...she helped me along in my decision making process.)

Remeber those earrings I told you about that I crocheted with wire?? Well, here they are!!

What's really funny (well maybe not hahaha funny but kind of OH NO funny) is that Ashlie had told me the day before I made these that chunky was good. I told her these were going to be very chunky and she said it was okay. the chunkier the better. (remember, I mentioned this yesterday so you all are my witnesses.) Well, she took one look at them today and started laughing. Okay, not a good sign...If someone starts laughing at something that is a strong indication that it didn't turn out like they thought it was going to.) This is exactly the case with Ashlie and my "Chunky" earrings. She said, "WOW, Those sure are chunky." "Yup...that's what you said..." And I went on to remind her what she said. "I sure did say that, didn't I," was her reply. So, now she isn't sure Laura will like them. I am still going to give them to her because, quite frankly, they are really cute and very very Laura like. They are just a bit bigger than she normally wears but hey, you can't beat homemade! Its the thought that counts and if all else fails, I have someone to blame for this mess!!! HAHAHA Isn't my fault!! (pointing my finger at Ashlie when Laura opens her gift tomorrow night.)

I made another earring last night for me and it is alot less "chunky". I think it is more what the pattern was calling for. It turned out cute but I just have to sit down and make the other one. Gosh darn these patterns that call for making two of everything. Seems to take twice as long to get a FO that way. Slippers, earrings, sleeves, name it...takes twice as long.

Blue is one of my favorite colors so this is perfect. (okay, purple and pink are my absolute favorites but I do love blue.) The funny thing ( and this is really kind of haha funny and still a little "why is is like that?" funny) is that the blue in these earrings and the blue on my necklace in the first photo appear to be the same color of blue. Incidentally, they are at the almost opposite ends of the blue color spectrum. (I don't really know this since I don't know where these colors would fall in the spectrum but it sounded good.) The above earring is like an iced baby blue, maybe a tad darker than pure baby blue. The necklace and earring set in the first photo is actually torqouise.

Next is another earring in the same pattern with an even different type of wire. I used Tiger Tail wire for this one cause I like the color of it and it was smaller than the other brown wire that made the "chunky" earrings. I actually didn't like it. I couln't get a good guage with it at all. I mean the difference in each stitch was sometimes as much as 1/8 inch. Not good. It was also very stretchy. Not just by itself but once it was crocheted up, the loops got stretchy in places and not in others so that caused it to look all scrunched up like in the photo. I love the colors but I don't know if I am going to finish them. If I have time on Sunday then maybe.

Goodness Gracious Me. Here I am talking about crocheting wire jewelry on Sunday (three days before take off) when I still have a spare room to clean out, furniture to move for the renter, bags to pack, laundry to do, boxes to mail, computer to pack and mail with yarn (gotta have yarn...especially up north in the cold) and so many other little things that aren't worth writing out here in detail. Wouldn't want to bore you all.

Just one more bit of information and then I must be off to bed. I don't think I mentioned this on my blog before and with everything else going on in my life right now, its not hard to see why some things fail to get much air time on here. But two weeks ago we had Chloe's 9 month checkup. (it was a week or two late.) The doctor thought she heard a heart murmer and sent us to see a pediatic cardiologist. Kind of scary for me since both James and I are in great health and rarely see a doctor other than routine checkups and such. Well, everyone assured us that it was probably nothing but as a parent/mother (and first time on at that) I couldn't help but worry a little bit.

Anyway, the appointment was today. Ashlie went with me since James was gone and also she is a nurse and was probably curious and wanted to watch anyway. (always a learning experience.) So, they did an EKG on Chloe and a heart sonogram thing (has a special doctorly name but blimey if I knew what it was.) and everything is fine. She does indeed have a heart murmer but its just cause one of her aterys is a tad bit small where is leaves the heart to the lungs and so they can hear the blood passing through it. Good news is that if anything happens according to the doctor, it would be that this goes away. It won't get worse and her heart is not working harder to make up for it or anything so she is good as gold. He also said that it is so small that they were lucky to hear it at all. Most babies aren't as good as Chloe I guess. She just sat there as still as a snail watching their every move. It was so cute to watch her watch them listen to her heart. She would look up at the doctor and then down to the stesthescope and back and forth like that. Too cute.

