Friday, February 24, 2006

Dresses and Diapers and Dimples, Oh My!!

Okay, I have the dresses and and the diapers (well, diaper covers really). I don't have the dimples though. What I do have is smiles. And lots of them. Boy have I been blessed with a baby who smiles a lot. And I am so thankful for that.

This first picture is of my niece in the Angel Kisses dress I designed. I am giving it to her for her baby dedication. I think it turned out nice for her and the color of the trim suits her complexion.

My neice was not cooperating for this photo shoot and so I had my sister hold her and I thought this picture turned out so cute that I just couldn't edit my sister out of it. They are both kind of somber looking but I think that adds to the picture myself. I will just have to get some close-ups of the dress while it is lying on the floor and not on a movable child.

This next photo is of those diaper covers I have been talking and talking about. I hope that Debra likes them. Her son is due in May and so I need to get working on some more here pretty soon.

This wool is extremely rough on my hands. I am wondering if there is any softer wool out there that wouldn't be so rough. There has to be but I am sure that it costs a pretty penny and probably would be too expensive to put on a babies bottom to catch whatever comes out. Not the nicest thing to used expensive yarn for. It would probably be put to better use as a sweater for you mother or something. Anyway, this yarn will work. The Lion Brand fishermans's wool. Debra is planning on dyeing it with koolaid anyway to get different colors. I hope it washes up softer too. It might be too rough for her baby's bottom, but she is the one with the experience so I am sure she knows it works. (six kids and all) If it does work then I might have to make up some for baby number 2 for me.

Next up I have Chloe's 11 month pictures. These turned out so adorable with the trims and hazing and all that I added. I am thinking of going back and doing that to all her monthly pictures I took. I am having fun with that program that edits the pictures.

What I do for the frames on these pictures is I take the dropper tool and pick out the colors from the pictures. This way, the borders match exactly the picture color. Pretty nifty tool if I do say so myself.

Well, that is all the pictures I have for today. I knew they would get posted one of these days. I don't have much more time to write but maybe I will tomorrow. Not much has happened today except that I have finished my second purse design and it turned out rather cute I think. I just need to get some handles for it. I think store bought handles will look much better than crocheted ones so that is what I am going to do.

Hubby has just dropped Chloe off at my feet as I type so this means he is tired of keeping her out of things and off the stairs and that my typing is over and stair monitor duty has officially been handed over to me. Gotta run.

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