Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Things to See!!

Okay, watch out! Don't say I didn't warn you all. I did warn you cause I remember warning you. I told you all that I now have learned to add more than five photos at a time on this here blog thing and so you were to be prepared for tons and tons of photos. Well, today is the day for said photos. I have so many things to show you. I am giddy with excitement. (or just giddy from exhaustion being that its after 11:00 at night and two hours past my bedtime.Hmmmmmm, we'll just call it excitement)

So, what is going on with Chloe lately? For those of you just dying to know all about the little crumbsnatcher. This thing has learned to climb. This is not a good thing to learn to do at this age. (well, at any age really...but that's besides the point) Anyways, this thing is climbing everything she sees. She can now climb on top of her new toybox (using a toy as a ladder...preferably a stable toy...stuffed dogs don't really work well, neither do balls...that is a lesson we have learned as well) and once she reaches the height of the toybox, she stands and surveys her kingdom. Not only does she stand and survey her pride, but she will tiptoe to the extreme edge of her pride rock and raise her hands out to the side and say "ba da dat. ohhhhhh." She says that about twice or maybe at the most three times before she gets swept of her feet and planted firmly on solid ground. (If you wanna know why this last bit happens, just look at her cheek and you will then agree with this manner of removal from the her position.)

So you don't believe me on this??? I have proof. My handy dandy camera that captures everything. Here she is atop her new favorite roost...when she is unable to climb her first choice. (pride rock)

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That one was taken shortly after she climbed up. And this next one was taken as she was getting ready to claim her stake on her new mountain peak.

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And here she is sitting back down after claiming her station.

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What a child!!!! And to think that I want something like 12 of these things. Oh but you gotta love them. She is such a riot. I love her to death and if all my kids were like her then I would have 50...and James couldn't say no!!!!

The other day, I decided that if I am going to have tons of kids, I need to train them young. So, off Chloe and I went to Toy's R Us. The perfect place to find the essential training tools for babies. I bought her a broom. And not just any broom. This thing is Chloe sized. Well, needless to say, when we got home, I immediately put her to work. We have changed her name now to Cinders. (but we don't have a fireplace so I don't know how long this name will last) We might have to change it to Ella when she gets older and starts to complain about her self image. (Ella is a good name)

Doesn't she look thrilled to be working?

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Oh yes...she loves it!!! Can't you tell?

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But no, really, she did enjoy her new activity. She actually did smile a lot while she was brooming. James has this knac for taking pictures of Chloe making horrible faces. (yes, those are my legs you see in the photos) He doesn't smile at her or talk to her or anything, just kind of yells her name and snaps the picture when she turns. She looks so sour in the pictures he takes. I think I should ban him. Here is a pic showing her actually brooming. And she really did like it. I promise.

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Okay, I have something really funny to tell you all about my husband. He is such a riot. He cracks me up.

He has this thing about his grass. He takes good care of it. Whenever we drive down a street, he will point out the nicest yards and the worst yards. He will tell me what he likes about each and what he dislikes about each. Needless to say, he loves his grass.

He loves his grass so much that he takes pictures of it ever so often to share with his family. That just cracks me up writing about it. He is hilarious. The funniest guy I ever met. He wrote an email to his brother a couple of weeks ago and titled it Augusta National. How funny is that? Well, not very unless you watch golf...and understand the work that goes into their greens...then it becomes hilarious.

Even funnier are the pictures he takes. Like this one. The roof view. He gets this shot every time he takes grass pictures.

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Okay, so you think that is funny? This one gets me every time. Just look and you are going to die laughing.

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The close-up of the blades. Perfection!!!! (acutally, I see some brown blades in there so he must be slacking...)

Now here is something worth bragging about. (although hubby disagrees with me on this matter) My Asibles. I am so proud to have finally found a gorgeous flower that truly grows in a pure shade area with horrible soil that doesn't drain and actually has moss growing on it. These flowers have taken off. And next year they will be one long hedge type thing. (which is too bad cause I won't be here and these thing aren't going to move very easy...well, not at all actually)

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Okay, regardless of how funny I think my husband is, he is the sweetest man I know. (not including my father...but they are close...which is probably why I choose my husband) He bought me a tea kettle. And not just any tea kettle. He bought me one that automatically shuts off so you don't boil the water out and ruin the tea kettle. (don't know why that would be an issue...anyone like to tell me who in the world does such a completely stupid thing like that and why this would be neccessary to have??? I mean, come one...what do people do, turn on the tea kettle and then leave the room??? Do they sit on the computer for hours or something??? hmmm...puzzling) Anyways, dear hubby thought this was a nice feature for some completely unknown reason so he got it for me.

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What a nice tea kettle!! And it keeps shutting off on me after it boils...can't figure out that one...I walk in the room and its off...oh well!! Makes a nice cuppa though...awfully nice...and I lights up blue when you turn it on. How cool is that???

Show me pictures of Chloe!!!! When do we get to see NEW pictures of Chloe!!!!!! That is all I hear any more. Pictures of tea kettles and grass aren't good enough anymore. Nobody cares. They only want to see Chloe.

Well, James was in the picture taking mood the other day I guess (which is extremely rare) and so he snapped some picutres without me knowing. I found these when I was uploading my crochet pictures from the camera. The minute I saw them I started crying my eyes out. For those of you who know me, you will see why when you look at the pictures.

For the first time since my daughter was born 14 1/2 months ago, I saw myself in her. Plain as day. I cried...I laughed. It was the most exciting moment since she was born. (well, maybe not the most...but pretty darn close) To realize that your daughter looks like you...that is pretty exciting.

Here is the first picture I saw...and I saw a resemblence there.

