Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dishcloths are Done!!!

Boy am I happy to say that. I am now almost complete with Debra's order. I only have a purse, two soaker bags and a shawl to complete. The shawl is going to have to wait until next payday. I was unable to buy the yarn this payday since hubby splurged and bought me a whole bedroom set along with a living room set. (what a nice guy he is.) So, alls I have right now to do is the purse and the two soaker bags. Shouldn't take me more than two days. (if that.) Yah!!! Then I can get to work on typing up these patterns and resizing them. Almost time!!!!! I am so totally excited.

But before I burst from this much excitement, let me show you my two latest designs. I am quite happy with these.

First is Nellie Belle (Vivian)

I reworked Vivians idea and came up with something I like much better than the old one. I am not going to take a picture of the old one it is so horrible. I am that ashamed of her that I will not show her to anyone. The new and improved one is worked in size 10 thread with a size 3 hook. There were a lot of color changes so a lot of ends to weave in. (oh fave!!!!!)

I think I have decided that series #2 is going to be called my Namesake Collection. Each dishcloth is named from someone in my family. (Nellie Belle was my great grandmother) I never knew her and my mother only knows her name. I don't know much about her but I love her name and it sounded vintagey to me. (not very many Nellie Belles running around.)

Next and last for now is Anton.

Anton is worked in sugar and cream with a "h" hook. He was very quick to work up and I really like him. I am thinking that he will be a part of a new series. Series #3 but I don't know what I will call that series. I am thinking to do the whole series in sugar and cream cotton. These will be larger sized dishcloths. Like the size of washcloths or hand towels. Truly vintage. I have some ideas and some pictures for inspiration. We will see what I can come up with. After making these for Debra, I am thinking that I want some for my own kitchen. I have the perfect place to hang them. On either side of my sink up on the sides of the cabinents. (where my window looks out into my back garden.) I also want some hand made "real" usable dishcloths to wash my dishes with. I am tired of these cheap $3 for 20 kind at Walmart that fall apart after a few times use.

Well, I promised James that I wouldn't stay up late tonight. He had to go to work tonight and is working all night until morning. He knows me too well. So, I promised him I wouldn't and that I would call him when I went to bed. So, I am off to bed. Have a great evening everyone. Be on the lookout for that purse and those soaker bags tomorrow or the next day. Wheeeeee!!! (almost done, almost done, almost done.)

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