Big big BIG news of the day. Most important thing I am writing about today is so big that it will shock everyone who reads this. Mind you, if any of you have seen my pictures, I look like I'm 18 years old or something. Well, today, the nurse called Chloe and I into the back room to take her vitals and well, first of all, she misprounounced her name. She said it something like Clothces Nesh. Okay, nothing like her name at all which is Chloe Ness. I don't know but that didn't give me a good impression of the place at all.

I walk into the room where she is standing and she takes one look at me and asks me (get this) if I was the GRANDMOTHER. Can you believe that??? I am only 26 years old. Nowhere near old enough to be a grandmother. Most people have a hard time believing that I am even in my 20's. (okay, maybe not so much now as they did, say 2-3 years ago...but still, most peopel, if asked, say they think I am 21-22. I do not look old at all.

So, I just looked at this woman with my mouth hanging wide open and I say, "What???" and that's it. Nothing more. She then motions out to Ashlie is sitting and says (it gets worse) "Isn't that your DAUGHTER?" I about had a heart attack on that one. The really crazy thing is, THIS WOMAN WAS SERIOUS!! She wasn't kidding. When I just looked at her and said, "Umm. that's my friend" she replied with,"oh, well you know, grandmothers aren't old any more. they are getting younger and younger all the time." I just said, 'Oh well, I'm only 26 so there is no way I could be anyone's granmother."

I must tell you all that this story I have just told you is indeed true. If you need verification, you can just ask Ashlie. She was with me. I don't think she heard this conversation but she was indeed there. She told me that this particular hospital is mostly for people on wellfare and with no medical insurance so the kind of people that come in there are 30 year olds with a 16 year old who has a baby.

Needless to say, I will not forget this for a very long time and will probably tell it to everyone I meet. I am still in shock.

Well, I am off to feed Chloe and get some shut eye. Take care everyone and have a great night sleep.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Too much, too much

Everything is too much. Boy has my life gotten hectic the past few weeks. I am taking a break from it all right now and just sitting here typing with a cup of coffee. (yummy!) So, why has this past day or two been hectic, you ask?? Well, I have been trying to get some things packed and ready to go. I have a majority of my bags and cases packed but there is still so much more that needs to go in. I have spent the past two days, just sorting my things and rearranging the cases to make as much room as possible. I need to take my winter and summer wardrobes since I will be there for both seasons. I need to take plenty of clothes for Chloe as I don't really know when she will grow and fit into the next size up. So, I want to be prepared for that in case it happens while we are there. (which could very well happen in 7 months.)

Boy, this coffee is good. (just took a sip.) I also need (or should I say want...hmmm!!! need sounds better and more drastic) to pack my crocheting supplies and scrapbooking supplies. I am only taking my special yarns that I have paid a pretty penny for since they are quite lacking in nice yarn stores up there. I think Spokane has a good LYS but that will be over an hour from my parents house and I just don't know how often I will be able to make it over there.

Anyway, I am sure that those reading this are probably bored to death hearing my packing nightmares so I will quit. I would hate to read the paper tomorrow and find the headline "Death by Boredom Reading Blog of Insane Lady". Okay, so I don't read the newspaper but I am sure one of my friends would let me know about it.

I am posting some pictures I promised of the things I am working on. Okay, not the picture of the dress I designed because I want to wait until I get the hat designed and all the embellishments on it before I "reveal" it to the public. Hope everyone is okay with that. Take my word for it please, its cute. (for my first attempt)

This first picture was actually take of James and I just about 5 minutes before he left on Sunday. The lady giving him the ride to the airport took it for us. It is not near as cute as the pictures of James and Chloe taken Saturday but I really wanted just one last picture of us as a family.
So, when he left, he said goodbye to me and try as hard as I could I couldn't help crying. It just came out. I think it hit me that this was it. Then he walked out the door and I was bawling. I clutched Chloe close to me and walked into my bedroom and sat on my floor just holding Chloe and crying. It hit me at that moment that I would not see my husband, my best friend, my soulmate for 7 months. The finality of it sunk in and I said to myself, "NO!!". I ran to the door and called James name as he was packing his last bag into the car and he came back in and I told him I needed just one more hug. He held me for a long time and then let me go again. This time it was a little easier to let him walk out the door. I still cried after he left but I just needed that one last hug.