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But this is the picture that I saw me in. My parents have a picture of me when I was probably three years old and I was leaning over a drinking fountain getting a drink. It hangs in thier bathroom. Well, this is exactly what I looked like in that picture. Curly hair and all.

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And I can see that resemblence here but not as much.

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So, now enough pictures of my baby. I am probably boring everyone now. So, the topic you all are dying to hear about. CROCHET!!!!!! What have I been up to? Not much and a lot at the same time. I have deemed that in light of my new business endeavors and how much work I put into that, I am taking Sundays off. Completely off. I am going to spend Sundays crocheting for myself. Whether this be my CAL's or SWAP's or just a pattern I am dying to try will not be work related.

This last Sunday was my first day off. So, what did I do? Well, my SP Miss Sterious sent me some lovely size 50 thread from I decided to do something with it. I had seen these Crinoline ladies online and decided that I had to have them. So, I bought three of them. (I think that is all she had) I made one. She is called Crinoline Girl Doily. Now the pattern says to use size 10 thread but as we all know...this is not a rule to be followed. So, I got out my size 50 thread and the smallest hook I had (size 11) and proceeded to make this girl. Well, let me tell you that it took twice as long as I though it would being that it was such small thread. Had I used size 10 I think it would have taken me about an hour to complete but with the smaller thread it took me like 3. (and that includes weaving in the ends...which there were more than I thought there would be)

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Anyways, I love her. I think I am going to frame her and hang her in my office/spare room. She was so much fun to make and I can hardly wait to make the other two I bought.

And as a little side note, I just have to say that Cylinda over at is extremely sweet and helpful. She emailed me soon after I bought the pattern and asked if everything was okay with it. I shared a photo with her of the finished lady and she said she will probably put it in an upcoming issue of her newsletter. Isn't that sweet?

I did my hat for this week for my Hat-a-Week crochet along. This is hat # 10 for me. I should be working on hat #22 since this is week #22 but alas...I am behind. I will try to get caught completely up this week and next. (gotta buy more worsted weight yarn tomorrow though)

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I will have to add this link to this hat later as it is late and I am too lazy and tired right now to go search for it...but it is called Basic Bucket hat and it actually looks cute on me. (much cuter than in this picture where is looks blah!!)

And I have three of my four bookmarks done for my bookmark swap. I don't really know if I am supposed to be posting these pics before my partners have received them or not but oh well, they are here now and I am in a picture posting mood. (the only problem with my new found skill of adding tons of photos is it does take twice as long to do it...)

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This is the yo-yo bookmark. Quite cute. Lots of ends to weave in though.

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And these are two other bookmarks. One is a butterfly that I have doubts whether it acutally looks like one or not.It is pretty though. I am probably going to be making each partner more than one bookmark each since there are so many patterns I just have to try.

I have to show you something that might put me on the naughty list. My SP gave me the most stunning doily last week (and I posted a pic of it for you all to see then too) and she told me where she got the pattern. (big no-no...bad SP...bad SP) So, I had to get myself a book of her doilies. It was by Patricia Kristofferson. I was so amazed by it that I went searching for her book at Micheals today. (and I didn't have to search far...there were quite a few to choose from) I had a hard time choosing a book since I wanted ALL of them. But I ended up choosing this one since they are different. I have never seen doilies like these before and I just have to make some. So I got this book.

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Now another reason I felt I needed to get this book is on a sad note. As many of you may recall, James father's health is poor. He has liver disease and was dying in Feb so this is why James and I are home and not in Afghanistan (me up north with my parents). Well, early Sunday morning we got a call saying that he wasn't doing well at all this weekend. We have been kind of sitting around and waiting for the past few days to decide when James needed to go up there. Well, yesterday his father was admitted to the hospital and they say that he's not leaving. They started him on pain medication last night which has put him in a coma. James arrived there a few hours ago and says he doesn't look well at all. He is spending the night in the hospital tonight. They are just trying to make things as easy on his father as they can for the pain and all. So, he is dying basically. So, this week has been a little tough on me.

So, I thought having a fun doily book would cheer me up some. I am at a loss really for ways to help. I am here by myself with a baby and can't do anything from so far away. We couldn't afford for me to go up too.

Anyways, enough on that. Here is the doily I am going to make myself this week. Isn't it gorgeous? I can hardly wait to get started. I have been working on my latest design (a shawl) and today while I was working on it, I had this book and the thread sitting next to me on the couch. Every couple of minutes I would gaze over at it and daydream. I can't wait to make this doily.

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Now don't ask me why I have peach thread to make it in. It was the color that spoke to me in the store. Light pink was talking pretty loud to but peach won.

Anywasy, I am tired and it is now almost 1 in the morning. (man I have been posting this post for almost two hours...ya'll are lucky) I am going to bed and I will try to do a better job at updating everyone so I don't have to do it all in one post like this again.

Have a gread day/afternoon/evening everyone. (whatever it is when you are reading this)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I am getting Spoiled!!!

My Secret Pal over at the ville is such a sweet person. She has been spoiling me to no end. I can't believe how lucky I am. It is like we are a match made in heaven. Whoever picked us out and paired her with me sure did a wonderful job. We have so much in commen. I believe that we are both kindred spirits with wonderful imaginations. I think we both are romantics at heart. And when I talk of romantic...I don't mean lovey dovey kind of romantic...I mean the kind of people that live in eras of old and have a lovely view on the world itself.

Anyways, I get e-cards and postcards from my SP almost daily and sometimes twice a day. Here are some pics of some of these postcards.

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Aren't they bueatiful? Alot of them are from Laura Ingalls Wilder's homestead and around there. It really is quite neat. I just wonder how on earth my SP would know that I love Laura Ingalls Wilder. She must either live close to this area or she knew before hand that she was going to be paired with a kindred spirit. I like to imagine it is the later.

