Monday, April 17, 2006

Birthday, Easter and Evelyn

I had such a great birthday. Guess what!!! James took me to some furniture stores for me to pick out my new bedroom furniture. And not only that we picked out a new living room set too. We are getting a new couch, loveseat and coffee table in addition to two new dressers, a mirror and two sidetables for my bedroom. What a lucky girl I am to be married to the sweetest man on earth.

After we went shopping, James friend from work came over with one of his friends who makes cakes. She had made my birthday cake per an order from James. It was soo cute. I took a picture of it to show you all. I loved the pink and purple lines down it. (with other colors too)

The icing was the best part. (it always is...)

And here is Chloe, helping me celebrate. It was past her bedtime but we allowed her to stay up just this time.

We had a wonderful Easter. We went to the early service on Sunday and then came home and went to the beach. (on a lake) It was an okay beach. Had a bunch of leaves and gunk that fell down from the trees. I should've gotten a picture of this stuff. It looks like the trees have beards growing off thier branches. Its not very pretty. This stuff was all over the beach so I had to clear a spot for Chloe to play with her new pail and shovel. (gotta have a pail and shovel when you go to the beach.)

We bought Chloe this floating tube thing with a shade cover. I loaded her with sunscreen and she managed to get a tiny little sunburn anyways. It wasn't anything too major though. Just a slight pink tint to her skin.

And crocheting news of the day is that I have finished Evelyn. She is perfect for that name. Soft creamy yellow with white. (I always think of Evelyn's as yellow)

Evelyn completes my first series of Vintage Style Dishcloths. They are all dresses. Here is a picture of all of them.

I enjoyed taking this picture with my teacup and coffee pot. It is time I start putting things into my pictures to add to them. I am tired of just taking pictures of objects. They need something else and I think these did the trick to this picture.

Well, I also finished Chloe's Easter Song Bloomers and got some cute pictures of her in it. I will wait until tomorrow to post those though. I am tired and it is getting late so I need to go to bed.

Have a wonderful evening everyone. Smile and know that He Is Risen!!!! He is risen indeed!!

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