Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My new Sunhat

Easter's Song Sunhat

I did it!!! I really did it. I have designed my first ever sunhat and it goes well with the Easter dress I designed Chloe. I am so pleased with it. And to top it all off, it only took me less than a day to design. I think its totally adorable on Chloe. I am so excited about it that I couldn't sleep. So, since I couldn't sleep, I thought I would get up for a little and do a bit of work. Not that what I am doing could really be constituted as work but it must be done sometime so might as
well be now.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow to get a good picture of Chloe in this dress. It is really cute. I am out of ivory thread or I would start on some bloomers for the dress. Since I got this hat done so quickly, I think I can get some bloomers done in time for Easter on Sunday. I am really excited about this.

I truly believe that my desiging skills are getting better each design I make. One thing that has changed is now I am no longer in a hurry. My first couple of designs I was just in a big hurry to get something done that I didn't take the time to make sure everything looked well and worked up nicely. Now I take a little bit longer and make sure its nice. I know that more people will buy the pattern this way. Its the best way to get repeat customers and also have people talk up my patterns. If they liked them and were professional looking.

In the top picture you can see a bit of the seam on the hat were I connected the rounds. This will not be in the pattern. I have changed the way the pattern is written to eliminate this problem. I didn't feel like frogging this whole hat though so Chloe's will have a seam. Its still beautisimus.

Well, I better get going. Just wanted to share this photo tonight since I was so excited about finishing yet another project off my long to-do list. I will have to share that list with you all one of these days. I have about 20 items on there of things I want to design. And these are just the things that I already have planned out how they will look in my head. These are not including the things I want to make from other people's patterns or in books or stuff. Man alive...I am going to be busy for the next 50 years. I better get started. Why am I still here typing my life away. (blabbing I think is what they call it) And look, I'm still here. Goodbye!!

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LadySnow said...

I just wanted to say that I love the hat, dress, and dishcloths you make. They are lovely. I want to make a hat for my DD Elisabeth, but I don't know if she would even keep it on. Keep up the great work!