I recieved my first package from my secret pal too. It had the most gorgeous doily in it. I absolutely love this doily. I have a hard time making anything gorgeous for myself. This doily is so beautiful. Don't you think???

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And it is pink!!!! My second most favoritest color in the whole wide world. I think God made pink and purple especially for me!!!!! I have always wondered what God's favorite color is. He has a favorite number so He's got to have a favorite color. I also wonder what his favorite creation is. (aside from humans of course) I also wonder what He is creating right now. I mean, he is a creator and creators never stop creating. It doesn't have to be only on our earth. He's gotta have some of the loveliest things up there in heaven. I can't wait to see them. I look forward to the day when I can sit at His feet and ask Him his favorite color. Then He will take me by the hand and lead me into His Garden and show me all His beautiful flowers. Then we will sit under a beautiful shade tree while I crochet up a perfect replica of each of the flowers in His garden and give them to Him as a gift. I yearn so much to be in heaven. It will be the most perfect place. And the tea there will always be sweet and never bitter. And all my crochet friends are welcome to come to my mansion anytime. Oh its gonna be so much fun!!!

Anyways, see??? Told you I had an imagination. I could literally daydream my life away. (of course while I am crocheting)

Well, back to the package. I also received some lovely thread. One is a size 30 Dmc thread and I am currently working on a dress design into which I will incorporate this lovely thread. The other is a size 50 thread from Turkey. OM gosh!!! I am so thrilled about this. I thought I was getting bold to just buy myself some DMC Cebelia. I have only ever used the cheapest thread I could find. Recently I have decided to start venturing out and trying some of the more expensive yarns and threads. But this was very recent and I have yet to try much. So, I am thrilled to have this stuff. I have the perfect thing in mind for it. I have been wanting to try one of those crinoline ladies. And they call for small thread. Not sure of the size but I think I am going to have to give it a try. And it might just have to be this week cause this thread is really singing to me. It knows my name and is calling it every 10 minutes..."Anna...make something with me!!!"

And here is a close-up of the doily. It is inspiring me to make a doily. I am getting the itch to do just that. Maybe this next week.

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Flea Update:We still have fleas and they are getting worse. My warfare against them is going to have to be taken up a notch. I can no longer sit on my couch without being attacked. So, it is time to bring in the big guns. (military wife speaking here) Someone has suggested to me the "TERMINATOR". Hubby laughed when I said that. He asked if I meant the exterminator and I said I did but doesn't terminator sound better? Anyways, someone has suggested an exterminator and so that is what I am going to have to do. And SOON. These thing are getting annoying. And poor Pattycakes. She cries all the time now. She really didn't like it when I sprayed her with the flea spray. And that other spray I had??? I sprayed our couch with it. More like drenched our couch with it. I might as well have sprayed my couch with koolaid for the good it did. I am ready to just burn this house down. I can't take these things. It is so gross. I HATE bugs. (so what am I doing living in Louisiana??? I am a loyal wife is all I can say.)

Okay, enough of that grotesque saga. I have some more pictures to show. Here is a pic of my latest dishcloth series. These are in testing right now and should be wrapping up soon. I can't wait.
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And my latest design??? I am so tickled pink with this. (well, green since they are green but it doesn't sound right...tickled green...) I am calling it Snips and Snails overalls. Love that name. It will be the first in my Nursey Rhyme Collection. I am going to make a girl version here on of these days and call it Sugar and Spice. I am also going to design another boy/girl set and call them Jack and Jill. You will be able to buy each of these seperate or as a whole collection. I can't wait to get my website.

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Oh!!! And by the way...go check out my website. There is a little suprise there that Debra has given me. I was so excited when she told me about it. Fun, isn't it??? I am having a blast.

I think I may have just figured out a way I can post more than five photos at a time on my blog. YIPPEEE!! I am going to try it here and see if it works.

So, my SP Miss Sterious wanted to know where some of my favorite places were and I promised some pics of my picures. Well, here they are.

This first pic is of the river that runs through Norwich in England. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the way the trees hang down into the river. It would have been so much fun to ride in a paddleboat down this river. This picture is framed and sits in my living room so anytime I need to get away, I look at it and dream that I am back in England amongst the fragranced flowers and cobblestone streets.
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This next picture if a picture of the Ely cathedral. We lived in a village about 5 miles away from Ely called Prickwillow. Ely was one of my favorite places to go on a quick outing. I loved shopping there with my best friend Rachel. (who is a proper English lady) And Rachel and her husband Kirk were here for Christmas (if any of you remember that far back in my posts, there are pics of them there) and they gave us this picture for Christmas. I love it. Now I will always remember Ely and the times I had there.

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And next I decided to take pictures of my scrapbook. Alas you will not be able to view these individual photos well but you might get a general idea of some of my favorite places.

First is of Stratford-upon-Avon. I absolutely love this place. It is my favorite place in England. Such history there and beauty.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I stood in awe before these houses knowing that people centuries ago walked along the same ground that I did. It was awesome. My favorite place was Anne Hathaways cottage. I loved it there. It was so rich with history. I even got to touch then bench that Shakespear and Anne sat upon by the hearth while he courted her. Truly romantic.

And here are more pics of Norwich.

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One of the wonderful things about England are thier gardens. I, for one, am a lover of anything called a flower. I love flowers. I love colors and scents and textures. (guess that is why I love crocheting so much, minus the scents one...can't crochet with smelly me a headache)

I realized that I never showed you all my latest hat for the Hat-A-Week CAL. I am up to 9 of 21. WooHoo. I go girl!!! (okay, that's supposed to be You go girl...but since I am talking to myself...well, nevermind)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Love this hat. I have some white yarn that I am going to make me another one with. I may give it to my mother for her birthday. (okay, planning waaayyy ahead here since her birthday is in October) I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn for this hat. I didn't really like to color on it at first and I was going to give it to my friend Kelly in Italy but upon finishing it, I fell in love with it. (sorry Kelly) So, this hat is staying in my house. I may make another one for her but I have to get more yarn. Anyways, the pattern is from here and is a unique one. I love doing the hdc in the front loop/back loop. That gives it this "knobby" look. Very cute.

