Friday, February 24, 2006

Dresses and Diapers and Dimples, Oh My!!

Okay, I have the dresses and and the diapers (well, diaper covers really). I don't have the dimples though. What I do have is smiles. And lots of them. Boy have I been blessed with a baby who smiles a lot. And I am so thankful for that.

This first picture is of my niece in the Angel Kisses dress I designed. I am giving it to her for her baby dedication. I think it turned out nice for her and the color of the trim suits her complexion.

My neice was not cooperating for this photo shoot and so I had my sister hold her and I thought this picture turned out so cute that I just couldn't edit my sister out of it. They are both kind of somber looking but I think that adds to the picture myself. I will just have to get some close-ups of the dress while it is lying on the floor and not on a movable child.

This next photo is of those diaper covers I have been talking and talking about. I hope that Debra likes them. Her son is due in May and so I need to get working on some more here pretty soon.

This wool is extremely rough on my hands. I am wondering if there is any softer wool out there that wouldn't be so rough. There has to be but I am sure that it costs a pretty penny and probably would be too expensive to put on a babies bottom to catch whatever comes out. Not the nicest thing to used expensive yarn for. It would probably be put to better use as a sweater for you mother or something. Anyway, this yarn will work. The Lion Brand fishermans's wool. Debra is planning on dyeing it with koolaid anyway to get different colors. I hope it washes up softer too. It might be too rough for her baby's bottom, but she is the one with the experience so I am sure she knows it works. (six kids and all) If it does work then I might have to make up some for baby number 2 for me.

Next up I have Chloe's 11 month pictures. These turned out so adorable with the trims and hazing and all that I added. I am thinking of going back and doing that to all her monthly pictures I took. I am having fun with that program that edits the pictures.

What I do for the frames on these pictures is I take the dropper tool and pick out the colors from the pictures. This way, the borders match exactly the picture color. Pretty nifty tool if I do say so myself.

Well, that is all the pictures I have for today. I knew they would get posted one of these days. I don't have much more time to write but maybe I will tomorrow. Not much has happened today except that I have finished my second purse design and it turned out rather cute I think. I just need to get some handles for it. I think store bought handles will look much better than crocheted ones so that is what I am going to do.

Hubby has just dropped Chloe off at my feet as I type so this means he is tired of keeping her out of things and off the stairs and that my typing is over and stair monitor duty has officially been handed over to me. Gotta run.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stepping into the 21st Century

Okay, so James and I have been behind the times for a while. We have been holding onto a past that no longer exists. We got new cell phones today. We have had so many excuses for not getting them in the past including the fact that we did have them when we were first married and totally abused that privilege. So, we have opted out the past few years.

Given the fact that it is no longer safe to ask for help when you break down on the side of the road and also the fact that my PARENTS have cell phones and I don't, we thought we should get them. It might end up cheaper for us anyways since we can call my parents and all of James family for free since they all have the same cell phone company as we got. We also get unlimited weekend and weeknight minutes so that takes care of everyone else we would be calling.

Well, I have been working on a new tote bag for the crochetville swap I am participating in. I bought a pattern since I couldn't find the kind of yarn I was looking for to design something at Micheals. I will either have to order some off the internet or wait until I get back to Louisiana and my wonderful Hobby Lobby.

Anyway, this tote bag is using the love knot stitch and this is my first time working with this stitch. The only problem is that I choose Lion Brand Homespun yarn which I am quickly deciding does not agree with me. It splits like something awful and my hook gets tangled in each stitch. It is not as bad as some other yarn I have worked with but it is pretty bad. Anyway, I am using a light brown color and it is turning out cute. I almost have one side of the bag done. Hopefully by tomorrow night I can have the other half done.

I have decided that I don't really like working with the wool I use to make the diaper covers very much. It is very rough and I have to continually be putting lotion on my hands while crocheting. I have found an awesome lotion that works wonders and doesn't leave my skin greasy though. (which can be a problem when you are crocheting...greasy hands don't let the yarn through the fingers very well and makes the yarn kind of messy...not the best mix.) Anyway, this lotion is Norweigian Formula Nutrogena. It is great. I probably wouldn't use it on my whole body but it is great for dry hands.