What really gets me though are these people that say, "Oh it will go by fast, I knew so and so (some distant person) who went and it seemed to go by really fast." Okay, first of all, it does go by fast when you aren't close to the person. Second of all, this is my husband. The person I lie next to every night. The person who prays for this family at every meal. The person I greet at the door every afternoon with a hug and kiss. Now you take this from my life and tell me that the days will be quick??? I don't think so. It seems so trite when people say this. Every time I lay down in my bed, I will be missing my husband. Everytime I pray with Chloe at mealtimes, I will be missing my husbands graceful prayers. Everytime a car pulls up in my neighbors driveway at the same time he used to get home, I will miss my husband. Every time I see two people kiss or hold hands on the street or playing in the park with thier babies, I will miss my husband. And its because of those things that will make this 7 months drag by.

I am not meaning to be a pessimist. On the contrary. I have a bright outlook on the next 7 month chapter of my life. I am looking forward to my adventure up north with my family and spending time with them. I just know from previous experience that this 7 months will not fly by. I will get through it. I will have good moments. There will be a lot of wonderful memories but my husband will not be there to share them with us.

So, actually, a better thing to say to people whose husband, son, uncle or anyone is deploying to war would be that "Oh, that's a long time but I will be here for you. Let's get together. When can you do lunch?"

People like me (other wives and family members of military personnel) need to know that we are loved and wanted even when our husbands are not here. We need friends to call up and ask how we are doing and if you can drop by just to chat. We need special invitations to meet for coffee or go shopping. A major part of our life is missing and the tendancy is for others to forget this.

Okay, I am coming off the soapbox now.

Here is a picture of the newest dress I am testing over at Absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how she does it. (okay...I know it takes lots and lots of time and patience...been there, done that.)

I chose this navy blue color because it makes Chloe's eyes pop. She has such deep blue eyes like her daddy's. (I feel in love with his eyes the first time I met him...deep dark blue pools of water is what I used to call them.)

Anyway, I thought the white was a beautiful contrast to the dark blue and I was right. Its coming out gorgeous. I couldn't be happier. I also chose this dark blue because sometimes you just get tired of dressing baby girls in pink and purple and you want something that is different without saying boy. This dress will suit that perfect. It is definately different but so feminine and girly. I can't wait until I am done with it.

I think I mentioned that Ashlie was coming over yesterday to crochet? Maybe I didn't and shouldv'e. She had wanted to crochet some slippers for her sister Laura for Christmas but didn't get them done in time. (in all honesty, she barely got them started. {smile}) So, yesterday she came over to work on them. I told her that I would make one slipper and she could make the other one. I made both my soles for mine and she had just finished the sole for hers. Hers was kind of funky looking. Okay, actually it was like a jelly bean/kidney bean. So, she asked what I would do if I had made it and I told her that I would frog it and start over.

Part of the problem is that she chose this thick bulky yarn by Caron. (I forget the name of it.) It is glittery and very pretty but they wanted you to double strand it. (She chose pink and black) So, then it was really thick and hard to get the hook in and out and this is me talking. I have been crocheting for years and it was difficult for me. Ashlie has only crocheted one thing in her life and that was a baby hat and bootie set a few months ago.

So, she frogged it and didn't really feel like working on it again since it had taken her two days. I told her I would finish both slippers for her and it would be a joint gift. She bought the yarn and I did the crocheting.

Here is a picture of the four soles of the slipper. Each sole witll be layered with sole - plastic canvas - sole. It will have two straps going over the top of the foot part.

I ran out of yarn today. (hate it when that happens mid project) Okay....not ALL my yarn...just the yarn for this project. I am going to Hobby Lobby tonight to get some more to finish these slippers.

I am also going to get yarn to finish two purses I started last night. This first one is one I bought a pattern book for yesterday. This is a whole story in itself. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a comfy chair, sit back and read. ( coffees all gone...waahhhhh!!)

