Thursday, April 06, 2006

Trying again

Okay, I am trying this again. I have some pictures to show you all and blogger wouldn't let me last night and gave me error messages. So, lets see if this works.

I want to tell you all about this hilarious dishcloth pattern I made today for Debra. I think it is sooooo silly. But I do love it. I might even have to make some for myself. (as if I have time for that) I am also thinking of making them for Christmas gifts. I could make one of those and a regular dishcloth and a potholder or something. Anyways, they remind me of something you would see in a grandmothers' house. I don't really know how well they would work as an actual dishcloth though. I mean, I don't think I would scrub dried spaghetti sauce off the cast iron with it.

I don't think its going to allow me to post pictures tonight. It is taking too long. they should've been done by now.

We were watching a movie tonight. (James choice and he fell asleep.) He says he never gets to choose so this was his turn. So, he falls asleep and I am sitting there thinking to myself, he should have let me choose since I am the one watching it. Well, I geuss he was getting me back. We rented a few movies this weekend and I think I picked two of them out and one was completely boring and full of cursing and the other one he walked out of the room. I finished watching it but it was a little scary and I don't think I would watch it again. It was the Brother's Grimm. I have a book of stories by them and I thought the movie would be really good but it was pretty scary.

We watched Cinderella Man tonight. I know I complained about James sleeping and he should have let me choose but hey, I gotta admit that I really like this movie and I didn't think it was a bad choice. Its a great "feel good" movie. It motivates James. (okay, maybe not tonight.....he was tired...give him a break) But it makes him want to be a good dad and to teach his children good things like hard work and honesty and all that. And any movie that motivates us to want to be better is good in my book. (well maybe not but this one sure is.)

Welp, bad news. No pictures tonight either. I wonder what's wrong with blogger. These pictures are adding up. Going to have to try to post more than once tomorrow to get caught up. And I will have more items done tomorrow too. I am hoping to have this flamenco shawl done. I would have had it done today but I ran into some problems. Let alone having to frog the whole thing last night because it was too small, I got almost to the end today and five rows short of the end, I run out of yarn. DRATS!!!!! and NUTS!!!!! and...and... CHERRIES!!!! Cherries???? Don't know, drats and nuts didn't seem like enough.

So, I have just about 20-30 minutes left on the thing until completion. (are you dancing yet Debra??) Oh just wait. She will be when I compete the Sweet pea. I just KNOW it. So, I didn't feel like doing diaper covers today and this is why I did a dishcloth. Something quick and easy that I didn't have to think much about. (not that I think much while making the over and over and over) Well, it wasn't very quick since I was watching Russell Crowe beat up on some poor man. (did I say this was a great movie??) oHH! since some of you may have never seen this movie, let me explain a bit here so you don't get the wrong picture. Russell Crowe is a good guy. Just trying to make ends meet in the depression. Its actually a true story of James Braddock. A REAL boxer and a real story and everything in this movie really happened. From the bread lines to the Relief money. Like I said...Great movie. Go see it. (well, rent it)

Well, gotta go. Am thinking of printing another dishcloth pattern and working it up or else going to bed. I am pretty tired today but this yarn is calling me. AHHHHHH!!!! Save me from this yarn!!!!!! (golly, I hope that's not the voices inside my head...that would be worse than talking yarn.)
Goodnight all. (sorry about the whole picture thing...must be blogger since it happened two nights in a row...and it also could be because that's what the errror message says...hmmm...would I make a good detective with my reasoning skills?) Okay...going to bed before I get a shoe upside my head.

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