I am going to be looking online for some recipes for vegetable oils to put on your body. My mother uses Jojoba oil and she says that it is what the Italians used back in the day when they had no money. It is also something that God made instead of all these lotions that man made. My mother did a research on parabins that are in lotion and apprantly it is not good for your skin and yet it is in every lotion on the market. She could not find a single lotion that did not contain this in it. So, needless to say, I am going to do a little research on this topic for myself. I am having some trouble with my skin and now we have found out that Chloe has excema (sp?) so I thought it would behove me to find out about this stuff. If I find out anything cool, I will share it with you all. (if anyone actually reads this blog...I think my mother has quit reading due to lack of time and so that probably drops my reader list to zero.)

Well this is another day that I can't get the pictures to post on this blog. Man, I am really missing my computer and internet access at home. I am really just missing my home. I doubt that I am going to make it until August before I head back home. I am getting kind of tired of living with other people. I know that I have my own trailer when James is in Afghanistan but its not the same as my own house. I miss my friends too. Namely Ashlie. I really miss her and wish that I could go shopping with her or go out for coffee or sit on our couch and crochet together. I am looking forward to going home whenever that will be. I think this move to Balitomore will be my hardest move yet. It is getting harder and harder to move each time we do it. This will be our 6th base in 8 years. That is alot of moving. Oh well, the price we pay for freedom. God bless America.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Is anyone else as puzzled by the weather in our country right now as I am. Warm weather here in the Northwest but in Louisiana where it is almost spring time they are having freezing rain and it is very VERY cold. Makes me wonder what it going on. It seems that this cold weather thing is sweeping our country. I am glad that for whatever reason, it has choosen to miss us here in the Inland Northwest. I hate cold weather. (and to think that I am moving to Baltimore in the winter time...oh joy for me!!)

Well, I actually got another diaper cover done yesterday. Still need to weave ends in but that can wait as usual. (I will try to get it done tonight.) So, now I am working on a Diaper Soaker. Instead of being like a panty type cover, this is like a nightgown bottom so when the baby wears it at night, you can just lift it up and slip the diaper off without having to undress the baby. Pretty clever if you ask me. So, I am almost half done with it. I needed a little break from those covers. (even though they only take me about 1 1/2 hours each.) I think once I get to working on them consistantly, it will go faster than that, Maybe an hour each.

I am anxious to get the patterns I made written up and ready to be tested. I have four patterns so far. Just need to do the last bit of editing them and then get them typed onto my computer. Its too bad that the computer is at my trailer at my parents house and I am at my sister-in-laws house about 1 1/2 hours away.

The good news is that James and I are going to my parents house tomorrow for lunch so I will be able to get the pictures I have off my camera and onto my computer at the trailer and edit them. They should be ready to post on Tuesday. I have some of the Angel Kisses dress and also the tank top I designed. I also took Chloe's 11 month pictures this past week. I think I am going to take her in and have her pictures taken at a studio for her first birthday.

Well, Chloe is up from her nap and we may go to church around the corner from the house this morning. Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Okay. Here is the link to that blog I was talking about yesterday. I promised it and now I am delivering it. This might just about be the fasted that I have carried out one of my promises to post something on this blog. Ah well. I am busy. What can I say?

She is such a nice lady. I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with for my website.

Well, I went to see Tiny yesterday. I almost forgot that we even have a dog anymore. So, her rash is completely gone now. I guess the vet was right and it is an allergy think in Louisiana. Noreen has not been giving her any medication for it and it has cleared up in less than two months. So, we probably won't be getting her now until we get to Baltimore. I see no reason to ship her back down to Louisiana where she will just get this rash again. And besides...the airlines have an embargo on pet shipments until September anyway for heat. If it is above 75 degrees where they are going then they won't ship them and since it is ALWAYS above 75 degrees in the summer in Louisiana, they just say no shipping them in June, July or August. Works for me.

Tiny has the new nickname of "The Whiniest dog in Idaho." That is where she is living right now with James sister. Her finacee named her that. It is probably true too. Maybe it should even be changed to the Whiniest dog in America. I wouldn't be suprised if that was true too.