Well, that is all I have for now. Chloe is hollering again. Not sleeping like she's supposed to. I am about to throw this babywise thing out the window. They said that she would stop crying herself to sleep at around 4-5 months old. She is now almost 15 months old and is still doing it. At least she does during the day. She doesn't at night which is a blessing. I am about at my wits end with this though. I am tired of her spending so much time of the day crying. Well, she isn't really crying...just hollering...kind of fussing at times...I don't really know how to explain it.

We are going to MudBug Madness tonight. Wish me luck. I peeled my first mudbug last summer myself. (I like it in the restaurants when they do it for you...something about those beady eyes staring up at me kind of freaks me into losing my appetite)But I did it last year. I don't know if I have the nerve to do it again this year but since it will be my last festival here, I gotta give it a whirl.

Have a wonderful day everyone. I am off to see if this picture thing worked. If it did, you all are about to be bombarded with photos. That is the main reason I have been so slow with my photo posting is because I can only post 5 at a time and so I am a bit choosey. If this works then not any more. This will become Photo Galore!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

EWWW!!! Gross!!!

I completely understand that by telling the following tale, I will lose many readers to this blog and probably many a dear friend, because as true as this tale is, it is extremely gross in nature. Please be aware that I in no way asked for this to happen to me. And I am grossed out by it more than you will be once you hear of it. I have to LIVE here.

So, what is so gross??? One word! Fleas. Yes! FLEAS!! We have them. (not me personally) Our house has them. Well, before I get into that, let me start at the beginning of this tale.

It happened many months ago. My dearest and most knowledgeable husband decided that after 9 years of our beloved cats indoor life, it was time that she be free to wander in and out as she pleases. Now understand this, we have no kitty door which means that her pets (us) are to open door/close door upon her every whim. (which happens to be quite often for a cat) This is completely beside the point though. So, ever since then, we have obliged to this cat. Letting her in and out, all day long for months on end. Well, the other day, she was sitting next to me on the couch and I noticed her scratching herself. Not the normal cat scratching for good pleasure type of scratching either. This was more of the "get that off me type" of persuasion. Well, I looked a little closer to where she was lying and can you believe what I saw!!! FLEA DIRT!!!! (gross)

Wait though, it gets grosser!!! Being of the brilliant mind that I am (and I happen to think that I am....well, maybe not) I decided that just to make sure, I would get my handy dandy flea comb out and comb the thing for fleas. Upon commencing this exercise, I found one. Somehow, my training in flea catching fled my brain at this moment and I slowly lifted the comb closer to get a better view of the thing. Note that my main objective at this point was to get the flea OFF the cat. I hadn't planned what I would do once said flea was off. Well, my lack or prepardness paid off. As I was lifting the comb for my closer viewing pleasure, the little sucker jumped. And if any of you have been around fleas for any period of time, you know that they disappear when they do this. For those little guys can jump quicker than lightening and farther than you or I can jump. Well, needless to say, it jumped to the closest thing that smelled like blood. (me) I could feel it.

Okay, I need to interject a bit of important information at this point in my grotesque tail. Let it be known that I am petrified of creepy crawlies. (please don't tell my children when they get older)

That being said, you can imagine the scene that ensued. Another important key in this story is that the time of day I opted for this adventure was at precisly 1:12 am. Don't know why I picked that time of day...maybe fleas are more awake then...I don't know...are fleas nocturnal???

Anyways, I freaked out a bit and was finally able to get the flea off me. I have no clue where he went and I hope it was back onto Pattycakes. ( the cat that the flea originally made his home) I really do hope this... So, did I quit at this point realizing that the cat DID indeed have fleas and maybe I needed to take extreme measures in ridding my house of them? Me?? No, not I. For some unknown reason, I decide to keep trying to comb them off. (let me remind you that by now it is 1:22 am...not a good hour for sound reasoning abilities) I did happen to get a brilliant idea at this point though. I found a baggie in my kitchen drawer. (found it, ha...its was always there anyways...I didn't "find it"...) Okay, now you can imagine what I used this baggie for. Yup, entrapment!!! Let me just tell you now...fleas are extremely hard to get off the comb if they don't choose to get off. And once they are off, the don't like being in baggies.

So, they weren't dying in these baggies. What to do??? I squished them. Another important fact you need to jot down in case you ever encounter a case of fleas...they don't squish easily. And then for good measure, I added water and closed the baggie up. I love drowning creepy crawlies. I don't think fleas mind water though (or it would be easy to get rid of them) which is why I squished them dead first.

Needless to say, I went out to the store the next day to stock my arsenal against these suckers.

Do you think its enough??? I sure hope so. This is the cheap stuff (and boy it was expensive) I think I paid about $30 for all of this. But we are going to rid this house of these fleas if its the last thing I do.

This morning, I sprinkled this stuff on the carpet and vacumned it off. Whew, that stuff gave me a headache. I hope it doesn't kill me being that it is poisen and all. First, the instructions say to sprinkle it on the carpet. Then it warns you not to breath it in. Then, it tells you to sweep it with the broom to get it to cover the carper evenly or something. Okay, tell me how I am not supposed to be breathing this stuff in while I am sweeping it. ITS POWDER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! And just in case you have never swept powder flies up finer then when you sprinkled it. Well, it got in and I left it for an hour and then vacumned. I also vacumned the couch and sprayed that with a spray. Let me say that while the spray was twice the price of the powder, it is much easier to use. (in case you ever need to know)

Well, now I need to do the cat and the two bedrooms she frequents. I am waiting for hubby dearest to come home to help. I have a slight feeling that Pattycakes will not comply with this procedure.

