Monday, January 16, 2006

Saturdays Post

I am going to attempt something new. I have a kazillion pictures to post and since I can only post 5 per entry, I am making four posts. I tried to post on Saturday after I finished my gifts for Laura and the computer froze when I hit the publish button. (drat it cause I spent 45 minutes typing it when I was supposed to be doing other things.)

Well, I don't even remember what I talked about so I am going to start new. I designed my first purse and it turned out so adorable. Laura is actually pretty lucky that she recieved it because I really wanted to keep it. I convinced myself that I made up the pattern and it wouldn't be that hard for me to make another one. Laura, on the other hand, does not have the pattern, nor does she know how to crochet and so she would never have a purse like this on unless I gave it to her. So, upon that reasoning, I broke down and gave it to her. Here is what the finished purse looks like.

Here is what the inside looks like.

I truly believe that this constitutes my own design. Sure it is similar to the original by looking at it but you can see some major differences. (aside from yarn changes and stuff) My purse was made up completely different and although similar stitches were used, mine are a little different. Also, I add different handles and a lining.

So, I was supposed to finish these slippers for Ashlie to give to Laura. Guess what!! I did!! Here they are in all thier glory.

It is sometimes hard to make things that are not your own inspiration but someone else's. This was one of those projects. I am very pleased with how they turned out and I must say that by the end of making them, I was kind of attached to them and thought it would be nice to have some for myself. I probably won't but it would still be nice.

Well, I am off to start another post. The next post will be from Laura's party.

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