Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stepping into the 21st Century

Okay, so James and I have been behind the times for a while. We have been holding onto a past that no longer exists. We got new cell phones today. We have had so many excuses for not getting them in the past including the fact that we did have them when we were first married and totally abused that privilege. So, we have opted out the past few years.

Given the fact that it is no longer safe to ask for help when you break down on the side of the road and also the fact that my PARENTS have cell phones and I don't, we thought we should get them. It might end up cheaper for us anyways since we can call my parents and all of James family for free since they all have the same cell phone company as we got. We also get unlimited weekend and weeknight minutes so that takes care of everyone else we would be calling.

Well, I have been working on a new tote bag for the crochetville swap I am participating in. I bought a pattern since I couldn't find the kind of yarn I was looking for to design something at Micheals. I will either have to order some off the internet or wait until I get back to Louisiana and my wonderful Hobby Lobby.

Anyway, this tote bag is using the love knot stitch and this is my first time working with this stitch. The only problem is that I choose Lion Brand Homespun yarn which I am quickly deciding does not agree with me. It splits like something awful and my hook gets tangled in each stitch. It is not as bad as some other yarn I have worked with but it is pretty bad. Anyway, I am using a light brown color and it is turning out cute. I almost have one side of the bag done. Hopefully by tomorrow night I can have the other half done.

I have decided that I don't really like working with the wool I use to make the diaper covers very much. It is very rough and I have to continually be putting lotion on my hands while crocheting. I have found an awesome lotion that works wonders and doesn't leave my skin greasy though. (which can be a problem when you are crocheting...greasy hands don't let the yarn through the fingers very well and makes the yarn kind of messy...not the best mix.) Anyway, this lotion is Norweigian Formula Nutrogena. It is great. I probably wouldn't use it on my whole body but it is great for dry hands.

I am going to be looking online for some recipes for vegetable oils to put on your body. My mother uses Jojoba oil and she says that it is what the Italians used back in the day when they had no money. It is also something that God made instead of all these lotions that man made. My mother did a research on parabins that are in lotion and apprantly it is not good for your skin and yet it is in every lotion on the market. She could not find a single lotion that did not contain this in it. So, needless to say, I am going to do a little research on this topic for myself. I am having some trouble with my skin and now we have found out that Chloe has excema (sp?) so I thought it would behove me to find out about this stuff. If I find out anything cool, I will share it with you all. (if anyone actually reads this blog...I think my mother has quit reading due to lack of time and so that probably drops my reader list to zero.)

Well this is another day that I can't get the pictures to post on this blog. Man, I am really missing my computer and internet access at home. I am really just missing my home. I doubt that I am going to make it until August before I head back home. I am getting kind of tired of living with other people. I know that I have my own trailer when James is in Afghanistan but its not the same as my own house. I miss my friends too. Namely Ashlie. I really miss her and wish that I could go shopping with her or go out for coffee or sit on our couch and crochet together. I am looking forward to going home whenever that will be. I think this move to Balitomore will be my hardest move yet. It is getting harder and harder to move each time we do it. This will be our 6th base in 8 years. That is alot of moving. Oh well, the price we pay for freedom. God bless America.

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