Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dishcloths Coming Out the Ears (post from Sunday)

So that is how I feel at least. (good thing there isn't REALLY dishcloths coming out my ears cause that would give me a dreadful headache and I haven't had one of those in over a week.) Well, I am halfway done with the dishcloth order from Debra. (along with the other things she has ordered from me qwhich I have yet to complete {sigh})

Here are some pictures of them. This first picture is a group of some I did. The blue round one is called Old Style Dishcloth. I choose it for its name. The blue varigated one is called Fancy Frills dishcloth. I just felt like making this one. The cream one is called Falling Leaves and I thought it looked kind of different. I like the texture to it. And the Angel dishcloth was chosen because Debra likes dresses and this was similiar to a dress so I decided to crochet it up.

Now I have a picture of three dishcloths done in the same pattern with different colors. (well, mostly pink but you can see what I mean.) These are called Little Dress Cotton Dishcloth. They worked up so quickly that I made three of them during one of Chloe's naps. ( her only nap today) The colors in these pictures makes the yarn so much brighter then it is in real life. They are a bit duller than this. I think it may be the setting I have the camera on. This is the best setting to not get shadows and so you can see the stitches best.

I was glad that they did work up so quick since I feel like I am behind again. I tend to make goals for myself so that I can work quicker and my goal is to have everything made for Debra by the end of this week. I don't think I am going to make it since I still have to design a hat to go with Chloe's Easter dress. I also would like to design bloomers to go with it too but I just don't think I will have time. I am going to work on Debra's stuff until Tuesday and then starting Wednesday, I will work on Chloe's Easter outfit. Thursday will be a break because (shhhh!!!!) it's my birthday...but don't tell anyone...k?

I am going shopping with Ashlie and then we are having dinner at my house. Ashlie and I are cooking. So you say that I shouldn't
have to cook on my birthday??? Well, its different when I love cooking for my friends. Its a treat for me to be able to cook for them. The only thing now is to decide what I want to cook.

In this next picture we have my favorite dishcloth of all. The Ballerina dish cloth.
I love, love, love this dishcloth. I think its exactly what Debra is looking for. Its a true vintage dishcloth made in 1948. I love it. It took me a little longer than I thought it would to crochet up. But then again, it is the weekend and James is home so I tend to get less things done when he is around.

Again, this one is not so bright in real life. It is actually a muted pink color. The same color I used on the Angel Kisses dress I made for my sister.

Working on this Ballerina dishcloth inspired me. ( I love it when I get inspired...and at the right times to do something about it.) I decided that this pattern was sooooo easy and there just aren't enough of them out there. (I only found a couple dress patterns when I was searching online for them) So, to fix this problem, I decided to design my own patterns. Just a few. Maybe five. Nice uneven number. I am planning on selling these patterns as a set on my new website.

Well, here is my first one. It turned out a bit smaller then I anticipated but now I know for next time. I need to make it a tad bit bigger.

I am calling this one Bettina. I am going to name them all names I think are kind of "vintage" names. My first one will be called Amorelle. (well, actually Bettina is my first one but I think it looks more like a Bettina than an Amorelle so that is how it goes.) I can't think of a name for "C" but maybe it will come to me once I design the dress.

On Saturday, we did yard work again. I kind of enjoy doing yardwork with the hubby on Saturday. It makes me feel like a family. (as if we weren't though...what are we? Worms???) Anyways, I dug out a new garden. Here is the complete picture after it was all said and done.

This is my herb garden. I planted lavander, rosemary, sage, basil, thyme, marjoram, parsley, Italian flat leave parsley and cilantro. I am planning on planting a few more things too once we get paid. I just really wanted to get some things in the ground this weekend. I love playing in dirt. Its fun!!

Well, it is now Monday when I am finishing up this post since my pictures wouldn't upload last night. So, I do have more pictures today but I will post them later. (hopefully if blogger doesn't have any more issues.) I have a few things I am finishing up today and you all will be pretty excited I think. I also bought something I am tickled pink with. I have been looking for something like this for some time but more on that later. (smile...hehehe)

Have fun today!! Smile and be smiled upon.

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