Friday, March 31, 2006

Frogs on the Horizon and other things

How I hate frogs. And I have lots of them. I have been looking at the Easter dress I designed for Chloe and while I love the idea of it, I am not liking how it turned out. Something is dreadfully wrong with it. Take a look.

This is a picture of the whole dress but alas, you are unable to see the dress very good and it is late and I am too tired to take more pictures.

Okay, here is a picture of the neckline with one sleeve part. The major part of the dress that I do not like is the neckline to sleeve transition. It just doesn't flow nicely. I am trying to figure out how to change this without frogging the cotton picking whole darn thing. I am thinking of trying a different style of sleeve to see if that works. Don't have any ideas for that really though. Another option would be to just frog the whole thing and start over on the bodice since that is where the major issues come from.

One reason I am thinking of frogging the whole thing is that I don't really like the waist trim. I think I would like to do without it completely. Just have a transfer into the different stitch without the trim. I think that would help the over all appeal of the dress. To me the dress just looks like a mess of different styles and I need to figure out how to get it all one style.

One thing I do love is this bottom trim. I absolutely adore this. Another thing I love is the chest piece of the dress which you cannot see well in the photo. What I have done is some cabling to make it look like lattice work. There is a rectangle of this. I think a major problem comes of this because the neckline is worked in a round and then all of a sudden I go to a straight rectangle. It makes for a bumpy neckline.

In other words, I have some major revamping to do. Its a good thing this dress works up so quickly or I probably wouldn't frog it at all. One idea I had instead of frogging this particular dress until I know if my ideas would work is to start the bodice (just the bodice too) of another dress to play around with a bit until I find something I like better and then I could frog this one if I think its neccessary. I will have to wait and see.

I am not going to get the opportunity to work on this until Sunday or Monday now. I am in the middle of testing a dress for the Garden. It is made in yarn so it is going together quickly. I started it this evening and I am about halfway done with the skirt. Then there is an overlay mesh on top of the skirt.

I am amazed really at how great minds think alike. All my ideas I have had for dresses and such like, she comes up with something similar before I can work it up. She is so much quicker at it than I am. Oh well, I am learning and that is what matters. I will find something that works for me and once I perfect that, the sky is the limit.

I am going to place a little ad here. James bought me a new vacumn on Tuesday. (the day I came home and my house was trashed and had not been vacumned nor cleaned since I left in January) Anyways, this vacumn is the best without having to spend $2,000. Okay, so I had to pay about $350 which is a pretty penny for a vacumn but supposedly this thing has a 10 year warranty. I am sick of buying $100-$150 vacumns and having them break in a year or two. This thing is amazing. It picks up so much dirt. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach to know that I have been walking around on this dirt and Chloe has been crawling on it and walking on it. Well, not any more. MY FLOORS ARE CLEAN!!!!!! Makes me happy. The name of this wonderful contraption??? Its a Dyson. I had never heard of it before. (I mean come many people are really schooled in vacumn buy one and it is supposed to last you years...not months) Some guys at James work told him about it since our old one was broken and he knew we had to have it. (more like I had to have it...without even knowing about it too...isnt' that amazing how we can need something without even knowing it exists...)

Some big news around here for us. Chloe's hair is now curly. She is such a doll. I wanted her to have curly hair when I was pregnant with her and she came out with stick straight hair. I was a little disappointed since I have curly hair and that was the one thing I wanted her to have of mine. She looks the spitting image of her daddy so I wanted something to look like me. Well, about a month ago, in a matter of about two days, her hair went curly. Every blue moon now it will be straight right after a bath but halfway through the day it will start to get curly again. It is sooooo cute. I just love it. It makes her look even more like an old fashioned baby doll.

At the commissary today someone told me I should enter her into a baby beauty pageant. I don't really want to do anything like that though. I wouldn't want her head to get too big or anything. There are so many other nobler qualities I want her to value than beauty. Beauty can be taken away in a second but whats in the heart is there forever. I want her to learn integrity, honesty, compassion, faith, virtue and so many other qualities.

Well, I am getting pretty tired. Need...sleep...must nite.....zzzzzz

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