Friday, April 28, 2006

Been a While!!

Boy has it been a while since I posted on here. (well a week or so but still...long time for me) So, much has been happening this week. It has truly been busy. Now today I am having a down day and it is sort of hard after a week of going every day all day. I am finding myself not wanting to sit still. So, I am either sitting still for weeks on end or I am out of the house every second of the day. Why can't I just be a happy medium??? Well, I have never been a happy medium in anything my whole life. I jump in with both feet over my head or I balk and run away.

Well, one of the things I have been busy doing is desiging a shrug for Chloe. The weather is such right now that in the morning there is still a bit of a chill but it is too warm for Chloe to be in long sleeves all day. So, I created this sweater/shrug to cover her arms while she is wearing her sundresses and such. Then it really needed something to go with it so I came up with this hat. Both are quite simple really. Because they are so simple I think I am going to come up with a line of simple sweater sets and call them Pure Sweetness. I already designed the first hat in the series. I don't know if you all remember it but it was called Sweet Indulgence. It was made with Baby chenille yarn and I still have a sweater to design to go with it.

Here is the second in the series.

I am calling it Sweet Decadence. Perfect name for it. All the patterns in my Pure Sweetness line are going to be made with kind of special yarns that are a bit pricier. The buyer of the pattern can opt for a less pricey yarn if they choose but I wanted to have a touch of something more with these designs since the actual design is so simple.

Well, my birthday furniture was delivered Wednesday. I will take pictures to show you all later. For now I just have these pictures of Chloe helping me to unpack my closet into the dressers. Isn't she a doll??

She does this thing now where she says oooooooooooouuuu for a very long time. Its cute. That is what she is doing in this picture. She usually does it while she is looking intently at something or studying something.Okay, sorry about fuzz head here. She had pigtails in her hair but managed to rip off the bands that held them in place so now we have frizz. Kind of cute in a messy sort of way.

Well, the day after the furniture arrived, I went out and bought Chloe a toy box. We were getting pretty desperate for one. I had two baskets on the floor of Chloe's closet and they were starting to overflow onto the floor and I hate messes. So, I got a toy box and that solved that problem. Whether that really was a problem or not depends on who you ask. For me it was a huge problem. I like things to look neat and put together. James on the other hand was fine with the baskets on the floor. I was too when Chloe was 5 months old and the baskets held her small toys fine. Now that she is one years old and her toys are getting bigger, little baskets on the floor just wasn't going to cut it.

As I was putting together this toy box, Chloe decided to help me. She kept sitting on the pieces of wood and trying to eat the screws. I finally had to have James come and play tumbersalts with her down the hallway so I could finish. (James does the tumbersalts while Chloe giggles and giggles...she loves it and so does James...he's always wanted someone to appreciate his tumbersalting ability and now he's got it.)

Once the toy box was put together, Chloe had to get inside. Of course, the sides on this box are quite a bit larger than her baskets so she needed some help. What is with this girl??? She has to get in everything. No matter how small it is, she will try to get in and sit down. Is she part cat??? Maybe Pattycakes is teaching her things when I'm not looking. Who knows. Anyway, it was so cute I had to get a picture of it.

Other than that, I have been shopping pretty much everyday this week. I have been in pretty desperate need for new clothes this year. I mean, come on, some of the clothes in my closet are still things I wore in high school. (well, not any more...yard sale tomorrow) So, now I have some new clothes that look like I bought them recently and not 20 years ago.

And I bought Chloe some new clothes too. Not that she needed any but hey, girl clothes are so cute you just can't pass them up!!! I swear I need another baby soon or Chloe is going to be one spoiled rotten little girl. Okay, not rotten because my little angel could never be rotten, but spoiled??? That is very doable and I don't want to do that. So, in two more months, we want to get pregnant. Should I say that on here?? Oh who cares. We are going to start trying in two months. Okay, this time around, I am hoping for another girl. Last time I wanted a boy and got a girl. This time though, I need a girl so I don't have to buy any more clothes and they can share a room.

Well, I'm off to get ready for my yard sale tomorrow. Pray that we make a ton of money so I can get Chloe's dresser for her room.

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Anonymous said...

I did not give you my email so you can reply as to where I can get your beautiful patterns. Your little girl is so beautiful and the things you have made for her are so adorable. I would love to make these things for my granddaughter.