I went to Barnes and Noble last night to get a pattern book on crocheting jewelry with wire. Something I am wanting to learn since I have heard people talking about it at

I couldn't find a book on that but I did find a book with crocheted purses in it. I saw some really cute purses and some that I just had to have. (not yet, not yet)

I went to Hobby Lobby (yes, I live there...they call Chloe, Miss Pink...I guess she wears pink alot...good thing I am making that dress in blue) Off subject...Okay so, I pick out some yarn to make this cute purse and take it home. I got two different kinds so Ashlie would have a choice what she thought Laura would like better.

Well, she didn't like the purse I chose. She didn't think her sister would carry it. So she chose a different purse. (one I don't have enough yarn to make so I'm going back again tonight...and guess what color Chloe is wearing...hmmm! tough one.) I started this purse Ashlie chose and man alive, this pattern is really hard to follow. I don't think it was tested very well. (not nearly as well as we test them at (which I think from now on I am going to start referring to as The Garden.)

As I was going through making one side of this purse I kept thinking to myself, if it were me, I would have done this, of if I were desiging this pattern I would have made it look like this. So, I decided that I should just design my own purse since what I kept thinking would have made a completely different purse anyway. (it has the same effect kind of, I just got there in a totally different yes, I think it does classify as my own design.)

So, this brown one is what I came up with. The pink one up above was from the book and its not done yet. This brown one is done for this side. I have the other side to make and I am going to crochet a lining for it in pink. I think it will be a nice contrast to the brown and will show through just a tad in the holes created by the shells.

I have these two purses to finish tonight and then those slippers. Then tomorrow I have to start on her earrings. That is a whole nother story for another day.

Hopfully tomorrow I will have some pictures of completed projects to post here. I know it doesn't seem like I have completed anything in a while but hey, give me a break. I have been busy.

Well, Chloe is in the saucer and telling me she wants to go to Hobby Lobby now. (train 'em young is what I always say) I must change...still in my pajamas at 5:45 pm. hmmmm. Can we say lazy??

Okay, have a great evening everyone. Have fun and think about heaven for a few minutes. I promise you, its a great place and will make you smile.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Promised Pics

This is Chloe's 9 month picture. I am posting this less than a week before she turns 10 months. Gosh, how slow am I??? Well, I like to think of it as busy...not slow...does that work?? Yes, busy I have been.

Anyway, this is Chloe in the FairyTale Moments Keepsake Dress over at I am now testing another dress for her. I hope to have it done tomorrow or the next day. That way, I can get a hat designed for the dress I designed. I am totally excited about it. Can't wait to get a website up and running to see how I do at selling my own patterns and maybe the dresses (and other things) I make. We will see what this year has in store.

Isn't she a doll?? I just love taking pictures of her. Actually, I edited this picture on my computer so those of you who are on my Christmas card mailing list will be recieving that one. I put some blurred clouds around the edges. No more professional photographers. (not that I ever used them anyway.)

Basically, if you want to be on this list, you must either be an old friend, a family member or send me a Christmas card the year before.

Speaking of Christmas cards...Is it bad that I haven't mailed mine yet?? I will be trying to get those out tomorrow or the next day. I have a lot of cards to sign and then they are ready. (sorry everyone...been kind of hectic here.)

I think this dress is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait until I can design something even half as nice as this. I don't know how Etaria does it.

As you all know, our friends Kirk and Rachel were here visiting us from England for Christmas. We had a great time with them. I am so thankful God has given me wonderful friends all over the world.

We started our new family tradition this year of opening one gift on Christmas Eve and that gift happens to be pajamas every year. (We have always done the one gift Christmas Eve since we were married but this year made that gift pajamas.)

Kirk and Rachel and girls participated in it with us. They thought it was great. The girls keep trying to guess what was in each package as each person opened it. (from youngest...Chloe oldest) Somehow they managed to guess it right every time after the second gift was opened. (they didn't start guessing til then anyway.) What are the odds of that though? To get everyone's gift right?? (they thought it was pretty cool.)

In the above picture we set the camera on a tripod to take our picture all together in our pajamas. What a wonderful memory!!

At the breakfast table Christmas morning we sat around and opened stockings Santa had left for us. Chloe got the most in her stocking and Santa left it on her highchair. We had hung all the stockings on the posts of our chairs around the table. (we don't have a chimney or fireplace or anything.) Well, Chloe's highchair was full of things that wouldn't fit into her stocking. So, I tried to get small things but I got too many I guess.

