Sunday, April 30, 2006

Birthday Furniture

So, I said I would post pictures of my new furniture James bought me for my birthday and here it is. I am in love with my new bedroom. It is soooooo romantic in there. Both James and I love it. (I even splurged and bought some new satin sheets to go on the bed.....ahhhhhhhh!!!! I won't say anymore......) We went the other night to get some lamps for this room too. I figured after 7 1/2 years of marriage, I deserve to have some light in my bedroom. This house is so dark. (could it be the dark colors on my walls????NAH!!!!) I think the end effect is so gorgeous and romantic. I love being in my bedroom now.

Here is my dresser. Yes!!!! I get this dresser to myself. (and its already packed to the brim...oh, but my closet has sooo much room now for more clothes!!!!!)

The mirror was extra but I just had to have it. It adds so much to the room. I love it.

And this is James dresser. It not as big as mine but it is about two drawers taller than our old one and hey!!! he gets it all to himself. Although I don't think he wants it all to himself. He says he likes his stuff to hang so I might just hang up all his t-shirts and take over a couple of drawers for my big sweaters. What do you think??? Should a girl have more storage space than a boy for her clothes???

Romantic Nook

And I have a little reading nook now. Isn't it so romantic? I absolutely adore it. I get this little chair in my bedroom because we bought a recliner to go with our new couch and loveseat so we didn't need this chair in the living room. I think it is soooo romantic in here. Its like it was meant to be in this room all along.

So, let me tell you about these curtains. They are my pride and joy. (I'll just add in here that I have not had curtains in this room since we moved into this house two years ago...James hates spending money)

I bought this fabric at Joann's last week with my 40% off coupon. I have decided that I am going to put these coupons to good use instead of throwing them away every week like I have been doing and then kicking myself when I think of something I could have bought with it. (like fabric for curtains) Anyways, this fabric is just drapped over the rod that was already in the house. (yes...we had rods for curtains...just no redneck is that?) So, then the purple fabric is just draped over the green sheers. I have yet to hem these or anything since both my sewing machines are rebelling against me. And don't laugh...please don't laugh...(James wouldn't let me spend any more money on these curtains) but they are held in place with safety pins and ponytail holders. So what!!!!! You can't tell from looking at them. I mean, look closely in these pictures...they look professional...right??? Okay then. I am moving in four months and want to take this fabric with me. If we buy a house up there then I will cut and sew these curtains more proper like and leave them in that house for three years. But four months??? cut me some slack here.

Well, I decided not to take any photos of the new couches yet since I don't have the coffee table yet to go with them. I will wait so you all can get the whole picture of the room all together.

But, James did catch Chloe and I napping together on the new set. I just love cuddling with her. I am finding myself so tired nowadays that I fall asleep when I am feeding her. I wake up about a half an hour to an hour later and have to gingerly place her in the crib.

Needless to say, last night I went to bed on time. Hooray!! I'm still tired today though.

Chloe is doing this really cute thing now. As she is walking along she will nod her head yes. I actually think she knows what she is doing. This morning, we had said goodbye to James (who is off for a week long tdy) and it was at the time we usually go outside to play every morning. Well, I went to go into her room to play and she stood at the sliding glass door to the backyard and starting yelling loudly. (well, loudly for her...not very loud at all.) She then started walking towards her room but not like she wanted to go in her room. Just kind of following me telling me that's not where she wanted to be. I then asked her if she wanted to go outside and she immediately turned around and practically ran to the door, nodding her head and saying yah!. She totally knew what she was doing.

Speaking of the angel.... I hear someone waking up from their nap. Its time for lunch. Have a good day everyone.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Been a While!!

Boy has it been a while since I posted on here. (well a week or so but still...long time for me) So, much has been happening this week. It has truly been busy. Now today I am having a down day and it is sort of hard after a week of going every day all day. I am finding myself not wanting to sit still. So, I am either sitting still for weeks on end or I am out of the house every second of the day. Why can't I just be a happy medium??? Well, I have never been a happy medium in anything my whole life. I jump in with both feet over my head or I balk and run away.

Well, one of the things I have been busy doing is desiging a shrug for Chloe. The weather is such right now that in the morning there is still a bit of a chill but it is too warm for Chloe to be in long sleeves all day. So, I created this sweater/shrug to cover her arms while she is wearing her sundresses and such. Then it really needed something to go with it so I came up with this hat. Both are quite simple really. Because they are so simple I think I am going to come up with a line of simple sweater sets and call them Pure Sweetness. I already designed the first hat in the series. I don't know if you all remember it but it was called Sweet Indulgence. It was made with Baby chenille yarn and I still have a sweater to design to go with it.

Here is the second in the series.

I am calling it Sweet Decadence. Perfect name for it. All the patterns in my Pure Sweetness line are going to be made with kind of special yarns that are a bit pricier. The buyer of the pattern can opt for a less pricey yarn if they choose but I wanted to have a touch of something more with these designs since the actual design is so simple.

Well, my birthday furniture was delivered Wednesday. I will take pictures to show you all later. For now I just have these pictures of Chloe helping me to unpack my closet into the dressers. Isn't she a doll??

