Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pictures of Purses, Purses and Purses (oh...and Baby)

Well, I really have not been posting here like I think I should be. Maybe its not that big of a deal. Maybe no one reads this thing and I am really only talking to myself. If that is the case then so be it. I enjoy it. Its kind of a stress reliever for me. Gets some things off my chest and also is theraputic for me to write about my life. Kind of like a journal except its online and anyone in the world can read it. And since I enjoy journaling anyway, I can do this. Maybe someday, someone will care.

Anyway, enough about that. I have pictures. And by Golly its about time too. I am way too slow at this picture thing. I used to be much quicker at home. I guess that is the downside to not living in ones own house.

Anyway, I have been talking for a while about my Vintage Shell Purse. Its the purse I made for my girlfriend Laura for her birthday clear back in January. I have also been talking about going to this Boutique. Well, last week I went. She didn't buy anything. Not one single thing. I was so disappointed too. She did place some orders though. She wanted my Vintage Shell Purse in brighter colors and maybe with some pizazz. So, here is what I came up with.

Funk #1

Funk #2

Are they funky enough? I don't know. The lady wasn't there this past Wednesday when I went back in with my mother to sell them to her. Gosh was I nervous too. I actually had butterflies in my stomach. I am naturally a shy person anyway so its hard for me to talk to strangers period. Let alone having them critique my creations right in front of me. Talk about nerve rattling.

Here is my second purse design. Its called Chantilly Lace. It didn't really turn out like I had in my mind. I was going for a design similar to those jean purses or quilts or stuff where the seam is on the outside and is all frayed and whatnot. I don't think I achieved it at all.

And to be honest...this purse actually looks better in person. I know that is hard to believe but its true. This picture just does not do it justice. I know everyone says that but in this case it is true.

Some big news for me is that I have both the aforementioned purses in testing right now. I got one tester for each purse. I sure hope its enough. I have actually had a few people from C'ville say that they would be interested in buying some of my patterns once my new website gets up and running. I am totally stoked about this. I can hardly wait.

I finished my tote about two weeks ago for the Spring Purse/Tote swap on C'ville. It was fun. I learned some valuable lessons though. I need to be in better contact with the person I am making the item for. I think people were talking back and forth the whole time while making things and that is really how I will get to know them is to email them and talk with them.

Also I need to add some little things to the package. I noticed that many others were adding yarn and hooks and teas and other little goodies to the packages.

Which, by the way, I have received my purse this week. It is wonderful. I will have to post a picture of it tomorrow though since I am at my limit of 5 today. I also got a suprise ROAK (random act of kindness) this week that I will talk about tomorrow. So, more on these packages tomorrow.

Well, after much discussion, here is the picture of the tote bag I made.

This pattern actually is a love knot. Can you believe that I had never done a love knot before??? I am such an experience crocheter but I had never come across a pattern for one. I think my main problem is that I just don't buy patterns. I get mine for free off the internet and so they tend to be the easy patterns. The harder and more challanging patterns are ones that people want to charge money for because they are harder to design. At least that is the way I am starting to think when it comes to my own designs.

Back to the tote bag. It was made with Lion Brand Homespun. It is kind of difficult to work with and I have no clue (not one) how people have the patience to make and entire afghan in sc out of the stuff. (okay, maybe I have a clue since I can work for 8 years on a table cloth in thread...) I really hope my partner likes it.

I have finally gotten around to taking a picture of Chloe in the very first dress I ever tested (or made for that matter) for In all honesty, I didn't take a picture sooner because the dress is a 12 month size and Chloe is still in 6-9 month clothes. She is starting to actually fit them well to. She is not growing out of them, they are starting to not be so baggy on her. She is growing up so fast.

Anyway, here is the dress. I think it turned out so cute and old fashioned. I love it. The bonnet is what makes it for me though.

So, Chloe turns a year old on Wednesday. Her party is Saturday. I am excited. My baby will be ONE. How cool is that?? We made it. (not that I didn't think we would...but you know...) She has changed so much in the past month. My friends back home won't even recognize her when we get back.

She has started this yelling thing. (not bad yelling...funny yelling) She stands at the door and in a loud voice just hollers, "BA" or "DA". She is always busy too. Her newest trick is to pick up something and haul it around the room. Around chairs and everything. She can do this for half an hour sometimes. Its really quite cute because they are not your normal baby toys. Today it was the wipes container. (not the hard plastic one but just the soft wraps they come in.) It was pretty funny because she couldn't really get it very far off the floor so she was more or less dragging it around and around the room. Sometimes it could be something as little as a tube of chapstick. Whatever she can find that interests her.

Now my big questions is.......When do babies start playing with toys??? I buy her toys and she is more interested in my sunglasses she confiscates from my purse or the tube of toothpaste she grabs from the bathroom sink. Should I buy her a bottle of shampoo for her birthday???

Well, its time for bed. I will try to post again tomorrow. I have so much more to talk about and just not enough time in the day.

Have a wonderful day.

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Marie said...

So my kid's not the only one! I'm beginning to think some kids just aren't as interested in toys as others. My oldest son who is now 8 years old loved playing with his toys. He would play very nicely by himself and with others. My youngest son who will be 2 years old next month has a toybox full of toys that he's hardly played with. He would much rather spin the wheel on the gerbil cage, restart the computer over and over, turn the tv volume up and down, play with the tupperware containers, play with the empty diaper box, etc. It can be maddening. His birthday is coming up and people start asking what they should buy him for the big day. What do I tell them? Oh just bring over an empty shoebox and your old tupperware containers!

By the way, I like your blog and I love that dress you created!