After breakfast we went to church where they had a nice Christmas service. We sang a few Christmas carols and heard a Christmas message.

After the service, we came home and opened our gifts. We again started with the youngest going first. Chloe opened a gift from her Uncle Warren and Aunt Tammy. It was a Strawberry Shortcake fleece blanket that Tammy made herself. It was very cute and it will be nice and warm when we go up north for the winter next week.

I just have to say for the record that James did very well with the gifts this year. He actually went a little overboard. I got so many things that I don't even know where to begin. He even got me things off my list I gave him. I got a fleece sweatshirt from Old Navy, a tank top and shorts from Old Navy, some yarn, a mirror for the bathroom, a crochet pattern magazine (great choice James), a new skillet (copper bottom without any non-stick stuff in it.) I am really tired of that non-stick stuff that leaves the fake pepper in my food. Its about time I got some good cooking utensils. After 7 years of marriage, I think I deserve it. The pots and pans I have been cooking with I bougth for $20 for the whole set when we were first married. They are junk!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

I took a picture of Chloe on New Years. She wasn't too enthused about wearing this hat. I think the edges above her ears were a bit sharp and were cutting into her head. Poor thing. She's a trooper though and keep it on until I snapped a couple of pictures and then off it came.

I have thought of a few new years resolutions but am a bit confused as to when to start them. If I was supposed to start them at the beginning of the year than I am in trouble. I figure that I have until the end of January to get them into place. Here they are.

  1. Read my Bible every day
  2. No more sweets. (cakes or candies...sugar in cooking is okay...or coffee..just no candy)
  3. exercise every day.
  4. design some dresses (won't be too hard)
  5. do 50 crunches every night
  6. do 25 leg raises and 25 side crunches every night
  7. finish UfO's (at least 2)
  8. frame all cross stitch pictures that are completed and sitting in a box somewhere

That's all I can remember at the moment. I really should have written them down whenI was thinking of them.

I just had to post this picture of Chloe. It is really too cute. I tried to get one of her grinning at me but when I snapped the camera she looked away and then got down and crawled on to something new.

I really must be going now. I have a lot to do this afternoon. Well, actually, I don't HAVE to do it but I want to do it and I have been on this computer for 1/2 an hour now. Plenty long enough. Chloe needs fed and then I am going to work on that new dress from

When I finish embellishing that dress I designed I will post a picture of it. I may even make you all wait until I design the hat.

I even need to take a picture of that "special project" I was working on so madly before Christmas for my hubby. Now that I have given it to him I can tell you all what it is. That will be next time though as I really need to go.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Goodbye James/Daddy

Today was the day...a tearful day. We said goodbye to James today for 7 months. He will be in the states for the next month and than he is off to Afghanistan for 6 months. I cannot believe that I will not be seeing him for 7 months. It seems unreal. The longest we have not seen each other before was for 5 months. He had joined the military and left for a year. We saw each other during that year though and then we were married. After we were married, we have only been seperated for a week or two at a time and the longest was about 5 months but we saw each other three times during those 5 months. So, this beats it all. It is sure better than a year in Korea. (which he was getting hot for until he took this assignment.)

We were able to snap some pictures of James and Chloe while James was trying on his uniform yesterday.

I don't think Chloe has a clue as to what is going on. She won't see her daddy again until she is 17 months old. (she will be 10 months old next Sunday.) I was crying for a bit today but she didn't seem bothered by it.

James told me yesterday that 7 months may seem like forever but its not. Forever is a very long time. I thought that was a neat perspective to put on the situation. I do have the feeling that this is forever but I must realize that its not. I will spend all of eternity with James and my Lord and these 7 months will seem like nothing compared to that. Oh how I look forward to that. No more tears, no more goodbyes, no more hate or war or sin or anything that hinders my relationship with Jesus. What a day that will be!! When my Jesus face I shall see!!

