Sunday, February 19, 2006


Is anyone else as puzzled by the weather in our country right now as I am. Warm weather here in the Northwest but in Louisiana where it is almost spring time they are having freezing rain and it is very VERY cold. Makes me wonder what it going on. It seems that this cold weather thing is sweeping our country. I am glad that for whatever reason, it has choosen to miss us here in the Inland Northwest. I hate cold weather. (and to think that I am moving to Baltimore in the winter time...oh joy for me!!)

Well, I actually got another diaper cover done yesterday. Still need to weave ends in but that can wait as usual. (I will try to get it done tonight.) So, now I am working on a Diaper Soaker. Instead of being like a panty type cover, this is like a nightgown bottom so when the baby wears it at night, you can just lift it up and slip the diaper off without having to undress the baby. Pretty clever if you ask me. So, I am almost half done with it. I needed a little break from those covers. (even though they only take me about 1 1/2 hours each.) I think once I get to working on them consistantly, it will go faster than that, Maybe an hour each.

I am anxious to get the patterns I made written up and ready to be tested. I have four patterns so far. Just need to do the last bit of editing them and then get them typed onto my computer. Its too bad that the computer is at my trailer at my parents house and I am at my sister-in-laws house about 1 1/2 hours away.

The good news is that James and I are going to my parents house tomorrow for lunch so I will be able to get the pictures I have off my camera and onto my computer at the trailer and edit them. They should be ready to post on Tuesday. I have some of the Angel Kisses dress and also the tank top I designed. I also took Chloe's 11 month pictures this past week. I think I am going to take her in and have her pictures taken at a studio for her first birthday.

Well, Chloe is up from her nap and we may go to church around the corner from the house this morning. Have a great day everyone.

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