Sunday, April 30, 2006

Birthday Furniture

So, I said I would post pictures of my new furniture James bought me for my birthday and here it is. I am in love with my new bedroom. It is soooooo romantic in there. Both James and I love it. (I even splurged and bought some new satin sheets to go on the bed.....ahhhhhhhh!!!! I won't say anymore......) We went the other night to get some lamps for this room too. I figured after 7 1/2 years of marriage, I deserve to have some light in my bedroom. This house is so dark. (could it be the dark colors on my walls????NAH!!!!) I think the end effect is so gorgeous and romantic. I love being in my bedroom now.

Here is my dresser. Yes!!!! I get this dresser to myself. (and its already packed to the brim...oh, but my closet has sooo much room now for more clothes!!!!!)

The mirror was extra but I just had to have it. It adds so much to the room. I love it.

And this is James dresser. It not as big as mine but it is about two drawers taller than our old one and hey!!! he gets it all to himself. Although I don't think he wants it all to himself. He says he likes his stuff to hang so I might just hang up all his t-shirts and take over a couple of drawers for my big sweaters. What do you think??? Should a girl have more storage space than a boy for her clothes???

Romantic Nook

And I have a little reading nook now. Isn't it so romantic? I absolutely adore it. I get this little chair in my bedroom because we bought a recliner to go with our new couch and loveseat so we didn't need this chair in the living room. I think it is soooo romantic in here. Its like it was meant to be in this room all along.

So, let me tell you about these curtains. They are my pride and joy. (I'll just add in here that I have not had curtains in this room since we moved into this house two years ago...James hates spending money)

I bought this fabric at Joann's last week with my 40% off coupon. I have decided that I am going to put these coupons to good use instead of throwing them away every week like I have been doing and then kicking myself when I think of something I could have bought with it. (like fabric for curtains) Anyways, this fabric is just drapped over the rod that was already in the house. (yes...we had rods for curtains...just no redneck is that?) So, then the purple fabric is just draped over the green sheers. I have yet to hem these or anything since both my sewing machines are rebelling against me. And don't laugh...please don't laugh...(James wouldn't let me spend any more money on these curtains) but they are held in place with safety pins and ponytail holders. So what!!!!! You can't tell from looking at them. I mean, look closely in these pictures...they look professional...right??? Okay then. I am moving in four months and want to take this fabric with me. If we buy a house up there then I will cut and sew these curtains more proper like and leave them in that house for three years. But four months??? cut me some slack here.

Well, I decided not to take any photos of the new couches yet since I don't have the coffee table yet to go with them. I will wait so you all can get the whole picture of the room all together.

But, James did catch Chloe and I napping together on the new set. I just love cuddling with her. I am finding myself so tired nowadays that I fall asleep when I am feeding her. I wake up about a half an hour to an hour later and have to gingerly place her in the crib.

Needless to say, last night I went to bed on time. Hooray!! I'm still tired today though.

Chloe is doing this really cute thing now. As she is walking along she will nod her head yes. I actually think she knows what she is doing. This morning, we had said goodbye to James (who is off for a week long tdy) and it was at the time we usually go outside to play every morning. Well, I went to go into her room to play and she stood at the sliding glass door to the backyard and starting yelling loudly. (well, loudly for her...not very loud at all.) She then started walking towards her room but not like she wanted to go in her room. Just kind of following me telling me that's not where she wanted to be. I then asked her if she wanted to go outside and she immediately turned around and practically ran to the door, nodding her head and saying yah!. She totally knew what she was doing.

Speaking of the angel.... I hear someone waking up from their nap. Its time for lunch. Have a good day everyone.

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