If you are still reading at this point, I applaud you. You have a tough stomach. I, on the other hand, do not. So, I am going to go now. I will post again later today cause I have some crochet news (well, more like blabber) to talk about. Chloe is due out of the playpen now. Have a great day everyone and my you never have to deal with the pleasures of fleas in your home.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Getting More Done!!! Yay!!

My SP (secret pal) Miss Sterious sure knows how to spoil a girl. So much so, that she puts me to shame in how I treat my own secret pal. I try to contact her...she's just very hard to contact and she doesn't reply back. It makes it hard to try to find things I think she will really love. But I will press on and keep trying. One of these days I will hit something. I shall stick to my gameplan though. I will spoil the only way I know how...its not the same way in which I am getting spoiled...but it is spoiling. And I am good at it.

So, what's been going on? I received a post card from Miss Sterious that I told you about the other day. Well, now I have the promised pic of said post card. Yay!!

Multinomah falls is really a gorgeous place. I love it there. I drove by it two years ago on our way home for Christmas. And the reason why we were in Oregon coming home to Spokane from Louisiana is a story for another time...a long, sad story of a horrible awful that I will not detail it to you now...for many of you already know this story and to hear it again would make you groan in agony.

In other news, I designed a new dishcloth yesterday. Well, I designed two but only got a pic of one. The other one wasn't done til this morning. Silly me got an idea in my head at 10:30 and had to sit and crochet it...and finally at 1:30 am decided I had enough done to remember what I was doing and so went to bed. (I won't mention that I only had two rows left to do and then the straps.)

But here is the first one I did yesterday. And I must say that I love her. I really do. She is a keeper and I am planning on doing just that. Keeping her. She is going to hang on one side of my window in my kitchen. Here she is.....

Isn't she a doll??? Okay, just so you can get an idea for size here, she would probably fit a newborn baby. She is a real (note the use of the word REAL) dishcloth intended for use. Yes, I intend to use her...haven't figured out whether that will be for cleaning dishes or huge puddles of something spilled on the floor. I mean...she is pretty large. The size of a hand towel at least. The thing I love most about her is she is so unique. You just don't see very many dishcloths of her size around. Very unique. When my website gets done, you should buy the pattern. (hehehe) If you don't crochet, I will crochet some up and sell them in my Boutique I am going to have on my website.

Speaking of website, I have been doing some research today on having a small business and doing taxes and all that junk. (yes...that's right...JUNK!!!!) Well, I have some work to do, it looks like. I think I am going to call our Sunday School teacher who happens to be an accountant/tax person (whatever they are called) and grill him on this JUNK!!! There are three things I am good at. Crocheting, cooking and playing with Chloe. I am not good at taxes. Man, I wouldn't even know where to begin. (well, actually now I do since I have done some research...but that's beside the point)

If you take a look out my front door, this is what you would see.

Its my Astible. I love her. She is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could take her with me when we move, but alas, here she stays with her Astilble brothers and sisters. Do flowers have brothers??? or are they all girls??? hmmmmmm, now that's something for me to ponder...wasn't very good in science an A though and that's all that matters. Anna, enough with the tangents already!!! Stay on topic. Stay focused. This is how you lose readers.

Back to crochet now. (don't you just love my topic dancing I am doing today!!! That comes because of the wonderfullyishesness mood I am in)'s something!!!! I actually made two hats this week for my Hat-A-Week along. Aren't you proud of me???? I sure am. (which probably is contributing to this wonderfullyishesness mood)

First is a hat from Dot's Patterns.
This is the Sassy A hat. Love it. Was going to give it to my friend Kelly in Italy but changed my mind cause I love it. And hey...Italy is in the Meditteranean for any of you who don't know geography well. (I got an A in that too...I love maps) And for those of you who have completely lost it (and might even be illiterate so you shouldn't be reading this anyways) it is very warm in the meditteranean. (okay...spelling was my forte in school but I am really sorry.....meditteranean was never on my spelling tests so I am afraid I do not know how to spell it. And I DO know that I am spelling it wrong.)
Another tangent!!! What's wrong with me tonight???
Here's the hat.

She was made with Caron Simply Soft. I didn't follow that gauge for this hat and it might be a tad small. I can wear it though. Next time I will check the gauge and maybe add a row or two of sc's.
And the other hat I made??? (since I did make two and all) I made the one that was actually assigned to this week. Funny, eh? I actually do what I'm SUPPOSED to do for a change. When has that ever happened in my life???? Probably never.
This hat has problems. (well, maybe only one) And that would be that it turned out way tooo small. The thing is supposed to fit an adult head. (mine) and it barely fits Chloe's head. (and her head is of a normal baby size) This will be a nice sunhat for her this summer. Anyways, it is pink so that makes it perfect. And the cool thing is, I have enough yarn left over from this skein that I could change my hook size, make the gauge (okay...didn't follow the gauge on this one either) and I could have a matching hat. Isn't that sweet??? Mother and daugther with matching pink hats. AAAWWWWW!!!! That's what I would say if I saw that in public...or maybe I would say, "that is just so SILLY." I don't know...can't decide. Oh, but I love silly so I won't mind. I have been called silly a time or two. (well...more like crazy or wierd...but I interpret that into my personal language as silly)

Okay, I can tell that my wonderfullyishesness mood is becoming borderline annoying (or terrifying) so I am going to cut loose. I have one more dishcloth dress to design tonight and then I will write up the pattern tomorrow. Yipppee!!! my favorite part of the desiging process. (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice???)