She does this thing now where she says oooooooooooouuuu for a very long time. Its cute. That is what she is doing in this picture. She usually does it while she is looking intently at something or studying something.Okay, sorry about fuzz head here. She had pigtails in her hair but managed to rip off the bands that held them in place so now we have frizz. Kind of cute in a messy sort of way.

Well, the day after the furniture arrived, I went out and bought Chloe a toy box. We were getting pretty desperate for one. I had two baskets on the floor of Chloe's closet and they were starting to overflow onto the floor and I hate messes. So, I got a toy box and that solved that problem. Whether that really was a problem or not depends on who you ask. For me it was a huge problem. I like things to look neat and put together. James on the other hand was fine with the baskets on the floor. I was too when Chloe was 5 months old and the baskets held her small toys fine. Now that she is one years old and her toys are getting bigger, little baskets on the floor just wasn't going to cut it.

As I was putting together this toy box, Chloe decided to help me. She kept sitting on the pieces of wood and trying to eat the screws. I finally had to have James come and play tumbersalts with her down the hallway so I could finish. (James does the tumbersalts while Chloe giggles and giggles...she loves it and so does James...he's always wanted someone to appreciate his tumbersalting ability and now he's got it.)

Once the toy box was put together, Chloe had to get inside. Of course, the sides on this box are quite a bit larger than her baskets so she needed some help. What is with this girl??? She has to get in everything. No matter how small it is, she will try to get in and sit down. Is she part cat??? Maybe Pattycakes is teaching her things when I'm not looking. Who knows. Anyway, it was so cute I had to get a picture of it.

Other than that, I have been shopping pretty much everyday this week. I have been in pretty desperate need for new clothes this year. I mean, come on, some of the clothes in my closet are still things I wore in high school. (well, not any more...yard sale tomorrow) So, now I have some new clothes that look like I bought them recently and not 20 years ago.

And I bought Chloe some new clothes too. Not that she needed any but hey, girl clothes are so cute you just can't pass them up!!! I swear I need another baby soon or Chloe is going to be one spoiled rotten little girl. Okay, not rotten because my little angel could never be rotten, but spoiled??? That is very doable and I don't want to do that. So, in two more months, we want to get pregnant. Should I say that on here?? Oh who cares. We are going to start trying in two months. Okay, this time around, I am hoping for another girl. Last time I wanted a boy and got a girl. This time though, I need a girl so I don't have to buy any more clothes and they can share a room.

Well, I'm off to get ready for my yard sale tomorrow. Pray that we make a ton of money so I can get Chloe's dresser for her room.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dishcloths are Done!!!

Boy am I happy to say that. I am now almost complete with Debra's order. I only have a purse, two soaker bags and a shawl to complete. The shawl is going to have to wait until next payday. I was unable to buy the yarn this payday since hubby splurged and bought me a whole bedroom set along with a living room set. (what a nice guy he is.) So, alls I have right now to do is the purse and the two soaker bags. Shouldn't take me more than two days. (if that.) Yah!!! Then I can get to work on typing up these patterns and resizing them. Almost time!!!!! I am so totally excited.

But before I burst from this much excitement, let me show you my two latest designs. I am quite happy with these.

First is Nellie Belle (Vivian)

I reworked Vivians idea and came up with something I like much better than the old one. I am not going to take a picture of the old one it is so horrible. I am that ashamed of her that I will not show her to anyone. The new and improved one is worked in size 10 thread with a size 3 hook. There were a lot of color changes so a lot of ends to weave in. (oh fave!!!!!)

I think I have decided that series #2 is going to be called my Namesake Collection. Each dishcloth is named from someone in my family. (Nellie Belle was my great grandmother) I never knew her and my mother only knows her name. I don't know much about her but I love her name and it sounded vintagey to me. (not very many Nellie Belles running around.)

Next and last for now is Anton.

Anton is worked in sugar and cream with a "h" hook. He was very quick to work up and I really like him. I am thinking that he will be a part of a new series. Series #3 but I don't know what I will call that series. I am thinking to do the whole series in sugar and cream cotton. These will be larger sized dishcloths. Like the size of washcloths or hand towels. Truly vintage. I have some ideas and some pictures for inspiration. We will see what I can come up with. After making these for Debra, I am thinking that I want some for my own kitchen. I have the perfect place to hang them. On either side of my sink up on the sides of the cabinents. (where my window looks out into my back garden.) I also want some hand made "real" usable dishcloths to wash my dishes with. I am tired of these cheap $3 for 20 kind at Walmart that fall apart after a few times use.

Well, I promised James that I wouldn't stay up late tonight. He had to go to work tonight and is working all night until morning. He knows me too well. So, I promised him I wouldn't and that I would call him when I went to bed. So, I am off to bed. Have a great evening everyone. Be on the lookout for that purse and those soaker bags tomorrow or the next day. Wheeeeee!!! (almost done, almost done, almost done.)

Three More New Ones

The first in my newest series of Vintage Style Dishcloths. She was worked with size 3 thread instead of my traditional size 10. I love how she turned out. I used the leftover thread from Chloe's Easter dress. (gotta love those colors...drool...)

Yes, I have designed a boy. The second in series #2. I have named him for my father and my grandfather. Edwin is a unique and vintagy name in my opinion. One you don't see running around much. I kind of like it that way. (for dishcloths that it...) I used size 3 thread again for this. They worked up extremely quickly. I was quite pleased with that.

