Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Funk Factor

Big news Big news!! So, I have been talking for months about going to this Boutique my mother found and selling my things to her. Well, the news is that I finally went. I didn't take my mother with me like I wanted but I DID go. That was a big step for me and now I will be bolder in the future. Anyways, I did take my hubby and a good friend Laura with me.

So, what did Marie say??? She likes my dresses but doesn't think she can give me a fair price for them to make it worth it to me. She buys everything outright and then her markup is double. So, if she pays me $50, she sells it for $100. And frankly, $50 is just not enough money for these treasures that I make.

Not to be daunted though. She liked the two purses I have designed. The only thing is she wants them to be brighter colors and maybe some embellishments added to them. I call it "funk". Her store is kind of funky with bright colors and things that are "different". If you bought something from this store you could be sure that no one else would be wearing that item as you walk down the street.

I wish I had some pictures to show you all but alas, the price we pay to live with family. I can post pictures but it just takes me time. I have to run 1 1/2 hours to my parents house so I can use the computer (mine) in my trailer to get the pictures off my camera. Then I edit them on my computer and put them onto my jumpdrive. Then I can come back here to where I am currently staying and upload them to the internet. Kind of a lot of work. Its a three hour drive total just to do this. My plan is to go to the trailer on Monday and also spend some time with my mother. I miss her.

So, anyway, I wish I could show you a picture of my "funk added" purse. I didn't think I would like it near as well as I do as I was making it up. The whole time I was making it I kept thinking to myself, "I really hope she buys this thing because I wouldn't". Well, after it was done I love it. Probably not what I would carry everyday but I do like it for the "right" outfit.

The purse is done in orange. (talk about funk!!) I did it in two tone. By the way...let me say that the purse I am talking about is the Fan purse I designed back in January for my girlfriend Laura's birthday. (different Laura then the one up here in Spokane that went to the store with me.) So, anyway, the top part of the purse is done in a specialty yarn. I forget the kind but it has little tufts of what looks like tissue paper hanging off it every inch or so. Kind of cool and adds a bit of texture to the purse. The bottom (fan) part is done in a solid orange sugar and cream cotton. I then added a orange stripe ribbon around the middle part where the two different yarns meet. I still have to add some beads to the bottom points of the purse and that will be my "funk factor". It will truly be different and I wish, wish, wish I could show you a picture of it. I will though. Next week.

Now I am working on another purse. This one is bright pink. It will have some pink beaded fringe that I am probably going to add at the same place I put the ribbon on the other purse. Then I have some ribbon that I may add to the bottom of the purse. Either in a bow or weaved in and out of the shells on the last row. I will just have to play with it for a bit.

So, need-less to say, I was pretty disappointed when I came away from the Boutique the other night. I had enough items with me to bring anywhere from $250 to $350 depending on how much she was going to pay. Then to have her not buy anything was very disappointing. I got a good education though. I would be better off finding a way to cut out the middle man. I don't want to be selling dresses forever though. I want to sell a few dresses to buy copyrights on my patterns. What I really want to do is design dresses. That is where my passion is right now.

Well, my mother and father went to Salem, Oregon this week and she called me up to tell me that they have tons of Boutiques there and she went in a few. She found one that sold a lot of baby and children things and it seemed like a place where my stuff would be perfect. My mother talked to the owner and she said she is interested in seeing my things. My mother got her email address and I emailed her a couple of photos yesterday. I am just waiting to hear back from her now to see what she thinks of my dresses.

The Boutique up here in Idaho said that she would think about the dresses and actually asked me to make one in all white so it would be more of a christening dress. So, I think I will do that this next week and we will see where it goes from there. I don't know whether I am going to design another dress for that or just make up one of the patterns I already have. I am probably going to make up another pattern I have just for lack of time. At this point I don't really know how much time I have here so I don't want to get into a project too deeply and not be able to finish it.

Well, I better get going to get things done today. I am off to visit my friend Laura and her parents today. This next week I need to get working on Chloe's birthday party. I will probably spend the day Tuesday with my sister to get that going.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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