Monday, April 03, 2006

Every Day is a Gift

I am overwhelmed with emotion today. I look at my daughter and realize that I am truly blessed. Each day that she is with me is a gift from God. I am thankful for each moment I get to spend with her. Oh how she makes me smile. She has such a wonderful sense of humor too. And you can see it at 1 years old. She is always trying to make me smile. She loves to look at me and then give me this cheesey grin from ear to ear with her eyes squinted shut and her head tilted back. Or else she holds her mouth wide open and lets out a shrill squeal. I love it. She is a happy baby and I am thankful for that.

As she grows, she becomes cuter and cuter. (if that were possible...she was a doll the day she was born.) I would have to say that Chloe is the perfect baby. But then I only have one. Once I have more I betcha i'll realize that all of my children are perfect.

One of the nice things about being home now is that the weather outside is perfect. James and I worked in the yard this weekend. I planted some flowers in my flower bed. I am so proud of it. I had planted bulbs last year but they got in the ground too late and there weren't near enough for the size garden I had. So, I literally had about 10 lonely flowers spread out over about a 20 ft long garden. Pretty sad. Well, we went to the BX this weekend and bought a bunch of flowers and I planted them in between these bulbs. It looks so pretty that I took a picture of it to show everyone.
I have oleander (sp?), marigold, dusty miller, mini rose, texas bluebonnet, dianthus (sp?), two kinds of Salvia and some other things but I can't remember at the moment. I love the gardens with a ton of variety in them. That is one thing I loved while living in England. The gardens there were just a hodgepodge of flowers of every kind. They were spectacular. I miss England terribly. I miss my garden there. I am hoping that when we get to Baltimore this fall, I can start a wonderful garden there. I am starting a little one here this year but James won't let me do much since we are moving. I want to plant a little herb garden. Just a little one. I want it to be round and I know just the place I want it too. I also would like a little veggie garden. I saw at the BX that they had some little veggie plants already started so that might be what I do this year. In the past I have always started them from seeds but I don't know if I want to do that this year. What with moving and all.

Well, James has been doing so much around the house lately I thought I would brag him up. We got rid of our satellite television a few months ago and so these past three weeks since he has gotten home from the desert, he has fixed and repaired and taken care of so much stuff. Sure he left my house a wreck for me to come home to but I will forgive him this because its not like he was sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching ping pong on ESPN. (yes, they have ping pong on ESPN and YES!! my husband watched it when it came on. They also have jump roping on at like 3:00 in the morning but he only watched that once for a little while and then turned it off. Good for him...don't think I could live with someone who watches other people jump rope on television)

So, anyway, back to what my husband did and not what he didn't do. He fixed the brakes on the truck and replaced the tires. ( all of this by himself I might add...bought the tools to do it and everything) Now our truck is usable and he has been using it. Yipee!! This means that my car gets to be used by...guess who??? ME!!!!!!!!!

Well, James decided this weekend that he had (and I mean HAD) to cut this narly little tree down that was mostly dead anyway. It stood in front of our living room window at the front of our house. The thing was puny and most of the branches on it were dead. It had like three branches at the top that had leaves and that was it. Well, James rented a chainsaw from Outdoor Rec. and sawed the tree down. Completely down. He wanted me to take a picture of him doing this so we could prove to everyone that he actually did it.

This is his first time ever using a chainsaw. Not like I'm one to talk though. I think I recall that when I was a girl, my father may have let me try to use one once. Like I said, I "think" I recall this. It may have been a dream I had...or someone else did this and I thought it was me...or I am just making this up because I wanted to use one once and wasn't allowed...I don't really know for sure. Well, lucky James got to use one.

Then he started getting cocky!!!