She is sweet. She is dainty. She has ruffles. Who wouldn't???
She is named for my Aunt and also my late MIL. More for my Aunt though as these little bloomers remind me of her in a sort of way. These were done in aize 10 thread. (back to my traditional it best even though it takes longer.)

Well, the sad news is this. I am getting a little washed out by all these dishcloths. I have 1 1/2 more to go and then I am done. (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel) Right now I am reworking Vivian. I ended up not frogging the old one (since I don't know where all the ends went) but am working up a new one in different colors. She will be size 10 thread too. (I used all the size 5 thread on the old Vivian.) I am thinking that she needs a different name though. Doesn't really look like a Vivian any more with the the colors I chose. (choose??) I will think of something.

Well, darling Chloe is asleep and I needn't waste any more precious nap time typing. (especially now that she is down to one nap a work time is hard to come by these days) I just wanted to show you all my new dishcloths. (I know some of you have been waiting for them)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter's Song Ensemble

Easter's Song Ensemble

She is beauty. She is grace.
She's my angel,
In ribbons and lace.

I love how this dress turned out. I was getting kind of worried there for a while but as I have said before, the key is to take my time and not rush things. If I want it to be right then I have to take the time to make sure it is right.

Chloe wore this dress on Easter morning and she got tons of compliments on it. Everyone thought it was gorgeous. They asked if I made this dress too. (I love it when people start expecting me to make all her dresses...kind of neat)

With the bloomers, I had to frog the whole thing because they weren't doing right. It was puckering up on the side where I was increasing shells so I had to take it all out and redo it so that I had increases on either side of the bloomers. Worked much better and I love how they turned out. I am going to have an option for smaller thigh cuffs or bigger cuffs. The ones I made barely fit Chloe and I only decrease a tiny amount so I am thinking on the bigger cuffs I am not going to have any decreases. Should fit a bigger baby that way. Now I just need to type up this pattern and resize it. (that takes the longest...longer than making it...not really but it takes a long time none-the-less)

And here is the whole ensemble together. See??? I told you I would show pictures. The hat
looks much better with the dress while she is wearing it. I can't get a decent picture of it by itself. Takes away from the beauty of it.

I really enjoyed desiging this set as it was a quicker one to design being that it is size 3 thread instead of my traditional size 10. I think I see a lot more from this size thread on the horizen.

I have been working on another Vintage Style Dishcloth series (#2) for Debra. She is testing my first series for me. Can't wait to see what colors she does and if everything works or not. I have two more dishcloths to go and then I am done with her order. In the future I forsee myself designing at least one more series though. Gotta get some dresses done and some patterns typed up first.

I would've only had one more dishcloth to do today but I worked for many hours yesterday on Vivian and I ended up hating her. Well, stupid me thought I might like her better once all the ends were woven in. And so I spent quite a bit of time weaving in the ends. Now I want to frog her and start over because I have a better idea of how she should be but what a mess to unweave all those ends. I don't even know where they went. (I must be very good at weaving in ends...)

Well, I have one more post to make with my three newest dishcloths to show you so I am off to do that and design a new Vivian.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Birthday, Easter and Evelyn

I had such a great birthday. Guess what!!! James took me to some furniture stores for me to pick out my new bedroom furniture. And not only that we picked out a new living room set too. We are getting a new couch, loveseat and coffee table in addition to two new dressers, a mirror and two sidetables for my bedroom. What a lucky girl I am to be married to the sweetest man on earth.

After we went shopping, James friend from work came over with one of his friends who makes cakes. She had made my birthday cake per an order from James. It was soo cute. I took a picture of it to show you all. I loved the pink and purple lines down it. (with other colors too)

The icing was the best part. (it always is...)

And here is Chloe, helping me celebrate. It was past her bedtime but we allowed her to stay up just this time.

We had a wonderful Easter. We went to the early service on Sunday and then came home and went to the beach. (on a lake) It was an okay beach. Had a bunch of leaves and gunk that fell down from the trees. I should've gotten a picture of this stuff. It looks like the trees have beards growing off thier branches. Its not very pretty. This stuff was all over the beach so I had to clear a spot for Chloe to play with her new pail and shovel. (gotta have a pail and shovel when you go to the beach.)

We bought Chloe this floating tube thing with a shade cover. I loaded her with sunscreen and she managed to get a tiny little sunburn anyways. It wasn't anything too major though. Just a slight pink tint to her skin.

And crocheting news of the day is that I have finished Evelyn. She is perfect for that name. Soft creamy yellow with white. (I always think of Evelyn's as yellow)

Evelyn completes my first series of Vintage Style Dishcloths. They are all dresses. Here is a picture of all of them.

I enjoyed taking this picture with my teacup and coffee pot. It is time I start putting things into my pictures to add to them. I am tired of just taking pictures of objects. They need something else and I think these did the trick to this picture.

Well, I also finished Chloe's Easter Song Bloomers and got some cute pictures of her in it. I will wait until tomorrow to post those though. I am tired and it is getting late so I need to go to bed.

Have a wonderful evening everyone. Smile and know that He Is Risen!!!! He is risen indeed!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Day so Far

Okay, I admit it. Its my birthday today. So far it has been pretty good. In all honesty, it started out yesterday though. My girlfriend Ashlie has to work tonight so we decided to start the celebration early. We went shopping. (what girl does not adore shopping???)

