Monday, January 02, 2006

In Dallas with Friends

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I have posted on here about our comings and goings. So much has happened in such a short time. We had our friends visiting from England so that is what I have pretty much been up to for the past three weeks. We spent the weekend in Dallas with them the first weekend they arrived.

Here I am with my best friend Rachel. We were neighbors in England when James and I were stationed there and we became good friends.

We had to move away suddenly and unexpectedly and I have missed Rachel dearly. She was my first good Christian friend since I had been married.

When we moved, I actually thought I might not see her again. I am so blessed that I was able to see her this year. We are hoping that in summer 2007 we can get to England to visit them.

Also, we want to move back to England for a time as soon as possible. That all depends on if the military will let us or not. We are putting it on the top of our wish list for places to live.

While in Dallas, we took Kirk and Rachel and girls to Medival Times. That was a blast. We were on the green team. We were to cheer for our knight. (who was wearing green) We watched the knights duel each other in different battles to see who would be the kings champion. Little did we know that there was a traitor in the midst and he came out in the end and killed the champion.

Another knight who was supposed to have won then came out and fought the bad guy and beat him. This is the one who the princess was secretly in love with. All turned out okay in the end. We had a wonderful time there. I yelled so much for our knight that my voice got hoarse. I ended up with a sore throat the next morning which then turned into a cold. Bad thing was, Chloe ended up catching the cold too. Her first sickness. It wasn't so bad though. She just had a runny nose. Never showed any other signs of sickness so I don't know if she had them or not. She is a trooper!!

Here she is being a ham!!! She sure knows how to get you to laugh now. It is amazing how much she has grown up in the past month.

She now tries to make you smile and laugh by making faces at you. (like the one in this picture...) She even squishes her eyes closed with a big grin on her face and breathes heavily through her nose to get you to laugh. Then she starts giggling at how funny she is. It is quite cute.

Here is a picture of my little family when we went to see some Christmas lights with Kirk and Rachel.
We went on a horse and carriage ride this night all through the town. I am unsure how to spell the name of the town so I will edit this tomorrow with the name put it. It is the town that the movie "Steel Magnolia's" was filmed in. We got to see all the famous places while on the ride.

The lady who was driving the carriage had a real cajun accent. She was very hard to understand. Kirk and Rachel had an even harder time than we did because they aren't used to American accents very much. (outside of movies.)

Here is a picture of Rachel and I taken this morning before they left back to Dallas. They will be catching thier flight to England tomorrow. I think this picture turned out really well. It almost looks like a photo in a magazine. The lighting is natural but it looks professional to me.

I am going to miss my friend but I am thankful that we got to see each other again.

I am thankful to the Lord for such a good and dear friend. I am truly blessed.

I am afraid that there is some bad news to tell after all this good stuff. James had to leave Sunday morning to see his father. He was put into the hospital last Thursday with liver failure. He is being run through a bunch of tests and stuff to see exactly what is going on but things don't look good. In a matter of two days, his stomach bloated up to the size of a 9 month pregnant woman. They have emptied it three times already and are going to have to empty it again in the morning. We don't know how long he has left.

James will be back Thursday and then he leaves for the desert on Sunday. I will be leaving in another week and a half after him for Idaho to stay with my parents for 7 months. I am starting to pack up for that. 7 months is a long time. I am glad that I get to be near my parents and that they get to see Chloe.

Well, I need to get going. Chloe needs fed and I need to get to bed. I will post again in the morning and tell you all about my wonderful Christmas with my friends. (Chloe's first Christmas too!!)

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