Well, goodnight everyone. Have a wonderfullyishesness day!!!

For My Secret Pal

One Skein Questions
Thanks Lauren for the links to these questions! I thought I'd post them here for people to cut and paste to their own blogs and then give a link in the comments for us to view.

1. Which yarn is most like your personality?
Paton's anything...its gorgeous, soft, luxerious and sometimes with sparkle!!

2. What is your favorite color yarn to knit/crochet with?
purple, baby pink, blue

3. Have you ever used variegated, or magic, yarns?
variegated~yes and don't like it much (well, at all, really) Magic??~don't know what that is.

4. Do you tend to favor certain fibers when choosing yarns?
the softer, the better...more cotton...silky.... really, soft wool

5. Do you prefer to work with center-pull or traditionally wound balls of yarn?
either one...doesn't matter one way or another...although I could use a ball winder

6. Have you ever worked with organic yarns or are you interested in trying them?

7. How many and what projects have you made in the last year?
you expect me to count????I cannot do that...lets just say its over 100!!!!(gasp...yes, including those little projects like bookmarks and things)

8. Will you be knitting any gifts this year?
probably not...but I WILL be crocheting some!!! (hehehe)

9. What is your favorite one skein project?
hats...or doilies (does thread count as a skein??)

10. How much yarn do you have in your stash and how do you store it?
Not near enough...I have a closet with some built in shelves...and a tote box full. (I NNEEEEDDDDD more yarn...must have mmoooorrreeee yarn!!)

11. Do you have a yarn in your stash that you love so much you can never use it or part with it?
Okay...I am trying real hard...I promise...I am trying to find a pattern to use my lovely Caron Bliss in Plum on...want to make a gorgous shawl.

12. Do you knit less or differently in the summer?
Well, I don't knit in the summer time...I do crochet...and I really doubt it would be different...and definately not less!!!

13. Do you belong to any knitting groups (online or offline)?
Well, no...but I do happen to belong to some crocheting groups. I have my testing forum on which I have made some good friends...I also test patterns for I belong to three yahoo groups about crocheting. case you forgot...I am a member of the famous crochetville which is my second home.

That is all for now. Baby is eating and then I am off to my yard sale at a friends house where I hope to sell my couch for enough money to buy Chloe's dresser. I will try to get some photos up later today. I have lots...and I'll put one up of my yarn/craft closet. Have a great day!! (and thanks Miss Sterious for all you do for me. You truly are the best Secret Pal I have ever had!!)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pleasantly Busy!!!

When asked lately if I was feeling overwhelmed lately with all that I have going on I had to respond with, "No, I am just pleasantly busy" and thats the truth. The honest truth. I am very busy...very, very busy but I wouldn't want it any other way...and I don't think it has ever been any other way. If I didn't crochet...there would be a billion other things I would do to take up that time. I have never been one to be bored. I have never known boredom...I have never understood those people who go to work after just having a baby a few weeks earlier cause they were bored. I can't understand that nor do I want to. I do understand that some poeple have to work...but the whole boredom thing with young chidren in the home, this I will never understand.

So, what I have I been busy doing??? Well, I just designed a new purse.This is more of a clutch really. (what I am saying...really??? It IS a clutch, 100%) So, I designed a clutch. It is very cute. I am loving it. I patterned it after my Vintage Shell Purse that everyone seems to love so much. This one is thread though due to the fact that my wonderful mother requested it that way. I am sending it off to her tomorrow. (should have today but I didn't finish it in time...)

I actually love the way this photo turned out. I wish I had made those roses in the corner a little more transparant but oh well. I have already gotten a few compliments on it from some testers on my board and the really wonderful news is, it is already in testing. Took me two and a half days from first ch to testing. Pretty good if I do say so myself.

What else is keeping me pleasantly busy, you ask??? Well, let me tell you. I finished this purse but now there are about a million more other things I want to do. First, I joined the hat-a-week-along in January and I have only done about 6 hats to date. They are on week 20 so I have a lot of catching up to do. I am planning on doing two hats today and tomorrow. They should work up fast. Hats always do.

Then, I also joined the skien-a-week-along that I haven't done yet. I have about 6 skeins of my Caron Bliss in Plum but I don"t know what I want to make with it yet. I am thinking of a shawl but the right pattern hasn't hit me yet. Maybe I will do a search for one this weekend. I may even need to buy more skeins, I don't know.

In addition to my Summer Secret Pal swap I joined, I have joined two more swaps this summer. The accesories swap and the bookmark swap. Both of those are going to be really fun. The accessory swap is going to be something funky and with beads. I have a new pattern book I bought (pic in an old post) for crocheting with wire and I am dying to try out some of the patterns in there. I will probably end up making a bunch of stuff for myself too cause there are so many cool things in there.

The bookmark swap is a bit different than the other two in that I am in a group of five people and we exchange a bookemark with each person in that swap. So, I have to make a total of four bookmarks. Which after doing a search for bookmark patterns on CPC might just turn out to be a lot more than four. (for me of course) There are some really neat bookmarks out there. I am loving those corner ones like this one. Pretty neat.

And another thing I have started is my own CAL. I started the Tablecloth-A-Long so I could finish my thread tablecloth I started when I was first married 8 years ago. My how the time flies. Anyways, I have to make a button for this CAL and so far I have about 5 people say they were interested. This is great as I really need the encouragment and motivation that comes from a group. I have made the goal of getting one motif done each week. Not too hard but its still getting something accomplished.