I haven't gotten any more diaper covers done since yesterday. Its kind of hard when I am not at home to get any crocheting done. So many people are always coming and going and asking me to do this and I feel that sometimes I must be social. Can't hide away and crochet my life away now can I? Wish I could sometimes. Ah well, I would miss people eventually.

I have no designs in the works right now. I am going to take a break from these covers maybe this next week and work on a tote bag design. I have a couple of ideas spinning in my head. I probably didn't mention this because of the big move and all but I signed up on crochetville to participate in the Bright and Breezy Spring Purse/Tote Exchange. I got my partner the other day and she has requested a tote bag. I am excited to design something. I am not required to design one to be in the exchange, in fact, I don't think very many are designing any. I just want to. I have an idea for one that I want to try out. I just hope she likes it. First I need to get a few more diaper covers done though. Mix the fun with the tedious. Gets things done faster.

Well gotta run. Have a great day everyone.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Diaper Covers and Such

I have finished a diaper cover last night and am now working on cover number two. These things are pretty nifty.I may have to make some for myself for baby number two. I used the Proraps from I also tried the wonderoos but I didn't like those as well. Proraps are better in my opinion for how I liked to diaper Chloe. I probably wouldn't use wool soakers (diaper covers) all the time but it would be okay for those times at home when we aren't doing much of anything. I may just have to make up some for myself. The wool is pretty expensive. I am using Fisherman's wool from Joann's and it is $8.99 a skien. But the thing is they are large (very large) skiens and they make about 5-6 diaper covers in the small sizes and 3-4 in the larger sizes. Cheaper than the diaper covers from cottonbabies.

I am sorry that I don't have my camera dock here or I would try to post a picture of this finished cover. I am still trying to post pictures of the completed items I have but for some reason this computer I am using is not allowing me to upload the pictures from a jumpdrive. I will have to try to figure something out. Maybe I need to make a file on this computer and transfer the pictures into that file and then upload them from the actual computer. If I can't get them from the jumpdrive today then tomorrow I will try the file way. I guess I could actually talk to James about this. He would know.

Well, nevermind all that rambling I just posted. It has worked. Must have been a kink in the system the past couple of days that wouldn't allow me to post them.

So, I already posted two of these pictures before but I have edited them differently now. I like this way better.

I learned how to put these frames around the pictures and also how to bevel the writing. I already knew the basics to beveling but I didn't know how to actually make it look beveled on the picture. So after playing around with it for a few hours I figured it out. I also learned how to make the glow on the picture white to make it slightly faded. A nice effect I think.

These are the pictures I am going to place on my website. I am hoping to have one picture be on the main menu page for the dress pattern page and when you click on this picture it will take you to the description page where you can see the other photos of the dress like the bonnet, close-up of stitches and others. Then thier will be a description written of the pattern or the place to choose a custom made dress. I don't want to get too many orders for custom made dresses since I want to focus on makeing patterns but I do need to sell a few dresses to get the money to pay for copyrights and suchlike.

Well, not much else going on right now that I haven't already talked about. James father is still home from the hospital for the time being. He actually at an egg mcmuffin yesterday. The whole thing. I am not sure what else he ate but at this point in time I don't think anyone is too concerned with nutritional value of the food. As long as he eats something is the main thing right now.

I am off to put Chloe down for a nap and work on some more diaper covers. Gotta get those done for Debra. I will post a link to her blog tomorrow so you can all check that out. Great blog. She is a wonderful Christian with a wonderfully large family.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Day, same story

Good day to everyone who happens to read this blog. Things are busy here as ever in the life of me. If its not one thing then its something else. Not to complain though. I think I have a great life. Just a lot of things happening. Some good. Some not so good but I do have a great Lord who watches over me and walks beside me and never ever gives me more than I can handle with His wonderful help. I rely on this more and more as I get older and come into situations that I am unable to handle on my own. I am grateful for such an awesome God.

