Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Day so Far

Okay, I admit it. Its my birthday today. So far it has been pretty good. In all honesty, it started out yesterday though. My girlfriend Ashlie has to work tonight so we decided to start the celebration early. We went shopping. (what girl does not adore shopping???)

I had mentioned that I wanted to find an Easter Dress for myself. We looked for hours in the mall. Okay, for one thing, I am not much of a mall person. I like department stores much better and this mall only had two. Dillard's and Sears. Well, we started about in the middle of this long mall and these department stores were on either end. (its one long [very long] mall) So, the first department store we got to after almost three hours of shopping already was Sears. And Sears isn't really my style. But I did find a dress because (let's face it) I was getting desperate. Here we are three days before Easter and I have no dress and no prospects. Ashlie loved the dress and I liked it but didn't really like the way it looked on me. It had no form to it whatsoever. It showed none of my curves. Just went straight down. But I did like the dress so I bought it with the understanding that I could always take it back if I found something else I like better.

Well, trucked back to Dillard's and what do you know???but that they had tons of dresses. (Dillard's is way more my style.) I actually found one that I adore and it looks great on me. Here is a picture of it cause I am so excited about it.

The one problem with it is that the neckline is too low. So, I am going to try to pin it but I am afraid that there really isn't anything there to pin. Not enough fabric. So, my other option is to look in my bin of antique lace and see if I have something that will work to sew in there. I love this dress because it has that air of antiquity about it. I love that. It has little goldish/silverish threads running down every so often weaved into the fabric itself. It also has that same color of beads sewn onto the tiny bit of lace trim along the neckline and waistline. Talk about gorgeous details. (did I mention that I love this dress??) Then, at the bottom of this dress it has an inner lining of toule that hangs out under the dress almost like a petticoat. Ummmmm. Scrumtious. I love the skirt how it gains more and more fabric and makes it bouncy. I can hardly wait to wear it.

The shopping day was not done. Next stop??? Accessories. And since we had been shopping ALL day at this point (and I was running on two hours of sleep the night before, mind you) we didn't really have the patience to look in all the previous stores we had been to for the perfect accessories. We found the perfect necklace and earrings in Dillard's though. I loved the necklace but James would have killed me if I spent $28 on a necklace. ($28 you ask???? yes, yes...its Liz Claiborne...go figure) Anyway, at the beginning of the day, Ashlie had told me that she wanted me to pick out something I wanted during the day and she wanted to buy it for me for my birthday. So, by this time I was too tired to think any more of what I wanted her to buy me so I asked her for the necklace. She was thrilled to be able to buy me something I really really wanted. On condition though, I have to let her borrow, I gave her a let me raid her jewlery stash whenever I want to borrow something too...agreed...we had a deal. (okay, let me stop myself here and interject a comment before you all start thinking what a horrible friend Ashlie is by making conditions to my birthday gifts...we were joking around...being silly...that's just the way we are...okay, can I move on now?)

So here is a picture of the jewelry and the shoes I bought.

Cute, huh?? I think so. I didn't buy the shoes at Dillards though. (they wanted like $60-$80 for their shoes...more than the dress!!!!)
Here is a close-up of the necklace and earrings. Gorgeousismus!!

So, that was yesterday. (by the were found at Rack Room Shoes for $30...cute huh? plus they were on sale and I got a military discount so that made them even less.)

We ended up going to my favorite restaurant for dinner last night. Neither Ashlie or I felt like cooking a big meal after being on our feet all day and me getting my whopping two hours of sleep. I love Macaroni Grill. Last night I tried something new and I think I have a new favorite. The Penne Rustica. Delicousioscus!! (making up words now cause my measly vocabulary doesn't describe such perfection adequetly.) If you have never been to this restaurant or tried this dish, YOU MUST. You have not experienced true love of food until you have. Its simply the best.

After dinner we came home and watched a movie. Dick and Jane I think it was called. Hilarious movie but there was a bit of bad language. I laughed through the whole movie. It was a riot. It would have been better without the bad language though. Would I recommend this movie??? Well, I probably would never watch it again. So, what does that tell you? You would have to like this kind of humor to enjoy the movie any.

This morning I opened a present on my bed with Chloe when I woke up. It was a gift from my mother that has been sitting on my kitchen table for over a week now. Can you believe I didn't open it early??? (proud of me mom???) I was sooo tempted to open it yesterday (since we were celebrating my b-day and all) but I didn't. I am such a good girl.

My mother is such a sweetheart. Guess what she gave me for my birthay!!! My gloves that I left up there when I was visiting! The PERFECT gift!!! She already knew I liked them because they were mine. Isn't she the most loving mother you have ever met???? What generosity. Ohhh!! And used socks!!!! She didn't like the way they felt on her feet and I didn't have room to put them in my luggage when I came home so she gave them to me for my birthday. What a kind and loving woman.

No, really, my mother IS sweet and kind. I was so suprised when I first opened the present to see the purse that my mother made that I had been owwwing and ahhhhing over when she so proudly showed it to me. I told her about a kazillion times that I love it, wanted it, and for her not to be suprised if it mysteriously disappeared when I came home from my visit up there. (and for all of you sick minds out there...NO!!! I did not steal it, wrap it and pretend it was from my mother....)

Here is a picture of it.
See why I love it??? Its gorgeous. (Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mom!!!) And she also bought me a thread cutter pendant. This is great. I have been wanting one of these to take on planes for to cute my thread with since they don't allow scissors. (well, now they allow those tiny sewing ones but I didn't know that until recently.) I love my pendant and am now going to have to find a chain to put it on. (Thank you are the best mother in the world.)

Okay, I'm tired of typing (well, just plain tired is more like it) and Chloe has gone to sleep so I am going to go take a nap. I am in my pajamas and plan to stay that way til at least noon and my bed is unmade and there are dishes in the sink and its going to stay that way all day. Its my birthday and I want to be as lazy as I can be today. (okay, those of you who know me well, know that as soon as I get done typing this, I will be going to the kitchen to wash the dishes and I will make the bed before I get in it to take my nap) Hey, I can dream of being lazy can't I??? Its only a dream though because I can't do it.

Have a wonderful day today. I will probably post again tonight or tomorrow about my second birthday celebration that dear James has planned. I can't wait to see what it is!!

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