I am honored to be the wife of such a man as this. He is by far the best husband any lady could dream of. He is excited to be able to serve his country in wartime and I am honored to be able to stand by him and support him in this. He tells everyone that this will be a story to tell the grandkids. The time he went to war. I am just thankful that he won't be crawling through the trenches and shooting guns and stuff like that. I do have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for a wonderful husband who loves me with all his might. Thank you Lord for my beautiful daughter who keeps my focus where is should be instead of on myself and how I feel.

Well, I think I have said enough about this for a day. I am tired and I think I will go to bed. I have a lot of crocheting to do tomorrow.

Just thought I would mention before I go that I have designed my first dress. YIPPEE!! I will post a picture of it tomorrow. I am hoping to design a hat this week to go with it. We will see how much time I have. It turned out really adorable but more on that tomorrow. And I know that I promised some Christmas pictures so I will get those posted tomorrow as well.

Monday, January 02, 2006

In Dallas with Friends

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I have posted on here about our comings and goings. So much has happened in such a short time. We had our friends visiting from England so that is what I have pretty much been up to for the past three weeks. We spent the weekend in Dallas with them the first weekend they arrived.

Here I am with my best friend Rachel. We were neighbors in England when James and I were stationed there and we became good friends.

We had to move away suddenly and unexpectedly and I have missed Rachel dearly. She was my first good Christian friend since I had been married.

When we moved, I actually thought I might not see her again. I am so blessed that I was able to see her this year. We are hoping that in summer 2007 we can get to England to visit them.

Also, we want to move back to England for a time as soon as possible. That all depends on if the military will let us or not. We are putting it on the top of our wish list for places to live.

While in Dallas, we took Kirk and Rachel and girls to Medival Times. That was a blast. We were on the green team. We were to cheer for our knight. (who was wearing green) We watched the knights duel each other in different battles to see who would be the kings champion. Little did we know that there was a traitor in the midst and he came out in the end and killed the champion.

Another knight who was supposed to have won then came out and fought the bad guy and beat him. This is the one who the princess was secretly in love with. All turned out okay in the end. We had a wonderful time there. I yelled so much for our knight that my voice got hoarse. I ended up with a sore throat the next morning which then turned into a cold. Bad thing was, Chloe ended up catching the cold too. Her first sickness. It wasn't so bad though. She just had a runny nose. Never showed any other signs of sickness so I don't know if she had them or not. She is a trooper!!

Here she is being a ham!!! She sure knows how to get you to laugh now. It is amazing how much she has grown up in the past month.

She now tries to make you smile and laugh by making faces at you. (like the one in this picture...) She even squishes her eyes closed with a big grin on her face and breathes heavily through her nose to get you to laugh. Then she starts giggling at how funny she is. It is quite cute.

Here is a picture of my little family when we went to see some Christmas lights with Kirk and Rachel.
We went on a horse and carriage ride this night all through the town. I am unsure how to spell the name of the town so I will edit this tomorrow with the name put it. It is the town that the movie "Steel Magnolia's" was filmed in. We got to see all the famous places while on the ride.

The lady who was driving the carriage had a real cajun accent. She was very hard to understand. Kirk and Rachel had an even harder time than we did because they aren't used to American accents very much. (outside of movies.)

Here is a picture of Rachel and I taken this morning before they left back to Dallas. They will be catching thier flight to England tomorrow. I think this picture turned out really well. It almost looks like a photo in a magazine. The lighting is natural but it looks professional to me.

I am going to miss my friend but I am thankful that we got to see each other again.

I am thankful to the Lord for such a good and dear friend. I am truly blessed.

I am afraid that there is some bad news to tell after all this good stuff. James had to leave Sunday morning to see his father. He was put into the hospital last Thursday with liver failure. He is being run through a bunch of tests and stuff to see exactly what is going on but things don't look good. In a matter of two days, his stomach bloated up to the size of a 9 month pregnant woman. They have emptied it three times already and are going to have to empty it again in the morning. We don't know how long he has left.

James will be back Thursday and then he leaves for the desert on Sunday. I will be leaving in another week and a half after him for Idaho to stay with my parents for 7 months. I am starting to pack up for that. 7 months is a long time. I am glad that I get to be near my parents and that they get to see Chloe.

Well, I need to get going. Chloe needs fed and I need to get to bed. I will post again in the morning and tell you all about my wonderful Christmas with my friends. (Chloe's first Christmas too!!)