I had mentioned that I wanted to find an Easter Dress for myself. We looked for hours in the mall. Okay, for one thing, I am not much of a mall person. I like department stores much better and this mall only had two. Dillard's and Sears. Well, we started about in the middle of this long mall and these department stores were on either end. (its one long [very long] mall) So, the first department store we got to after almost three hours of shopping already was Sears. And Sears isn't really my style. But I did find a dress because (let's face it) I was getting desperate. Here we are three days before Easter and I have no dress and no prospects. Ashlie loved the dress and I liked it but didn't really like the way it looked on me. It had no form to it whatsoever. It showed none of my curves. Just went straight down. But I did like the dress so I bought it with the understanding that I could always take it back if I found something else I like better.

Well, trucked back to Dillard's and what do you know???but that they had tons of dresses. (Dillard's is way more my style.) I actually found one that I adore and it looks great on me. Here is a picture of it cause I am so excited about it.

The one problem with it is that the neckline is too low. So, I am going to try to pin it but I am afraid that there really isn't anything there to pin. Not enough fabric. So, my other option is to look in my bin of antique lace and see if I have something that will work to sew in there. I love this dress because it has that air of antiquity about it. I love that. It has little goldish/silverish threads running down every so often weaved into the fabric itself. It also has that same color of beads sewn onto the tiny bit of lace trim along the neckline and waistline. Talk about gorgeous details. (did I mention that I love this dress??) Then, at the bottom of this dress it has an inner lining of toule that hangs out under the dress almost like a petticoat. Ummmmm. Scrumtious. I love the skirt how it gains more and more fabric and makes it bouncy. I can hardly wait to wear it.

The shopping day was not done. Next stop??? Accessories. And since we had been shopping ALL day at this point (and I was running on two hours of sleep the night before, mind you) we didn't really have the patience to look in all the previous stores we had been to for the perfect accessories. We found the perfect necklace and earrings in Dillard's though. I loved the necklace but James would have killed me if I spent $28 on a necklace. ($28 you ask???? yes, yes...its Liz Claiborne...go figure) Anyway, at the beginning of the day, Ashlie had told me that she wanted me to pick out something I wanted during the day and she wanted to buy it for me for my birthday. So, by this time I was too tired to think any more of what I wanted her to buy me so I asked her for the necklace. She was thrilled to be able to buy me something I really really wanted. On condition though, I have to let her borrow, I gave her a let me raid her jewlery stash whenever I want to borrow something too...agreed...we had a deal. (okay, let me stop myself here and interject a comment before you all start thinking what a horrible friend Ashlie is by making conditions to my birthday gifts...we were joking around...being silly...that's just the way we are...okay, can I move on now?)

So here is a picture of the jewelry and the shoes I bought.

Cute, huh?? I think so. I didn't buy the shoes at Dillards though. (they wanted like $60-$80 for their shoes...more than the dress!!!!)
Here is a close-up of the necklace and earrings. Gorgeousismus!!

So, that was yesterday. (by the were found at Rack Room Shoes for $30...cute huh? plus they were on sale and I got a military discount so that made them even less.)

We ended up going to my favorite restaurant for dinner last night. Neither Ashlie or I felt like cooking a big meal after being on our feet all day and me getting my whopping two hours of sleep. I love Macaroni Grill. Last night I tried something new and I think I have a new favorite. The Penne Rustica. Delicousioscus!! (making up words now cause my measly vocabulary doesn't describe such perfection adequetly.) If you have never been to this restaurant or tried this dish, YOU MUST. You have not experienced true love of food until you have. Its simply the best.

After dinner we came home and watched a movie. Dick and Jane I think it was called. Hilarious movie but there was a bit of bad language. I laughed through the whole movie. It was a riot. It would have been better without the bad language though. Would I recommend this movie??? Well, I probably would never watch it again. So, what does that tell you? You would have to like this kind of humor to enjoy the movie any.

This morning I opened a present on my bed with Chloe when I woke up. It was a gift from my mother that has been sitting on my kitchen table for over a week now. Can you believe I didn't open it early??? (proud of me mom???) I was sooo tempted to open it yesterday (since we were celebrating my b-day and all) but I didn't. I am such a good girl.

My mother is such a sweetheart. Guess what she gave me for my birthay!!! My gloves that I left up there when I was visiting! The PERFECT gift!!! She already knew I liked them because they were mine. Isn't she the most loving mother you have ever met???? What generosity. Ohhh!! And used socks!!!! She didn't like the way they felt on her feet and I didn't have room to put them in my luggage when I came home so she gave them to me for my birthday. What a kind and loving woman.

No, really, my mother IS sweet and kind. I was so suprised when I first opened the present to see the purse that my mother made that I had been owwwing and ahhhhing over when she so proudly showed it to me. I told her about a kazillion times that I love it, wanted it, and for her not to be suprised if it mysteriously disappeared when I came home from my visit up there. (and for all of you sick minds out there...NO!!! I did not steal it, wrap it and pretend it was from my mother....)

