Monday, January 16, 2006

Chloe at a Party

These are just some pictures of Chloe at Laura's party Saturday night. We had a good time there. I even left Chloe for about an hour. Tell me who's proud of me for that? My first time leaving her with anyone other than James. (and that only happened a handful of times) It probably won't be happening again for a long time. I just don't like leaving her. She is such a part of my life. I know that when she gets older it will be harder to go on a date with James with her and then I will start leaving her. For now, I don't have to and I don't want to. Nobody in the olden days left thier kids with babysitters all the time. They didn't need to get to the movies every Friday night or go out to dinner every week. Why is our culture so set on these things. It seems to me that something else is missing. More people leave thier kids with babysitters to have "quality alone time" and yet more marriages are breaking up. I wonder why that is. Could it be that people need to spend more time at home with thier husbands and children and less time searching for meaning in the world?

Anyway, here I am getting on another soap box and I don't mean to. It is getting late and I tend to do that at night. maybe I should just stick to posting in the am. HHmmm!! There's a thought. Not much time in the am though. Chloe is up and the day must be started.

Oh well, here are those pictures I keep talking about and not posting.

I told Laura that if she would feed Chloe than that was how I would leave Chloe with her. So, she agreed. We suckered Clive into holding her. I left and so I have no record of how messy this got. (actually Chloe does pretty well sitting still while you are holding her and feeding her with a spoon.)
I had promised to make Laura some puppy chow and I had forgotten to go to the store. This is why I had to leave Chloe in the first place. Brandi and I had to run to the store to pick up the ingredients. So, here I am making puppy chow in my nice dress up outfit. Everyone said how nice I looked. (even in my red house shoes!!) I had nice shoes I had bought to go with my outfit but I didn't feel like wearing them all night.

The really funny story of the night was that Ashlie had gone to Sam's club to buy the food for the party. I walked in the door and sitting on her counter were two cans 7lbs. each and one 4 lb can of beans. Have you ever seen a 7lb can of beans. The things were monstrous. She used one can for the beans for everyone and even that was enough to feed 50 people. Laura kept telling her, "I told you so!!) when we told Ashlie that was way too many beans. (just be thankful she didn't decide to cook ALL of them.) Later on she said, 'I guess that's why the can said perfect for catering, huh?" Well, yes!! I told her they didn't write it because the beans tasted so good. She won't live that one down for a while. Will kind of made her feel better though by saying that our parents know how to cook now because they were once our age and made the same mistakes we make. That's how they always know exactly how much food to make. They used to make enough to feed army's too.
Here is Chloe and Katherine. I am so glad that Katherine and her husband Jarred came to the party so I got to see them before we left. I don't get to see them near as much as I would like to. They are one of those truly sweet couples. They are both nurses to.

Well, I am off to post yet again. This will be of Laura opening her gifts from me.

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