Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Too much, too much

Everything is too much. Boy has my life gotten hectic the past few weeks. I am taking a break from it all right now and just sitting here typing with a cup of coffee. (yummy!) So, why has this past day or two been hectic, you ask?? Well, I have been trying to get some things packed and ready to go. I have a majority of my bags and cases packed but there is still so much more that needs to go in. I have spent the past two days, just sorting my things and rearranging the cases to make as much room as possible. I need to take my winter and summer wardrobes since I will be there for both seasons. I need to take plenty of clothes for Chloe as I don't really know when she will grow and fit into the next size up. So, I want to be prepared for that in case it happens while we are there. (which could very well happen in 7 months.)

Boy, this coffee is good. (just took a sip.) I also need (or should I say want...hmmm!!! need sounds better and more drastic) to pack my crocheting supplies and scrapbooking supplies. I am only taking my special yarns that I have paid a pretty penny for since they are quite lacking in nice yarn stores up there. I think Spokane has a good LYS but that will be over an hour from my parents house and I just don't know how often I will be able to make it over there.

Anyway, I am sure that those reading this are probably bored to death hearing my packing nightmares so I will quit. I would hate to read the paper tomorrow and find the headline "Death by Boredom Reading Blog of Insane Lady". Okay, so I don't read the newspaper but I am sure one of my friends would let me know about it.

I am posting some pictures I promised of the things I am working on. Okay, not the picture of the dress I designed because I want to wait until I get the hat designed and all the embellishments on it before I "reveal" it to the public. Hope everyone is okay with that. Take my word for it please, its cute. (for my first attempt)

This first picture was actually take of James and I just about 5 minutes before he left on Sunday. The lady giving him the ride to the airport took it for us. It is not near as cute as the pictures of James and Chloe taken Saturday but I really wanted just one last picture of us as a family.
So, when he left, he said goodbye to me and try as hard as I could I couldn't help crying. It just came out. I think it hit me that this was it. Then he walked out the door and I was bawling. I clutched Chloe close to me and walked into my bedroom and sat on my floor just holding Chloe and crying. It hit me at that moment that I would not see my husband, my best friend, my soulmate for 7 months. The finality of it sunk in and I said to myself, "NO!!". I ran to the door and called James name as he was packing his last bag into the car and he came back in and I told him I needed just one more hug. He held me for a long time and then let me go again. This time it was a little easier to let him walk out the door. I still cried after he left but I just needed that one last hug.

What really gets me though are these people that say, "Oh it will go by fast, I knew so and so (some distant person) who went and it seemed to go by really fast." Okay, first of all, it does go by fast when you aren't close to the person. Second of all, this is my husband. The person I lie next to every night. The person who prays for this family at every meal. The person I greet at the door every afternoon with a hug and kiss. Now you take this from my life and tell me that the days will be quick??? I don't think so. It seems so trite when people say this. Every time I lay down in my bed, I will be missing my husband. Everytime I pray with Chloe at mealtimes, I will be missing my husbands graceful prayers. Everytime a car pulls up in my neighbors driveway at the same time he used to get home, I will miss my husband. Every time I see two people kiss or hold hands on the street or playing in the park with thier babies, I will miss my husband. And its because of those things that will make this 7 months drag by.

I am not meaning to be a pessimist. On the contrary. I have a bright outlook on the next 7 month chapter of my life. I am looking forward to my adventure up north with my family and spending time with them. I just know from previous experience that this 7 months will not fly by. I will get through it. I will have good moments. There will be a lot of wonderful memories but my husband will not be there to share them with us.

So, actually, a better thing to say to people whose husband, son, uncle or anyone is deploying to war would be that "Oh, that's a long time but I will be here for you. Let's get together. When can you do lunch?"

People like me (other wives and family members of military personnel) need to know that we are loved and wanted even when our husbands are not here. We need friends to call up and ask how we are doing and if you can drop by just to chat. We need special invitations to meet for coffee or go shopping. A major part of our life is missing and the tendancy is for others to forget this.

Okay, I am coming off the soapbox now.

Here is a picture of the newest dress I am testing over at Absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how she does it. (okay...I know it takes lots and lots of time and patience...been there, done that.)

