Friday, January 13, 2006

Am I supposed to be doing something??

I have four days left before I leave and here I sit making jewelry for myself. How silly of me!! I actually should be working on that purse or those slippers for Laura's birthday party tomorrow. The slippers will be easy. I just have to cut out the pastic canvas to match the soles and sew those together. Then I have to sew the two straps on each side and they are done. I will get on that in morning. NO MORE PROJECTS TONIGHT!!! I mean it. After I post here I am going to bed. I am exhausted. I hope I get a chance to take a nap tomorrow before the party. I don't think I will be staying too late. I will go over early to help set up and stuff so then they won't mind if I leave a tad bit early.

So you ask what it was that I was working on that I wasn't supposed to be??? Ask and you shall receive. I made a necklace and earring set to wear with my outfit tomorrow to the birthday party. This is the first necklace I have made out of beads. I have made many earrings. Not necklaces.
This picture doesn't really do it justice. It looks so cute on me. And the bigger beads are almost the color of the camisole I am wearing. I have a torquoise camisole with a brown shrug and brown goucco (spelling??) pants. I hear that they are all the rage and so Ashlie made me buy them. (just kidding...she helped me along in my decision making process.)

Remeber those earrings I told you about that I crocheted with wire?? Well, here they are!!

What's really funny (well maybe not hahaha funny but kind of OH NO funny) is that Ashlie had told me the day before I made these that chunky was good. I told her these were going to be very chunky and she said it was okay. the chunkier the better. (remember, I mentioned this yesterday so you all are my witnesses.) Well, she took one look at them today and started laughing. Okay, not a good sign...If someone starts laughing at something that is a strong indication that it didn't turn out like they thought it was going to.) This is exactly the case with Ashlie and my "Chunky" earrings. She said, "WOW, Those sure are chunky." "Yup...that's what you said..." And I went on to remind her what she said. "I sure did say that, didn't I," was her reply. So, now she isn't sure Laura will like them. I am still going to give them to her because, quite frankly, they are really cute and very very Laura like. They are just a bit bigger than she normally wears but hey, you can't beat homemade! Its the thought that counts and if all else fails, I have someone to blame for this mess!!! HAHAHA Isn't my fault!! (pointing my finger at Ashlie when Laura opens her gift tomorrow night.)

I made another earring last night for me and it is alot less "chunky". I think it is more what the pattern was calling for. It turned out cute but I just have to sit down and make the other one. Gosh darn these patterns that call for making two of everything. Seems to take twice as long to get a FO that way. Slippers, earrings, sleeves, name it...takes twice as long.

Blue is one of my favorite colors so this is perfect. (okay, purple and pink are my absolute favorites but I do love blue.) The funny thing ( and this is really kind of haha funny and still a little "why is is like that?" funny) is that the blue in these earrings and the blue on my necklace in the first photo appear to be the same color of blue. Incidentally, they are at the almost opposite ends of the blue color spectrum. (I don't really know this since I don't know where these colors would fall in the spectrum but it sounded good.) The above earring is like an iced baby blue, maybe a tad darker than pure baby blue. The necklace and earring set in the first photo is actually torqouise.

Next is another earring in the same pattern with an even different type of wire. I used Tiger Tail wire for this one cause I like the color of it and it was smaller than the other brown wire that made the "chunky" earrings. I actually didn't like it. I couln't get a good guage with it at all. I mean the difference in each stitch was sometimes as much as 1/8 inch. Not good. It was also very stretchy. Not just by itself but once it was crocheted up, the loops got stretchy in places and not in others so that caused it to look all scrunched up like in the photo. I love the colors but I don't know if I am going to finish them. If I have time on Sunday then maybe.

Goodness Gracious Me. Here I am talking about crocheting wire jewelry on Sunday (three days before take off) when I still have a spare room to clean out, furniture to move for the renter, bags to pack, laundry to do, boxes to mail, computer to pack and mail with yarn (gotta have yarn...especially up north in the cold) and so many other little things that aren't worth writing out here in detail. Wouldn't want to bore you all.

Just one more bit of information and then I must be off to bed. I don't think I mentioned this on my blog before and with everything else going on in my life right now, its not hard to see why some things fail to get much air time on here. But two weeks ago we had Chloe's 9 month checkup. (it was a week or two late.) The doctor thought she heard a heart murmer and sent us to see a pediatic cardiologist. Kind of scary for me since both James and I are in great health and rarely see a doctor other than routine checkups and such. Well, everyone assured us that it was probably nothing but as a parent/mother (and first time on at that) I couldn't help but worry a little bit.

Anyway, the appointment was today. Ashlie went with me since James was gone and also she is a nurse and was probably curious and wanted to watch anyway. (always a learning experience.) So, they did an EKG on Chloe and a heart sonogram thing (has a special doctorly name but blimey if I knew what it was.) and everything is fine. She does indeed have a heart murmer but its just cause one of her aterys is a tad bit small where is leaves the heart to the lungs and so they can hear the blood passing through it. Good news is that if anything happens according to the doctor, it would be that this goes away. It won't get worse and her heart is not working harder to make up for it or anything so she is good as gold. He also said that it is so small that they were lucky to hear it at all. Most babies aren't as good as Chloe I guess. She just sat there as still as a snail watching their every move. It was so cute to watch her watch them listen to her heart. She would look up at the doctor and then down to the stesthescope and back and forth like that. Too cute.

Big big BIG news of the day. Most important thing I am writing about today is so big that it will shock everyone who reads this. Mind you, if any of you have seen my pictures, I look like I'm 18 years old or something. Well, today, the nurse called Chloe and I into the back room to take her vitals and well, first of all, she misprounounced her name. She said it something like Clothces Nesh. Okay, nothing like her name at all which is Chloe Ness. I don't know but that didn't give me a good impression of the place at all.

I walk into the room where she is standing and she takes one look at me and asks me (get this) if I was the GRANDMOTHER. Can you believe that??? I am only 26 years old. Nowhere near old enough to be a grandmother. Most people have a hard time believing that I am even in my 20's. (okay, maybe not so much now as they did, say 2-3 years ago...but still, most peopel, if asked, say they think I am 21-22. I do not look old at all.

So, I just looked at this woman with my mouth hanging wide open and I say, "What???" and that's it. Nothing more. She then motions out to Ashlie is sitting and says (it gets worse) "Isn't that your DAUGHTER?" I about had a heart attack on that one. The really crazy thing is, THIS WOMAN WAS SERIOUS!! She wasn't kidding. When I just looked at her and said, "Umm. that's my friend" she replied with,"oh, well you know, grandmothers aren't old any more. they are getting younger and younger all the time." I just said, 'Oh well, I'm only 26 so there is no way I could be anyone's granmother."

I must tell you all that this story I have just told you is indeed true. If you need verification, you can just ask Ashlie. She was with me. I don't think she heard this conversation but she was indeed there. She told me that this particular hospital is mostly for people on wellfare and with no medical insurance so the kind of people that come in there are 30 year olds with a 16 year old who has a baby.

Needless to say, I will not forget this for a very long time and will probably tell it to everyone I meet. I am still in shock.

Well, I am off to feed Chloe and get some shut eye. Take care everyone and have a great night sleep.

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