Monday, January 16, 2006

Angel Whispers Dress

Here it is. My first dress design. I am in love with designing. I don't think I'll be able to stop. (not that I want to or anything.) I had a bit of trouble with this dress though. I kept trying to do complicated things and it wasn't turning out well. So, instead I just decided to keep it simple for my first dress and then to make changes to the basic dress each time until I get more advanced. I already have an idea for the next couple of dresses but there is so much to do before then.

I have to finish that blue dress I am testing for the garden and then she has something new that I will most likely test the second wave of. Then I still have to finish that Spring Lily bonnet from last September that I was supposed to be testing. (please don't tell...just kidding...I did get her the dress done and half the bonnet so I think she was fine with that.)

Well, here is the dress.

And a side view.

And a close-up of the stitches. Can't see it too well, but I used a 3 dc shell and a sc all the way around. Kind of a textured feel to it and still lies flat. It also has some strength to it like fabric. that's actually what Ashlie said when she saw it. That it was like material instead of crochet.

I really hope the Boutique wants to buy it. She wants to see my stuff and will give me a guesstimate on how much she thinks it will sell for and if we are both in agreement then she will probably buy it from me. I sure hope so. I would like to make some money on the side. Even if its just to help me buy more yarn. That is what the Proverbs 31 woman did.

Can you believe that Chloe is 10 months old already?? She just turned 9 months old a couple of days ago!! I am serious. Time has flown by so fast. What really gets me is that James won't see her again until she is 15 months old. She will be completely different and I will probably hardly notice because I will be with her the whole time.

Well, I am not going to pack up the computer tonight. I think I will wait until morning. I am tired and need to get some sleep. This means that my farewell speech will be tomorrow and not tonight. (I am still going to post up north but I probably won't get near as much time on the computer since my parents only have dial-up. Oh well, I will try as hard as possible to keep up to date on it.

Have a wonderful night everyone. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of my dress design. I would really love to know. Thank you.

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