Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quick Check In

Well, I don't have anything to show today but I thought I would post real quick to tell you all hello. I am going shopping today with my friend Ashlie and then we are having friends over for dinner tonight to celebrate my b-day. YAHHH!!! I think I am going to be 27 tomorrow. (okay, so I am forgetful...just ask my sister how old she is and then add a'll get my age that way) Wait...she sent me a birthday card and it said Happy 27th birthday in it so that must mean I am 27. Man were do the years go. I still feel like I'm 20. (and get treated like it alot too...)

So, no pictures today. Well, hold on. I do have one. It is the sweetest picture of Chloe. Here she is.
I just love pictures of her sleeping. She looks like a little angel. The reason for this picture is a little funny though. This is how her daddy sleeps every night. And she is asleep in this picture. SOUND asleep. I thought it was adorable that not only does she look like her daddy but she sleeps like him as well. Too funny. How did she pick that up?? Must run in the genes.

Well, I must be going. Chloe is in the playpen again and yesterday we had a situation when she started hollering for me to get her out a little earlier than normal. I walked in and immediately upon opening the bedroom door, I got a whiff of the most awful smell that could ever greet you. You got it!!! Pooooooo. What fun!!!!. It was all up Chloe's back (outside her clothes mind you) and smeared all over all four (I said FOUR) sides of the playpen. Globs of it too. Well, I can tell I am making all of you sick from my renditions so I will stop with the grotesque details. Just know was not fun to clean up and the whole time I was doing it, I was muttering softly to myself (so Chloe couldn't hear and suffer from low self-esteem later in life) I LOVE my baby, I love my baby, I love my baby. Oh the things us mothers do for our children. We are pee'd and pooped on, spit up on, throwed up on and so many other up ons and so ons and stuff. God knew what he was doing when he gave this job to us because I honestly don't think dear hubby could handle it. (hey, he calls for help if the diaper has any sort of signs of poo in it...and if no help arrives I later find said diaper on the floor next to the dresser where the diaper gets changed...less than two feet from the trash can I might add...hmmmm makes you think)

Well, like I said, gotta run. Shopping is calling. Getting a new Easter dress and some summer clothes. (if I can find any)

Ohh... and please don't ask about how James did on his big test yesterday. I don't want to get angry again. Let's just say that there's always next year. And maybe next year he will obey the traffic laws and get to the testing center on time. That's all I'm going to say about that. Obviously God had different plans about this next year than I wanted. As long as He is with me, I will be content in His Will. If he wants me on base next year than I will gladly go and serve Him to be best of my abilities that He has given me.

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