Friday, February 17, 2006

Diaper Covers and Such

I have finished a diaper cover last night and am now working on cover number two. These things are pretty nifty.I may have to make some for myself for baby number two. I used the Proraps from I also tried the wonderoos but I didn't like those as well. Proraps are better in my opinion for how I liked to diaper Chloe. I probably wouldn't use wool soakers (diaper covers) all the time but it would be okay for those times at home when we aren't doing much of anything. I may just have to make up some for myself. The wool is pretty expensive. I am using Fisherman's wool from Joann's and it is $8.99 a skien. But the thing is they are large (very large) skiens and they make about 5-6 diaper covers in the small sizes and 3-4 in the larger sizes. Cheaper than the diaper covers from cottonbabies.

I am sorry that I don't have my camera dock here or I would try to post a picture of this finished cover. I am still trying to post pictures of the completed items I have but for some reason this computer I am using is not allowing me to upload the pictures from a jumpdrive. I will have to try to figure something out. Maybe I need to make a file on this computer and transfer the pictures into that file and then upload them from the actual computer. If I can't get them from the jumpdrive today then tomorrow I will try the file way. I guess I could actually talk to James about this. He would know.

Well, nevermind all that rambling I just posted. It has worked. Must have been a kink in the system the past couple of days that wouldn't allow me to post them.

So, I already posted two of these pictures before but I have edited them differently now. I like this way better.

I learned how to put these frames around the pictures and also how to bevel the writing. I already knew the basics to beveling but I didn't know how to actually make it look beveled on the picture. So after playing around with it for a few hours I figured it out. I also learned how to make the glow on the picture white to make it slightly faded. A nice effect I think.

These are the pictures I am going to place on my website. I am hoping to have one picture be on the main menu page for the dress pattern page and when you click on this picture it will take you to the description page where you can see the other photos of the dress like the bonnet, close-up of stitches and others. Then thier will be a description written of the pattern or the place to choose a custom made dress. I don't want to get too many orders for custom made dresses since I want to focus on makeing patterns but I do need to sell a few dresses to get the money to pay for copyrights and suchlike.

Well, not much else going on right now that I haven't already talked about. James father is still home from the hospital for the time being. He actually at an egg mcmuffin yesterday. The whole thing. I am not sure what else he ate but at this point in time I don't think anyone is too concerned with nutritional value of the food. As long as he eats something is the main thing right now.

I am off to put Chloe down for a nap and work on some more diaper covers. Gotta get those done for Debra. I will post a link to her blog tomorrow so you can all check that out. Great blog. She is a wonderful Christian with a wonderfully large family.

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