Monday, January 16, 2006

The Birthday Girl

Since I have already posted twice today and I still have one more to go I will keep this short and sweet.

I think Laura loved the gifts I gave her. I told her the slippers were from Ashlie and I but I think pretty much everyone there (including Laura) says they were from me. Ashlie did buy the yarn but no one counts that.

I think of the three gifts I gave her, my purse was her favorite. She even opened it up and squealed, "Its PINK inside!!" That just made my day. I was so excited to actually make someone something that they truly love. She even said she would wear it to church the next morning. I am so honored to have my work proudly worn. That doesn't happen very often. (maybe my mother and sister but that's about it.)
Now this next picture is Laura's face as soon as she sees those "chunky" earrings I made her.

Now this is how she looked once she put them on. I know she likes them but whether or not she'll wear them is a story we will have to learn about another time. I told her she could take the earring loops off and run a brown ribbon through them and wear them as a necklace and she turned and looked at me and said very matter-of-factly, "I just may have to do that." I think in Laura language that means, "Yes, these suckers are heavy and pulling my earlobes to the floor."

Anyway, after passing the gifts around, everyone was talking about the things I made and telling me I should go into business. I proudly said, "I am already." I told them the name of my business and they all loved it and said it was perfect. So, there you have it. They think I could make a fortune. (okay, not really a "fortune" but maybe a healthy side business.) I think it is perfectly along the Proverbs 31 woman thing. 9my favorite chapter in the Bible since it helps me to be a better wife to James and a better mother to Chloe.)

Well, I have one more post. My dress design debut photos.

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