Here is a picture of it.
See why I love it??? Its gorgeous. (Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mom!!!) And she also bought me a thread cutter pendant. This is great. I have been wanting one of these to take on planes for to cute my thread with since they don't allow scissors. (well, now they allow those tiny sewing ones but I didn't know that until recently.) I love my pendant and am now going to have to find a chain to put it on. (Thank you are the best mother in the world.)

Okay, I'm tired of typing (well, just plain tired is more like it) and Chloe has gone to sleep so I am going to go take a nap. I am in my pajamas and plan to stay that way til at least noon and my bed is unmade and there are dishes in the sink and its going to stay that way all day. Its my birthday and I want to be as lazy as I can be today. (okay, those of you who know me well, know that as soon as I get done typing this, I will be going to the kitchen to wash the dishes and I will make the bed before I get in it to take my nap) Hey, I can dream of being lazy can't I??? Its only a dream though because I can't do it.

Have a wonderful day today. I will probably post again tonight or tomorrow about my second birthday celebration that dear James has planned. I can't wait to see what it is!!

New Avatar

I am posting a picture of the new avatar that I want and this is the only way I know how to do it. To post it here and then link to my post so that is the whole purpose of this post.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quick Check In

Well, I don't have anything to show today but I thought I would post real quick to tell you all hello. I am going shopping today with my friend Ashlie and then we are having friends over for dinner tonight to celebrate my b-day. YAHHH!!! I think I am going to be 27 tomorrow. (okay, so I am forgetful...just ask my sister how old she is and then add a'll get my age that way) Wait...she sent me a birthday card and it said Happy 27th birthday in it so that must mean I am 27. Man were do the years go. I still feel like I'm 20. (and get treated like it alot too...)

So, no pictures today. Well, hold on. I do have one. It is the sweetest picture of Chloe. Here she is.
I just love pictures of her sleeping. She looks like a little angel. The reason for this picture is a little funny though. This is how her daddy sleeps every night. And she is asleep in this picture. SOUND asleep. I thought it was adorable that not only does she look like her daddy but she sleeps like him as well. Too funny. How did she pick that up?? Must run in the genes.

Well, I must be going. Chloe is in the playpen again and yesterday we had a situation when she started hollering for me to get her out a little earlier than normal. I walked in and immediately upon opening the bedroom door, I got a whiff of the most awful smell that could ever greet you. You got it!!! Pooooooo. What fun!!!!. It was all up Chloe's back (outside her clothes mind you) and smeared all over all four (I said FOUR) sides of the playpen. Globs of it too. Well, I can tell I am making all of you sick from my renditions so I will stop with the grotesque details. Just know was not fun to clean up and the whole time I was doing it, I was muttering softly to myself (so Chloe couldn't hear and suffer from low self-esteem later in life) I LOVE my baby, I love my baby, I love my baby. Oh the things us mothers do for our children. We are pee'd and pooped on, spit up on, throwed up on and so many other up ons and so ons and stuff. God knew what he was doing when he gave this job to us because I honestly don't think dear hubby could handle it. (hey, he calls for help if the diaper has any sort of signs of poo in it...and if no help arrives I later find said diaper on the floor next to the dresser where the diaper gets changed...less than two feet from the trash can I might add...hmmmm makes you think)

Well, like I said, gotta run. Shopping is calling. Getting a new Easter dress and some summer clothes. (if I can find any)

Ohh... and please don't ask about how James did on his big test yesterday. I don't want to get angry again. Let's just say that there's always next year. And maybe next year he will obey the traffic laws and get to the testing center on time. That's all I'm going to say about that. Obviously God had different plans about this next year than I wanted. As long as He is with me, I will be content in His Will. If he wants me on base next year than I will gladly go and serve Him to be best of my abilities that He has given me.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My new Sunhat

Easter's Song Sunhat

I did it!!! I really did it. I have designed my first ever sunhat and it goes well with the Easter dress I designed Chloe. I am so pleased with it. And to top it all off, it only took me less than a day to design. I think its totally adorable on Chloe. I am so excited about it that I couldn't sleep. So, since I couldn't sleep, I thought I would get up for a little and do a bit of work. Not that what I am doing could really be constituted as work but it must be done sometime so might as
well be now.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow to get a good picture of Chloe in this dress. It is really cute. I am out of ivory thread or I would start on some bloomers for the dress. Since I got this hat done so quickly, I think I can get some bloomers done in time for Easter on Sunday. I am really excited about this.

I truly believe that my desiging skills are getting better each design I make. One thing that has changed is now I am no longer in a hurry. My first couple of designs I was just in a big hurry to get something done that I didn't take the time to make sure everything looked well and worked up nicely. Now I take a little bit longer and make sure its nice. I know that more people will buy the pattern this way. Its the best way to get repeat customers and also have people talk up my patterns. If they liked them and were professional looking.

In the top picture you can see a bit of the seam on the hat were I connected the rounds. This will not be in the pattern. I have changed the way the pattern is written to eliminate this problem. I didn't feel like frogging this whole hat though so Chloe's will have a seam. Its still beautisimus.

Well, I better get going. Just wanted to share this photo tonight since I was so excited about finishing yet another project off my long to-do list. I will have to share that list with you all one of these days. I have about 20 items on there of things I want to design. And these are just the things that I already have planned out how they will look in my head. These are not including the things I want to make from other people's patterns or in books or stuff. Man alive...I am going to be busy for the next 50 years. I better get started. Why am I still here typing my life away. (blabbing I think is what they call it) And look, I'm still here. Goodbye!!

