Thursday, March 30, 2006

Still Cleaning

And you all are probably getting tired of hearing about the cleaning that is going on here on the homefront. Like I have said before, I am just thankful to have a home and that I am in it. On a good note though, the cleaning is going well. I actually found my kitchen and dining room floor this morning and I have swept it and mopped it. Man it feels good to say that. I can see my countertops, sink, table top and island top now. They are officially clutter free. (Should I tell you that all the "clutter" is now on our spare bed in the office???? Nah. That's hubby's problem and as far as you all are concerned, I have cleaned it I'll leave it at that.) Chloe's room is complete as well. (minus a few things in the hallway outside her door. Some of them are things that need a storage tote to store them for the next baby and some are things for a yard sale we are planning on having this summer. Got a few things to sell so we are going to have a sale. Hopefully make a few bucks.

As promised I have some photos from Chloe's first Birthday party. I can hardly believe that she is one years old. Man the time flies fast when you are having fun. So much has happened in this past year. Enough of that though. On to the party.

I made her first cake myself. Even decorated it myself. It was fun. I think I will try this every year now. Maybe I will actually get good at it. Here is a picture of my sister holding the cake that I made.

And the fun begins. Here is Chloe literally stuffing her face.

I made little heart shaped cupcakes for the kids. Chloe had one of those instead of a whole cake. So this is a photo of Chloe enjoying her first taste of cake ever. A true kodak moment.

Can you tell that she enjoys it? I think she only ate the frosting when all was said and done but she sure loved it. Couldn't get enough of it. (wonder where she gets that from........hmmmmm...)

I am truly thankful that James got to be here for Chloe's first birthday party. He missed her actual birthday as he flew back home the day after her party. At least he was at the party and I got photos of him there.

We had such a good time and Chloe got tons of great gifts. She actully got her first Care Bear. (to be honest she got two.) One of my friends Laura got her one but since she was at the party she as able to give me a gift reciept and I went to the store and picked up something else for her.

The funny thing about it was that my friends here in Louisana were the ones that got her the same exact care bear. Same name and color and everything. And their names are Ashlie and guess what??? Laura. Isn't that just too funny?

My mom and dad got Chloe a baby doll and my mother wrapped it in a blanket that she made for it. It was so cute. The minute Chloe opened it up, she held it up against her shoulder and started patting her back as if she were burping her. I don't know where in world she picked that up from unless it is from how I burp her. I have never shown her how to do that to a doll before though. Babies are amazing things. They pick up on all those little things that we think are just beyond them.

All in all, Chloe had a wonderful party. She even got some gift cards to Walmart since I didnt have much room to carry gifts home in my suitcase. James says that maybe tonight or tomorrow we can go and pick her up some things. Don't really know what I am going to get though. Maybe some doll clothes and toys and maybe some pajamas in 12 month size since she doesn't have any yet.

Many months ago I designed a little hat for Chloe out of baby chenille yarn but it turned out way to big for her. I tried it on my neice when I was up north visiting and it fit her. (she is 3 1/2 years old by the way) So, I reworked the pattern and made it to fit Chloe's size. Now here is a picture of the reworked pattern actually fitting Chloe.

Now I just need to deisgn the sweater to go with it. So many things on my to do list and just not enough time in the day to complete them all. I have so many ideas of things to design. Another purse is close on the horizon too. I have the yarn for it and everything.

Well, back to this hat. I bought some big pink yarn to add some pinach to the hat and I think it did just that. My mom says it looks like things they used to wear in the "old days". (maybe like the 20-30's)

And I am totally slow sometimes. This next picture is of that Spring Lily dress I tested for She has changed the name of the dress now to Victorian Angel dress in case anyone is interested in this pattern.

It is soooo adorable.

I especially love the bonnet on this one. Totally old fashioned if you ask me. I love the little frill it has to it. I can't wait until my own designs start to be this good.

Not much more I can say about this dress that I haven't already said in previous posts many months ago. It has been such a long time since I made it that I really can't think of anything about it at this time.

Well, I must be going now. I need to get dinner on. We are having steaks tonight and I need to season them and get them in the fridge before James gets home so they can marinate a bit before he fires up the grill. Yummy!!! I love steak!!

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