Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Choose Joy!!

And for the Joy set before him, he endured the cross.

Consider it pure joy, my bothers, when you encouter trials of many kinds, for produce perserverance and perserverance produces character.

These verses from the Bible are not quoted exactly. They are my version from my head. I woke up this morning, prayed for a bit and while making my bed before I got Chloe up I was singing a little song from my childhood.

"I have the joy, joy, joy, joy,
down in my heart.
Down in my heart.
Down in my heart.
I have the joy, joy, joy, joy
down in my heart.
Where? Down in my heart to stay

While singing this little song to myself (which is the song I like to sing first thing in the morning when making my bed...either that or "this is the day") I was reminded of a conversation I had once with my mother not too long ago about a book she read about choosing to have joy. God's joy is something that we choose to have. We can choose to be joyful each day or we can choose to be selfish and be gloomy and not very much fun to be around.

I then started thinking about how selfish I really am. I only think about what would make me happy. I should focus more on others and what they need to make them happy. Only then can I be truly happy. When I am not focused on me. So, I have joy today. I am happy today.

I am totally excited today because not only did I choose to have joy, but I received my shawl from my Shawl Swap on the 'ville. That brought me some unexpected joy. I love my new shawl. It is light and airy but has enough thickness to it to keep me a little warmed in the cold air conditioner. Also in my package was four bags of tea. All four bags were a different flavor. One was written in some oriental language. I am curious to know where it was from. On one side was the oriental language and on the other side was English. It is a saffron tea and was very yummy. I drank it tonight while I was crocheting on my couch with my new shawl on me.

So, what was I crocheting tonight? I started the Flamenco shawl for Debra. I went to Micheals today and exchanged the Sky Blue Paton's yarn for the Azure blue Paton's yarn. When I got home and emailed Debra, she told me it still wasn't the color she had in mind but that it would work for her. I am glad because those two blues were the only two colors they had. I would hate to have to order it off the internet and have to pay shipping and stuff. It would make it that much more expensive. James is starting to hem and haw over this new business of mine. We are putting a lot of money into it and still aren't making anything yet. I am trying to convince him that once I get my website up and running, I should start making money. I sure hope that is the case. I am glad that I should those purses and the dress to that Boutique because that got me a stay of execution from him for a while but I don't know how long that will hold him. Especially since I have lost the check!!! How dreadful.

Anyways, back to the shawl. It is turning out gorgeous. I am definately going to have to make one for myself. I actually think I could have been done with it by now but I had to frog most of the mesh part. I didn't make it big enough and when I went to hold it up when I was almost done I noticed it. Drat it anyway!!!!!! Well, now I have completed the mesh part and one side of the border. Then I have one more border side to do and two little motifs for the tip and then sew it up, weave in ends ( least there aren't that many on this) and I am done. I should be able to complete it tomorrow with time to spare to start on something else. What??? I don't know. I am thinking of whipping out those other two soaker bags. That would get that out of the way and then I would only have the fun things left to do. Then I would either do the purse or the dishcloths.

Well, James has contacted someone in Baltimore and we now have a contact up there for when we move. We are starting to look for a house up there. There is a guy James works with who knows the area and is advising us on what to do. He knows of an area close to base but in the country where we might be able to afford a house and its where he says he would live if he could do it over again. So, now we just need to look in to it.

We are going to paying off our car this week. (hoorayy!!) That is so exciting. James gets a huge bonus and its enough to pay off our car and some on our credit card. Then we will have all our debt paid off by the time we move in September. I am so thrilled about that. It will be a huge load off our shoulders. We were almost out of debt about two years ago but this car and our last loan have been hanging around and nagging at us. Well, its almost gone and I am totally stoked.

Well, unforunately. blogger is not allowing me to post any pictures tonight. There is a message saying that they have notified the people who are to fix it so, no pictures for anyone tonight. I will try again tomorrow. Too bad. I was going to show you my new shawl and also the shawl I am working on. Oh well.

Good night everyone.

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