Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Please Meet.....


She is the newest in my Vintage Dress Dishcloth family and I love her. I worked one sleeve last night and the other this morning so my guage changed without me knowing it. I noticed after I took the picture that one sleeve is wider than the other. Hey, it adds to her charm. Don't worry. The pattern is right so all of you who buy this pattern will have both sleeves be the same.

I think she turned out great. I was kind of going off a picture Debra sent me of some old vintage dishcloths in a magazine she has. No one can seem to find patterns for these types of things anymore so I decided I would design some. There is a need and I must fill it.

Well, today I am taking a break from dishcloths and am desiging Chloe's Easter hat to go with her Easter's Song dress. I am loving it. It is a sunhat sort of hat but it still has that old-fashioned style to it. I think its the use of the shell stitch that adds that element of days gone by. I don't do the ch 1 in my shells though. Just dc's. Don't know why. Maybe so its not so "holey" on baby dresses. I think I may just have time to design some bloomers to go with this dress. I didn't think it would only take me a day to design the hat. But then again it is done in size 3 thread which is much, MUCH faster than size 10. I still love size 10 the best though. Who knows. Maybe someday I will design something in size 20!!!!! Wouldn't that be fun. I can't wait to start on my Spring's Bouquet dress. I have it all planned out in my head too. I also have Summer's Breeze planned out. These should be easier to design. No sleeves. Sleeves are very hard to resize in the different sizes. Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for some very cute baby dress designs. And maybe another purse on the horizen.

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Anonymous said...

Your things are so beautiful. Is there a place where I can go and buy the patterns for them? The dresses are so adorable as are the other things on your site. I am willing to buy all of your patterns if you can tell me where I can get them.