I chose this navy blue color because it makes Chloe's eyes pop. She has such deep blue eyes like her daddy's. (I feel in love with his eyes the first time I met him...deep dark blue pools of water is what I used to call them.)

Anyway, I thought the white was a beautiful contrast to the dark blue and I was right. Its coming out gorgeous. I couldn't be happier. I also chose this dark blue because sometimes you just get tired of dressing baby girls in pink and purple and you want something that is different without saying boy. This dress will suit that perfect. It is definately different but so feminine and girly. I can't wait until I am done with it.

I think I mentioned that Ashlie was coming over yesterday to crochet? Maybe I didn't and shouldv'e. She had wanted to crochet some slippers for her sister Laura for Christmas but didn't get them done in time. (in all honesty, she barely got them started. {smile}) So, yesterday she came over to work on them. I told her that I would make one slipper and she could make the other one. I made both my soles for mine and she had just finished the sole for hers. Hers was kind of funky looking. Okay, actually it was like a jelly bean/kidney bean. So, she asked what I would do if I had made it and I told her that I would frog it and start over.

Part of the problem is that she chose this thick bulky yarn by Caron. (I forget the name of it.) It is glittery and very pretty but they wanted you to double strand it. (She chose pink and black) So, then it was really thick and hard to get the hook in and out and this is me talking. I have been crocheting for years and it was difficult for me. Ashlie has only crocheted one thing in her life and that was a baby hat and bootie set a few months ago.

So, she frogged it and didn't really feel like working on it again since it had taken her two days. I told her I would finish both slippers for her and it would be a joint gift. She bought the yarn and I did the crocheting.

Here is a picture of the four soles of the slipper. Each sole witll be layered with sole - plastic canvas - sole. It will have two straps going over the top of the foot part.

I ran out of yarn today. (hate it when that happens mid project) Okay....not ALL my yarn...just the yarn for this project. I am going to Hobby Lobby tonight to get some more to finish these slippers.

I am also going to get yarn to finish two purses I started last night. This first one is one I bought a pattern book for yesterday. This is a whole story in itself. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a comfy chair, sit back and read. ( coffees all gone...waahhhhh!!)

I went to Barnes and Noble last night to get a pattern book on crocheting jewelry with wire. Something I am wanting to learn since I have heard people talking about it at

I couldn't find a book on that but I did find a book with crocheted purses in it. I saw some really cute purses and some that I just had to have. (not yet, not yet)

I went to Hobby Lobby (yes, I live there...they call Chloe, Miss Pink...I guess she wears pink alot...good thing I am making that dress in blue) Off subject...Okay so, I pick out some yarn to make this cute purse and take it home. I got two different kinds so Ashlie would have a choice what she thought Laura would like better.

Well, she didn't like the purse I chose. She didn't think her sister would carry it. So she chose a different purse. (one I don't have enough yarn to make so I'm going back again tonight...and guess what color Chloe is wearing...hmmm! tough one.) I started this purse Ashlie chose and man alive, this pattern is really hard to follow. I don't think it was tested very well. (not nearly as well as we test them at (which I think from now on I am going to start referring to as The Garden.)

As I was going through making one side of this purse I kept thinking to myself, if it were me, I would have done this, of if I were desiging this pattern I would have made it look like this. So, I decided that I should just design my own purse since what I kept thinking would have made a completely different purse anyway. (it has the same effect kind of, I just got there in a totally different yes, I think it does classify as my own design.)

So, this brown one is what I came up with. The pink one up above was from the book and its not done yet. This brown one is done for this side. I have the other side to make and I am going to crochet a lining for it in pink. I think it will be a nice contrast to the brown and will show through just a tad in the holes created by the shells.

I have these two purses to finish tonight and then those slippers. Then tomorrow I have to start on her earrings. That is a whole nother story for another day.

Hopfully tomorrow I will have some pictures of completed projects to post here. I know it doesn't seem like I have completed anything in a while but hey, give me a break. I have been busy.

Well, Chloe is in the saucer and telling me she wants to go to Hobby Lobby now. (train 'em young is what I always say) I must change...still in my pajamas at 5:45 pm. hmmmm. Can we say lazy??

Okay, have a great evening everyone. Have fun and think about heaven for a few minutes. I promise you, its a great place and will make you smile.

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