I got the neatest post card from my SP yesterday. Miss Sterious. She is the neatest and I think we are going to be friends after this is over. We both have so much in commen. Anyways, this post card is from Multinomah Falls. I love that place. It is so gorgeous. It it one of my favorite places. She asked on the post card where some of my favorite places in the world are. So, I am going to answer them on here. (in case she reads my blog)

My first favorite place is on my couch crocheting with my baby playing on the floor and my dear husband playing his guitar next to me. My second favorite place is Stratford-upon-Avon in England. This is where Shakespeare was born and all. My third favorite place is the river in Norwich, again in England. Norwich is the old capitol of England before London became the capitol. Can you tell that I love England?? Then next would have to be Arizona. I absolutely adore Arizona. It is nice and warm there and the only place in the world that the saguaro cactus grows. If you ever see a movie and it says it was filmed in New Mexico or Texas or somewhere but it has saguaros in it, then you know at least part of it was filmed in Arizona.

I will take some pictures tomorrow of my picture of Norwich...I ablsolutely love it there. I had better get going a lot to do and times a ticking away!!! Have a wonderful evening everyone. I am off to finish a hat for my Hat-a-week cal and start on another one. I think I can get two done tonight...since one only has one more row.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Many New Happenings

In addition to my new forum (which is going great by the way) I have place my hand in the soup pot to a few more things lately.

First, I joined another swap on c'ville. And not just any swap at that. This is the Summer Secret Pal Swap. And I am so excited about it. I already have the whole three months mapped out for my known sp. (I send to her but she doesn't know who I am) Alls I can say without giving myself away is that she had better be prepared to be spoiled. (and I mean, rotton.) This is going to be so much fun.

And my secret pal, (the one sending me things) has already blown me out of the water. She send me to e-cards on Sunday and a lovely email telling me a bit about herself and asking me questions about myself. She is indeed a kindred spirit cause she knows so much about me without even asking. The really neat thing is that we have so much in common. I just know that when this secret stuff is over, we are going to be friends. How can we not??? She is an Anne of Green Gables person as well as a Laura Ingalls Wilder person. And we both love to crochet with thread. (and small thread too...) This sure is going to be exciting.

Well, Chloe eats a ton. I mean a ton. I haven't been around too many babies eating but it sure seems to me that most babies her age wouldn't be eating as much as she does. (and she is still way underweight...don't know why)

Well, just to prove to you all that she eats a ton, I took a picture of how much yogurt she ate the other day.

And this is a 2 lber tub of yogurt and it is HALF GONE!!! She ate a lb of yogurt. Okay...for one!! I did NOT eat ANY of this yogurt...for two...she ate this in one sitting...for three...and this one is the clencher...she ate this after eating a jar of baby hot dogs and a whole banana. Come on!!! The child is only 14 months old and is the size of a 6-8 month old baby!!! I have NO clue where she puts all this food. I mean, sometimes she eats more in a sitting than I do. Talk about a lot of food.Her doctor says that she just burns it off quickly. (both James and I have a quick metabolism so she was pretty much guarenteed to get that gene.)

So, what else have I been up to late beside feeding Chloe??? Well, I finished my first bib set. The series will be called The Littlest One and this particular set will be called Old fashioned Simplicity. I love it. I really do. I am sending it to my new nephew born last Sunday. Yay!!! Congratulations to my brother-in-law and his wife. They have a new baby boy named Noah Josiah. He was born 7lbs. 2 oz. That is pretty good for being two weeks early. Chloe was 7lbs. 4 oz and she was three days late.

Anyways, here is one of the bottle covers for the set. I made it for two different sizes of Avent bottles and then one for a plain ole gerber baby bottle you can find in any grovery store. I love the stitching detailing on the covers. I am excited to design more things now.

My testers have been saying that they love my patterns. This is a good thing cause when you are starting in this business, word of mouth is good. I have also signed up for some yahoo groups to try to reach more people. I think this will be fun and it certainly is a challange. I needed a challenge in my life.

So, what else have I been up to??? I designed a new dress this weekend. I am loving working with this size 3 thread stuff cause I still have the satisfaction of working with thread but it works up so much quicker.

Here is my Spring Blossom Sundress. The weather has been nice and sunny lately so we ventured outside to take some photos with Chloe out in the back garden. The lighting in my house is so terrible for taking pictures. That is one thing I am going to look for in a house when we move is one with lots of big windows and lights.

Isnt' this picture fun??? It makes it look like there are three of Chloe. hehehe....I am learning how to play with my photoshop cs. This really is a lot of fun. Anyways, this next picture is off the trim on the dress. It is two layers of ruffles. I wish I had done three layers but I can always frog it and add another one if I want. For now this is fine. There will be an option in my pattern for however many layers you want. I love options!!!

Well, that is all I have for today. I am now working on a purse for my mother. It doesn't matter that I am posting about it on here cause she never reads this anymore any ways. It also doesn't matter cause she is on vacation this week and it was supposed to be a mother's day gift so I hope to have it done before she even gets back from vacation.

Anyway, I had better go anyway...haven't gotten a lot of time in crocheting today and I need to. Or I will get behind. Behind what??? I'm not on a deadline or anything...uummm...I don't know really but I always feel like I am behind when it comes to crocheting. I guess maybe cause I have so many ideas in my head of things I want to design that I will never do them all and so therefore I am behind. There you have it!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

My New Table

I have been remiss about posting this week. Gosh this testing forum sure takes alot out of me. I guess the biggest reason for that is I have about 5 months worth of patterns I have designed that neede dto be edited, typed and tested. I only wrote down chicken scratch for notes and now I am struggling with rememebering exactly what I did. I now have about 5-6 patterns being tested at this very moment in time and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I am going to have quite a few patterns ready to sell come June when my website gets here. YAY!!!! I can hardly wait.

Well, we got our new coffee table this week and I wanted to show you all. It is the neatest thing on earth and you will soon see why.

Here is a picture of it
And here it is open. I just love it. I can sit on my couch and crochet (design) and when I need to write something down, its right there in front of me. And I don't have to sit at the kitchen table or have a ton of paper and supplies in a huge mess all over the couch. Its great.

