Tuesday, April 11, 2006



Here is the second in my Vintage Dishcloth Designs. I am quite pleased with how this one turned out. I love white and red together.

The neatest thing was told to me yesterday. Debra (who is building my website and who I am making these dishcloths for) was telling me that she loves the thread dishcloths I made. Starting with the Ballerina one. I am so thrilled about that. Anyways, the thing that excites me the most is that this is the thing she wanted the most was vintage thread dishcloths and she has searched and searched and can't find patterns for any. She also has many other people who would be interested in patterns such as these and is going to tell them all about
my site if I do end up designing a bunch of them. OH YAH!!! of course I am. Now that she has told me there is an extreme need for them.

So what do you think of Amorelle. Isn't she cute. I like her anyways.

Okay, so now I have a complete proeject of my so very extremely long list of things to make.

The Flamenco shawl. Isn't it gorgeous? Now you know why I must have one for myself. I think it would be perfect for a summer swimsuit cover-up. (I am a tad shy in a swimsuit so this might just do the trick) I do think that had I designed this particular shawl, I would have done things differently. I can say that now that I am a big designer and all. Just kidding. I just think that I have been crocheting enough now to know what works well and what doesn't. I don't like how the border of the shawl and the actual mesh of the shawl has a ridge between them. I don't like it at all. Had I designed this, I would have made the border right along with the shawl instead of workin it as a seperate piece at the end and sewing on. It could be done. Maybe when I make mine (whenever that will be since my list is sooo long and this is not yet on it...) I will try it my way and see what happens.

So, I promised a picture of what I bought yesterday that I was so excited about. I found a book on crocheting with beads and wire. Yes!! Crocheting with wire. That is my newest thing. (besides these thread dishcloths) I got the crochet a day calendar from my sister for Christmas and so I tried it from one of the patterns in there and I'm hooked. (you may recall my photos of those earrings back in January that I made my girlfriend for her birthday...remember??? They turned out way tooo big because of the wire I choose?) Well, I had looked and looked for a book like this to buy with the Christmas money my brother sent me. (acutally is was a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I thought if anyone would have such a book it would be them...WRONG!) Well, I found it yesterday at Micheals and I had to have it. I know I shouldn't have bought it but I had a coupon and I didn't wan to wait. That's what happened last time and I couldn't find it when I went back for it. So, I made the decision and treated myself to it. Can't wait to try some of them. There is a cute little purse in ther with wire flowers on it that I am dying to make. (one more thing on that ever growing list...I think there must be about 50 things on this list...no kidding either...Maybe I'll post that list here one of these days and you will see that I'm not joking.)

On another note, I just have to share this picture of my angel. Isn't she the sweetest?? She wanted me to pick her up in this picture because I was holding the camera. She loves cameras. I was trying to take a picture of her from across the room because she was holding my crochet hook and it was so adorable. Well, as soon as she saw me and the camera, crochet hook went flying behind her and her arms reached up as she pratically ran to me.

What a doll!!!!!!

Well, I had better get going. James is off work today to study for his test that he takes tomorrow. Please pray that he makes it. He doesn't think he will but I would really like for him to. If not then I am not going to let him by this next year. I will make him study at least once a week for the whole year.

Well, have a good day everyone. Be on the lookout for another dishcloth pattern. Gotta go find a vintagey "C" name and "D" name.

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