Saturday, February 18, 2006


Okay. Here is the link to that blog I was talking about yesterday. I promised it and now I am delivering it. This might just about be the fasted that I have carried out one of my promises to post something on this blog. Ah well. I am busy. What can I say?

She is such a nice lady. I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with for my website.

Well, I went to see Tiny yesterday. I almost forgot that we even have a dog anymore. So, her rash is completely gone now. I guess the vet was right and it is an allergy think in Louisiana. Noreen has not been giving her any medication for it and it has cleared up in less than two months. So, we probably won't be getting her now until we get to Baltimore. I see no reason to ship her back down to Louisiana where she will just get this rash again. And besides...the airlines have an embargo on pet shipments until September anyway for heat. If it is above 75 degrees where they are going then they won't ship them and since it is ALWAYS above 75 degrees in the summer in Louisiana, they just say no shipping them in June, July or August. Works for me.

Tiny has the new nickname of "The Whiniest dog in Idaho." That is where she is living right now with James sister. Her finacee named her that. It is probably true too. Maybe it should even be changed to the Whiniest dog in America. I wouldn't be suprised if that was true too.

I haven't gotten any more diaper covers done since yesterday. Its kind of hard when I am not at home to get any crocheting done. So many people are always coming and going and asking me to do this and I feel that sometimes I must be social. Can't hide away and crochet my life away now can I? Wish I could sometimes. Ah well, I would miss people eventually.

I have no designs in the works right now. I am going to take a break from these covers maybe this next week and work on a tote bag design. I have a couple of ideas spinning in my head. I probably didn't mention this because of the big move and all but I signed up on crochetville to participate in the Bright and Breezy Spring Purse/Tote Exchange. I got my partner the other day and she has requested a tote bag. I am excited to design something. I am not required to design one to be in the exchange, in fact, I don't think very many are designing any. I just want to. I have an idea for one that I want to try out. I just hope she likes it. First I need to get a few more diaper covers done though. Mix the fun with the tedious. Gets things done faster.

Well gotta run. Have a great day everyone.

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