He thinks he's sooooo strong.
I am thankful he didn't hurt himself and it was a great learning experience for him. Now if he ever needs to become a logger, he can say that he has used a chainsaw before. Alas, I am unable to say this. (or maybe I can...I just don't know)

Well, I had mentioned in my last post about the Butterfly Garden dress I tested this weekend for the Garden. I also showed you a picture of the dress but it was too late at night and Chloe was sleeping so I had to wait until morning to get a picture of her in the dress. Well, here she is.

I think this dress suits her perfectly. It is a very girly dress and the trim at the bottom is fun. That pretty much descibes Chloe. She is so much fun and loves to have fun and help you to have fun.

Here is another picture that really show her personality even more.

I have actually started working on my patterns today. I got one all typed up and I think it is ready for testing once I get my website with its forum going. I am a little over halfway on another pattern too. I still have some more to do but at least this is a start. It really takes a long time to get these patterns edited and scaled for different sizes. I think once I get the mathematics of pattern writing down, it should go alot easier. I am still having a little trouble getting all those numbers to run through my head. Now that I am at home and have my computer by my side at all times again, I can just type the pattern up as I go and do my editing on here. Before I was writing the pattern on paper as I went and then when I wanted to make changes, I had to do it on another piece of paper somewhere else. Now that I am typing up these patterns, i have to keep switching back and forth between papers. Another hard things as I am typing them up and editing them again is that two of the dresses are no longer with me. The Angel Kisses dress I gave to my sister for her baby's dedication and the other one I sold to that Boutique up north.

Speaking of which, I am about to kill myself. Sometimes I do that most stupidestlyess's things in the whole world. I don't know if anyone could be more stupid sometimes. I, at times, feel like beating my head against a rock over and over and over because it would so much improve how my brain functions. I have lost the check that I got from that Boutique. Can you believe that??? Well, let me make it a little more believable for you. (even though I still think it was completely idiotic anyways...but just to make me feel better...I'll explain something here.) I got the check and decided to put it in a safe place somewhere in my trailer. (do I know where that safe place is???no!) Well, I don't know if it was in my suitcases or not. Anways, I need a break because I got that check while I was trying to pack everything up to move back home. Now that I am home and unpacked, I can't find it and don't remember putting it anywhere. I do remember thinking about it and that I should put it in my suitcase so I could get it home and not lose it but I don't remember if I did that or not.

So, now I have to call my mother and tell her this and ask if she can check in the trailer for me. How embarrasing. She knows how scatterbrained I am though. I have always had a problem with leaving things behind me everywhere I go. Just ask her and she will vouch for me on this one. (it was one of her pet peeves about me growing up)

Well, I ran to Joann's today and bought a skein of wool. This will be the last skein that I have to buy since Debra has said that she doesn't need any of the toddler sized covers. Now I only have to make two more soaker bags for her and then it on to the more fun things on her list. I did get an email back from her yesterday saying that she would prefer not to have the Sky blue Paton's Grace that I bought but that she wants the Madrid color. I was going to go back to Micheals today but it was rush hour and there is only one road with a bridge over the river and it can sometimes take you over an hour to get less than a mile down the road. So, I thought it could wait until tomorrow. Well, I am thankful that I found the receipt to the yarn today so I don't have to worry about whether or not they will take it back now. I am sure they will let me change colors as long as I have the receipt.

So, I think tomorrow I will try to get the rest of my patterns written up and edited and ready for testing. I also think I will try to get Chloe's Easter dress finished up. I just have some ends to weave in (oh joy!!). I am probably going to take off the bottom trim and redo that little area at the bottom that folds up. I think I know what the problem is there and it should be an easy fix. I dont think I am going to add any embellishments to the dress because it has such an old-fashioned flair and I think it is perfect just the way it is. I am hoping that I can get a little cross for Chloe to hold while she is posing in the dress for pictures. I think that would be perfect for an Easter dress.

Well, I am off to bed now. I stayed up way later than I wanted to. I had to type this though. I miss blogging so much from that two months of hardly any computer. I am a chatty cathy anyways. (that is what James calls me.) Good night all.

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