Please Meet.....


She is the newest in my Vintage Dress Dishcloth family and I love her. I worked one sleeve last night and the other this morning so my guage changed without me knowing it. I noticed after I took the picture that one sleeve is wider than the other. Hey, it adds to her charm. Don't worry. The pattern is right so all of you who buy this pattern will have both sleeves be the same.

I think she turned out great. I was kind of going off a picture Debra sent me of some old vintage dishcloths in a magazine she has. No one can seem to find patterns for these types of things anymore so I decided I would design some. There is a need and I must fill it.

Well, today I am taking a break from dishcloths and am desiging Chloe's Easter hat to go with her Easter's Song dress. I am loving it. It is a sunhat sort of hat but it still has that old-fashioned style to it. I think its the use of the shell stitch that adds that element of days gone by. I don't do the ch 1 in my shells though. Just dc's. Don't know why. Maybe so its not so "holey" on baby dresses. I think I may just have time to design some bloomers to go with this dress. I didn't think it would only take me a day to design the hat. But then again it is done in size 3 thread which is much, MUCH faster than size 10. I still love size 10 the best though. Who knows. Maybe someday I will design something in size 20!!!!! Wouldn't that be fun. I can't wait to start on my Spring's Bouquet dress. I have it all planned out in my head too. I also have Summer's Breeze planned out. These should be easier to design. No sleeves. Sleeves are very hard to resize in the different sizes. Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for some very cute baby dress designs. And maybe another purse on the horizen.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Sweet Caroline

I couldn't wait. I just couldn't wait. I usually wait to post pictures until I have a few things to show or something big to talk about but I just couldn't wait. This is sooooo exciting. I have yet another dress to add to my collection of Vintage Dishcloths. This is the third in my series and will be called Caroline. I think this one is my favorite so far. My sweet Caroline.

Here she is.

Isn't she precious? I am having so much fun designing these little dresses I don't think I can stop. Debra might be getting 50 instead of 20. Well, I shouldn't speak too quickly. I only have three done. But boy are they beauts. I love them.

Well, Chloe is awake and hollering so I had better go get her up. She is teething this week (5 that I can see...maybe 6...poor dear.) and so the poor thing is pretty cranky. I can't say that I blame her. That must be hard to bring in 5 new teeth all at once.



Here is the second in my Vintage Dishcloth Designs. I am quite pleased with how this one turned out. I love white and red together.

The neatest thing was told to me yesterday. Debra (who is building my website and who I am making these dishcloths for) was telling me that she loves the thread dishcloths I made. Starting with the Ballerina one. I am so thrilled about that. Anyways, the thing that excites me the most is that this is the thing she wanted the most was vintage thread dishcloths and she has searched and searched and can't find patterns for any. She also has many other people who would be interested in patterns such as these and is going to tell them all about
my site if I do end up designing a bunch of them. OH YAH!!! of course I am. Now that she has told me there is an extreme need for them.

So what do you think of Amorelle. Isn't she cute. I like her anyways.

Okay, so now I have a complete proeject of my so very extremely long list of things to make.

The Flamenco shawl. Isn't it gorgeous? Now you know why I must have one for myself. I think it would be perfect for a summer swimsuit cover-up. (I am a tad shy in a swimsuit so this might just do the trick) I do think that had I designed this particular shawl, I would have done things differently. I can say that now that I am a big designer and all. Just kidding. I just think that I have been crocheting enough now to know what works well and what doesn't. I don't like how the border of the shawl and the actual mesh of the shawl has a ridge between them. I don't like it at all. Had I designed this, I would have made the border right along with the shawl instead of workin it as a seperate piece at the end and sewing on. It could be done. Maybe when I make mine (whenever that will be since my list is sooo long and this is not yet on it...) I will try it my way and see what happens.

So, I promised a picture of what I bought yesterday that I was so excited about. I found a book on crocheting with beads and wire. Yes!! Crocheting with wire. That is my newest thing. (besides these thread dishcloths) I got the crochet a day calendar from my sister for Christmas and so I tried it from one of the patterns in there and I'm hooked. (you may recall my photos of those earrings back in January that I made my girlfriend for her birthday...remember??? They turned out way tooo big because of the wire I choose?) Well, I had looked and looked for a book like this to buy with the Christmas money my brother sent me. (acutally is was a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I thought if anyone would have such a book it would be them...WRONG!) Well, I found it yesterday at Micheals and I had to have it. I know I shouldn't have bought it but I had a coupon and I didn't wan to wait. That's what happened last time and I couldn't find it when I went back for it. So, I made the decision and treated myself to it. Can't wait to try some of them. There is a cute little purse in ther with wire flowers on it that I am dying to make. (one more thing on that ever growing list...I think there must be about 50 things on this kidding either...Maybe I'll post that list here one of these days and you will see that I'm not joking.)

On another note, I just have to share this picture of my angel. Isn't she the sweetest?? She wanted me to pick her up in this picture because I was holding the camera. She loves cameras. I was trying to take a picture of her from across the room because she was holding my crochet hook and it was so adorable. Well, as soon as she saw me and the camera, crochet hook went flying behind her and her arms reached up as she pratically ran to me.