The news of the day today is that Chloe has excema. She developed this rash thing when we first got up here to Idaho and I thought it was because of this bug that both her and I got. (and my father is the one who actually gave it to us) Well, it wasn't going away and wasn't going away so we finally took her to the doctor today because it was getting worse and he says that she has excema. It came out when we came up here because the climate in Louisiana is a ton more humid than here. Try 80-90% compared to 10-15% here in the Inland Northwest. Quite a bit of difference. So, he says to not use a lot of soap when I give her baths. (not any at all actually unless she gets really dirty.) I am not to use alot of lotions on her either. Just some like Nivea or Lubriderm. Stuff that traps the moisture inside without clogging the pores. He prescibed this cream to put on her too. I hope I don't have to use too much of it. I don't like the idea of putting steriods on my babies skin. I would love to try something a little more natural but doctors nowadays just believe in drugs. So, if it doesn't clear up in 10 days I am to take her back. I hope it does.

Well, I am working on some diaper covers now. Diaper covers??? you ask?? Yes. I am crocheting some diaper covers. These are for a friend from crochetville who is building my website for me. We are working on the barter system. I am crocheting some items for her and she is in turn designing my website. I am excited to see what she comes up with. So far, I have only designed a tank top for her. (which I have already mentioned in a previous post.) I just have to finish writing up the pattern for it. I still have to write up the pattern to the first dress I designed. I have changed the name of that dress from Angel Lullabies to Angel Whispers. The second dress I designed (no picture yet) will be called Angel Kisses. I am thinking of designing a christening dress for the Angel Lullabies name. Don't quite know yet.

I really need to get some things done though so I can take them to the Boutiques and see if they will sell them. I need to get the ball rolling on this and I seem to be taking me sweet time. I shouldn't. The pattern writing part is the hardest part of designing and seems to me will be the part that slows me down considerably. I just need to sit down and do it.

Well, James is watching Chloe and I really should go relieve him. Poor guy. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happenings of Late

Oh my Goodness!! It sure has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. And with good reason mind you!! I cannot access it at my parents house. Must be somethings with dial-up. Well, now I am staying at my sister-in-laws house for a week or two and they have high speed internet so I will try to get all the things said that I want to say in the next week or two.

So, the big news of the day is that my father-in-law was put back into the hospital last week. They really didn't think he would make it through the weekend and so they notified the Red Cross who in turn brought James back from the desert. Can you believe that??? I am lying next to my dear husband every night since last Saturday. What a pleasant suprise. Okay, given the circumstances, it probably isn't something totally pleasant but at least I get to see him. I am thankful to the Lord for that. And at least he gets to be here with his father every day. We are truly thankful for all the nice things the military does for our family. Many people complain about the military and how they treat thier families horribly but so far, James and I have no complaints. Oh I am sure we could find some things to complain about but we don't. We look at all they do for us and we realize how blessed we are to live in such a country as this.

Well, Chloe is sure growing up. She is walking about 95% of the time now. She is such a doll. I don't have time today to post any pictures but I do have some of her walking. What a doll. I just love her.

My sister and I are starting our plans for Chloe's first birthday party next month. Yes, she will be 1 years old in one month. She is 11 months tomorrow. I can hardly believe it myself. It seems like just a few months ago that I was pregnant and huge and waddling around wishing she would hurry up and arrive. Where does the time go?? So, anyway, we are going to be doing a butterfly type theme. Sarah has a butterfly cake pan and I would like to decorate the cake myself. Sarah has tried out her hand at cake decorating and she isn't too bad so I thought I could give it a whirl.

We will invite all our family and James family so there will be a lot of kids. We are going to get a pinata and play some games and stuff. All the party like things.

More news is that I have designed two more things. I finished another dress and have the pattern to it almost completely written up. I am going to give it to my sister for her baby's dedication at church. I have a picture on my camera that one of these days I will get posted here. I am so pleased with this dress. I am learning how to make the correct sizes too. Its all a learning expreience for me. I also designed a tank top for a boy yesterday. I just have to finish sewing it up today and writing out the end of the pattern. Almost done with it. It is for the lady designing my new website. You all should check out my new website. If you go to it will have a "coming soon" written at the top. This is my website. I am totally excited about it. I need to get working on some dishcloths and diaper covers for the lady who is designing the site for me. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Well, I need to go shower and get some things done before Chloe wakes up. It sure feels good to post on here again.