Saturday, April 01, 2006

24 Hour Dress

How exciting!!! I tested the Butterfly Garden dress for the Garden and I completed it in 24 hours. The not so exciting thing about that is I stayed up all night to do it. When I say all night...I mean ALL night. I took a two hour nap today at abou 4 pm but that is all the sleep I have gotten since yesterday morning when I woke up at 7:00 am. Needless to say...I am tired.

But oh the dress is beautiful and totally worth my time. Chloe will wear it to church tomorrow. Where she might be left in the nursery for the very first time. I am stalling on it and have been since the day she was born. I don't really trust our nursery workers at church. The problem is that I don't know them. Its like leaving my baby with a complete stranger. Scary!! Well, I think if James pushes the issue, I will stay in the nursery with her for the first couple of times. That way, we both can get used to the idea. (Chloe and I)

Well, back to the dress. Here is a picture of it. Simply gorgeous.

I am also having so much fun with my photoshopCS. I am learning how to edit photos to make them beautiful. I learned a new effect tonight that actually adds to this photo well and that was the bevel around the inner corners of the photo. Kind of makes it look like the outside edge is raised up a bit but you can still see the entire photo. Pretty neat. I love this thing.

This dress was made with baby yarn and fingering weight yarn. The mesh overlay is the fingering weight yarn. Unfortunately, I think my guage was way off for the fingering yarn. My mesh is a lot bigger than hers in the photos. I used Cuddlesoft by Caron for the fingering yarn and boy does it split like crazy. I don't think I will ever use it again unless I am pretty desperate. I had a real hard time with it. The mesh should have taken me about 20-30 minutes to complete because it is sooooo extremely easy but instead it took me about 3 hours. Bummer waste of time if you ask me. Next time I will order it off the internet and see if there is a better brand out there. I am scared there isn't.

I actually found this cuddlesoft at Hobby Lobby today. I was so suprised. Fingering yarn is hard to find anymore unless you order it from the internet.

About Chloe's Easter dress. I have some very extremely wonderfully happy news. I took off the trim on the bodice of the dress at the waist and I actually like the dress a whole lot better like that. There won't be any frogging!!!! Isn't that just totally worth celebrating?? I sure think so. That means I can start on something new. (like more diaper covers, shawls, dishcloths and everything else I need to make for Debra who is building my website.)

On that note, I bought some Paton's Grace in Sky blue today. debra had asked for a shawl in that yarn in the Madrid color but when I got to Micheals I couldn't for the life of me remember what the color was. So I picked up the Sky blue hoping it was it. Its not so I need to ask her if she would be okay with that. Then I will start on her shawl maybe tomorrow. I will be making this shawl for her in the blue. She also wants this shawl made for her in paton's grace blush color. I haven't got the yarn for that yet. I actually would like both these shawls for myself too. Something for me to think about in the future. Depends on how quickly they work up I guess. The Flamenco one looks pretty easy. A lot of mesh. The second one looks a little more detailed but I can't really see the stitches that well from the picture. It is my favorite of the two though and since it costs $$$ I will HAVE to make it for myself.

Well, I am totally tired and want to go to bed. I will chat at you all tomorrow.

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