What a doll!!!!!!

Well, I had better get going. James is off work today to study for his test that he takes tomorrow. Please pray that he makes it. He doesn't think he will but I would really like for him to. If not then I am not going to let him by this next year. I will make him study at least once a week for the whole year.

Well, have a good day everyone. Be on the lookout for another dishcloth pattern. Gotta go find a vintagey "C" name and "D" name.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What's Going On?????

Man this is so frusterating. I typed up a whole long post complete with links and everything and my pictures won't upload. I am getting that same error message from the other night. I am getting a little tired of this. Well, in the long run...what's it really matter. No need to get myself worked up over this. In 20 years I probably won't remember this let along care in one way or another. So, no big deal. I saved my post as a draft and will try again tomorrow for those pictures.

I am halfway done with those 20 dishcloths for Debra but more about those when I post the pictures.

James tests this week for promotion so please pray for him. I would really like to see him get it this year so we could afford a house when we move but I know it has to be in the Lord's will. Please pray that we both can accept God's will whatever that be. Base houseing or our own house somewhere. I just want to be in the center of God's will where I can glorify Him and serve Him best.

Well, good night all. Hope these pictures work in the morning.

Dishcloths Coming Out the Ears (post from Sunday)

So that is how I feel at least. (good thing there isn't REALLY dishcloths coming out my ears cause that would give me a dreadful headache and I haven't had one of those in over a week.) Well, I am halfway done with the dishcloth order from Debra. (along with the other things she has ordered from me qwhich I have yet to complete {sigh})

Here are some pictures of them. This first picture is a group of some I did. The blue round one is called Old Style Dishcloth. I choose it for its name. The blue varigated one is called Fancy Frills dishcloth. I just felt like making this one. The cream one is called Falling Leaves and I thought it looked kind of different. I like the texture to it. And the Angel dishcloth was chosen because Debra likes dresses and this was similiar to a dress so I decided to crochet it up.

Now I have a picture of three dishcloths done in the same pattern with different colors. (well, mostly pink but you can see what I mean.) These are called Little Dress Cotton Dishcloth. They worked up so quickly that I made three of them during one of Chloe's naps. ( her only nap today) The colors in these pictures makes the yarn so much brighter then it is in real life. They are a bit duller than this. I think it may be the setting I have the camera on. This is the best setting to not get shadows and so you can see the stitches best.

I was glad that they did work up so quick since I feel like I am behind again. I tend to make goals for myself so that I can work quicker and my goal is to have everything made for Debra by the end of this week. I don't think I am going to make it since I still have to design a hat to go with Chloe's Easter dress. I also would like to design bloomers to go with it too but I just don't think I will have time. I am going to work on Debra's stuff until Tuesday and then starting Wednesday, I will work on Chloe's Easter outfit. Thursday will be a break because (shhhh!!!!) it's my birthday...but don't tell anyone...k?

I am going shopping with Ashlie and then we are having dinner at my house. Ashlie and I are cooking. So you say that I shouldn't
have to cook on my birthday??? Well, its different when I love cooking for my friends. Its a treat for me to be able to cook for them. The only thing now is to decide what I want to cook.

In this next picture we have my favorite dishcloth of all. The Ballerina dish cloth.
I love, love, love this dishcloth. I think its exactly what Debra is looking for. Its a true vintage dishcloth made in 1948. I love it. It took me a little longer than I thought it would to crochet up. But then again, it is the weekend and James is home so I tend to get less things done when he is around.

Again, this one is not so bright in real life. It is actually a muted pink color. The same color I used on the Angel Kisses dress I made for my sister.

Working on this Ballerina dishcloth inspired me. ( I love it when I get inspired...and at the right times to do something about it.) I decided that this pattern was sooooo easy and there just aren't enough of them out there. (I only found a couple dress patterns when I was searching online for them) So, to fix this problem, I decided to design my own patterns. Just a few. Maybe five. Nice uneven number. I am planning on selling these patterns as a set on my new website.

Well, here is my first one. It turned out a bit smaller then I anticipated but now I know for next time. I need to make it a tad bit bigger.

I am calling this one Bettina. I am going to name them all names I think are kind of "vintage" names. My first one will be called Amorelle. (well, actually Bettina is my first one but I think it looks more like a Bettina than an Amorelle so that is how it goes.) I can't think of a name for "C" but maybe it will come to me once I design the dress.

On Saturday, we did yard work again. I kind of enjoy doing yardwork with the hubby on Saturday. It makes me feel like a family. (as if we weren't though...what are we? Worms???) Anyways, I dug out a new garden. Here is the complete picture after it was all said and done.

This is my herb garden. I planted lavander, rosemary, sage, basil, thyme, marjoram, parsley, Italian flat leave parsley and cilantro. I am planning on planting a few more things too once we get paid. I just really wanted to get some things in the ground this weekend. I love playing in dirt. Its fun!!

Well, it is now Monday when I am finishing up this post since my pictures wouldn't upload last night. So, I do have more pictures today but I will post them later. (hopefully if blogger doesn't have any more issues.) I have a few things I am finishing up today and you all will be pretty excited I think. I also bought something I am tickled pink with. I have been looking for something like this for some time but more on that later. (smile...hehehe)

Have fun today!! Smile and be smiled upon.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Will blogger let me post some pics today???We will see. Woooo Hoooo!!! It worked today. What luck we are having.
Here is a picture of the shawl I received from the Stole/Shawl swap on the 'ville. I love it. I have been sitting on my couch every night with it on while I crochet away and sip the tea that my lovely swap partner sent me.

Here are the other things that my swap partner sent me along with my shawl. (which is great by the way. I love the lightness of it yet is still keeps me warm in this air conditioned house...and yes...we have the AC on in March/April...its hot here.)

As you can see, I got some wonderful things. There are four different kinds of tea and I have drank two of them so far. I had the yellow one first which is an oriental tea. It is saffron and has oriental writing all over it. On one side is the oriental writing and on the other it is written in English. I also had the French Vanilla one. I have never had tea like that before. I drink French vanilla coffee. This tea was unique and I loved it. (may have to go buy more...) I love pink. (my second favorite color...purple being my first) My swap partner must be telepathic or something. (either that or she reads my posts and my blog....hmmmm.... that is a thought)Well, she sent me two skeins of some gorgeous Moda Dea tutu yarn. I love it. This is one thing I am slowly starting to learn. I don't like Red Heart super saver at all. To be honest, I never really liked it ever. I used to always use Caron Simply soft or Caron Cuddlesoft or anything by Caron really. Now I have been splurging and trying different yarns even though they are pricier and I don't think I could go back. (well, I do use thread alot and I doubt that will ever change.) One of the things I really would love to do is get some Andean wool from Knitpicks and make something with that. Maybe a shrug or something. Another thing I want to do is get some Berroco suede and make me a purse. I have a purse book and it has the cutest purse in it made from this suede yarn. Oooooooo yummy!!!

I am part of some CAL's (crochet- a- longs for those not familiar with Crochetville) and I am such a slacker. I have not updated or even been doing them. Isn't that the purpose of a CAL??? To update and have them help me a long in my endeavors. Well, I am a part of the Skein a week crochet a long and I haven't been buying my skein a week. I had bought about 4 or 5 skeins of Caron Bliss in purple but I couldn't figure anything out to make with it. I absolutely love the feel of that yarn and so I wanted it to be something truly special. I quit buying it because why buy more yarn when I don't know what I am making with it and I don't know how much I will need. Okay, so I know you yarn addicts out there (and yes...I am one too...just ask my hubby...) you yarn addicts are probably thinking to yourselves "who cares, yarn is yarn and the more the merrier", right? Well, when I have to explain this whole reasoning to my husband of why I keep buying one skein every week of this beautiful yarn and why I don't have anything to make with it, he kind of gives me a look. And this look means more than "your silly" or "oh brother". This look means something more along the lines of "that is the stupidest thing that has ever come out of your mouth and it better not come out again...and you better stop any more behaivior of this sort". So, to keep my marriage in tack, I quit while I'm behind and go make him some Macaroni and cheese with chocolate chip cookies.

And the moral of this story is????? Oh man, I forgot!!!! Did I even have a moral?? probably not. I am just From what??? Oh, who knows...

Well, here is the picture you all have been long awaiting. (at least Debra has...snicker, cough)
It sure didn't come out very good. The lighting in this house is so poor. And it was a cloudy, gloomy day again. (same today too.) As you can see in the picture, there is one side of the trim done. I now have the other side almost done (5 rows short) but I ran out of yarn and I have to go to Micheals to get some more. (drats and nuts and popcorn!!!)

The color looks kind of purply in this picture too. Its not purple. Not at all. It is the most gorgeous color of blue in the world. I adore this color. Its not the exact color Debra was looking for but she said it would do and I am so glad because it has been a dream to work with it. (it likes me...we became friends and Debra is going to be really lucky if she even gets to see this shawl in real might not make it into the box...)

Oh just kidding!! (rolling eyes) You people are so gullible. I do love this shawl but I will be the nice and kind and caring and wonderful person that I am and give it to Debra as promised. Just don't be suprised to see another exactly like it here in the near future.

Okay, prepare to laugh. (or at least chuckle???maybe a smile then.) Isn't this dishcloth just the cutest thing you have ever seen? (well, besides Chloe that is. OF COURSE!!!!!!)

I think I smiled pretty much the WHOLE time I was crocheting these up. Pretty cute if you ask me. Here is the link to them. I think I just have to make some for myself. And for Christmas presents. Everyone would smile to get these. Even if they don't like homemade things or even crocheted things, they would have to love these. Just from the sheer thought of how funny it would be to use them to actually wash dishes with them. (which I doubt anyone would do.)

Well, I should be crocheting or writing patterns or something constructive. Before I go I would like to show you a picture of my RAOK package. Yes!!! I got RAOK'd. I was so suprised. I never thought I would get RAOK'd. (for those of you not familiar with crochetville, Raok means Random Act of Kindness) I had requested circular knitting needles and Dazy sent me some with a pattern book. Isn't she just so sweet?? Now who can I Raok? I am thinking of making that pant dishcloth and sending it to someone. Some people have asked for just anything little thing you want to crochet up for them and I think this would be perfect. It would definately brighten thier day.

Well, I am off to work on another dishcloth. I made another one last night before bed (yes I stayed up again) and so this one today makes the 3rd one. 3 down, 17 to go. Not bad, not bad.