And this is my new couch set. Okay, so those of you who know me well, know that this looks identicle to our old couch set.
Well, it almost is except this one is darker in color and it is slightly harder. so, we are hoping it won't sink down like the other one did. And this is not a sofa bed. Our other one was and James thinks that is why it sunk so badly. (and no one wanted to sleep on our sofa bed)

And my new recliner. I haven't had one in a long time and I am loving it. When I am not sitting on the couch crocheting, I am sitting here. Its great. (and it actually reclines unlike my old recliner I got rid of a few years ago)

So, I have something really cool to share with you. James bought me flowers yesterday. YAY!!!! (I had asked him for some the day before and he said no) Anyways, I am posting a pic of them because of the cool bag they came in. You know those gift bags you buy to put gifts in??? Well, the flowers came in one just for flowers. Pretty neat. Check it out.

And yes...that is little Chloe under there. She wanted to touch the flowers so badly. James put them in her face so she could smell them and she started ooooohing like she does and kept pointing at them.

Well, I am getting a headache from all this computer time. I have been on the computer non-stop since I got my forum last week. I also was up late last night so I have a headache and it is getting worse by the minute. So, I had better go. Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Busy as a Bee!!

Man!! This forum admin stuff is a lot of work. Well, maybe its the editing patterns and getting them ready to test that is so much work. It really is. Thank goodness for me that I did the hardest dress first. I knew I would need to or it wouldn't ever get done. Now I just need to get testers. I have four testers for my Angel Kisses dress but none so far for my Angel Traditions dress. Actually, I do have three testers who want to test it, they are just testing other things at the moment and when they finish those things they are going to test it. I have put both dresses up on C'ville asking for testers and none have responded. I got so many nice compliments on them when I was showing them off in the show-and-tell. I wonder why no one wants to test them. Maybe its because they are done in thread. I hope people buy the patterns.

So, right now I am working on this bib/bottle/burpcloth set. I have the bib and one bottle cover done. I may need to run out today and buy a different bottle. I was thinking to have the bottle cover be in two sizes for the avent bottles (which are really popular right now...and the ones I use so I have them on hand) and then having another one for a different bottle. Just your everyday cheap bottle that everyone has.

I finished one bottle cover last night and I must say that it looks adorable. That is what happens when I take my time and make sure I like something all the way before I continue on. So, this bottle cover involved a lot of frogging, I must say. The end effect is one that I am proud of. No picture today though. I will wait now to show you all the whole set all together. The bib picture was my only preview of this set just to wet your appetites.

Here is a picture of the finished Angel Kisses bonnet I did. It needed to be redone completely since I didn't like the back on the other one. This one has a little flair at the brim which I am not 100% sure about. I know...I know...didn't I just say that I needed to like it completely all the way??? Yes! I did!! And I do. I love every aspect of this bonnet. The only problem I have is it isn't the same style as the old bonnet and I don't know if it goes well with the Angel Kisses dress. Its just the flair at the brim. Oh well, its darling anyway.

So, whats next on the agenda after I do this bottle cover set??? Well, lots. I want to do another two or three sets in different mediums. Kitchen cotten for everyday use, another thread one for a baby girl (with frills and lace since I just love that kind of thing) and maybe one in size 3 thread. Who knows!! The whole set series will be called The Littlest One. Don't know a name for the first set in that series yet. Something will come to me. It always does. (middle of the night sometimes)

I also want to try my hand at designing some skirts. My first one will be in Paton's Grace I think. (I just love that stuff...its my new fave yarn I think.) That way it would be good for summer since its cotton and all. I also have some ideas for more dresses, some onesies/t-shirts, some overalls, a blankie in thread and pretty much a ton of stuff that would take me two days just to type the list out.

Anyways, be on the lookout for these and more patterns to come. I can hardly wait until my website is ready. YAH!!! One more month!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Funny doilies

Okay everyone. My friend Debra just shared this with me and I thought it was hilarious. So, I have to post and tell you about it.

You all need to learn to crochet. (at least all the women) It would come in very handy.

Where's Chloe

Okay, let's see what Chloe can get into today. (this actually was yesterday)

First she climbed into the laundry basket. I turned around and saw her sitting in it.

Okay, says I. Let's take advantage of this photo op and cover her with clothes.

(she didn't like that so well)

So, she stood up and got out of the basket. (all on her own, I'll add)

So, I figure, "if that's the worst she does, I'm good for the day."

But "OH NO!!!"
I turn around and look where she's at now!!!!!

Yes!!!! That's right. This is exactly where I see her.
Thank goodness the camera is on the desk right next to where I am sitting
so I can capture this momentous occasion in history.

Somehow (and we will never know how) this child managed to climb up on this bed
and sit in the middle of it.
What makes this particular choice of where to climb on Chloe's part so funny is that not more than 5 minutes earlier I had picked up everything from the floor
and around the edges of the bed
and deposited them smack, dab in the middle of the bed
so little hands couldn't reach them.
What irony!!!!

Such a sweet baby. Why do they have to grow up so fast. She changes every day. Literally every day. Today she has started doing this thing with her tongue in her mouth. She presses it quickly up against her new teeth on the top of her mouth and makes a sort of smacking noise. She is extremely proud of that one. She hunches up her shoulders and puts her head down and kind of does a cross between a baby giggle and snicker. Its funny.

Kids are so much fun. Complete bundles of fun.

I have some wonderful, wonderfu,l wonderful, totally wonderful news. Etaria over at is the most generous and kind lady you will ever meet. She has offered me a forum to use until my website and forum are complete. She had bought the domain name but then didn't like it and it was non-refundable so she is letting me use it. Isn't she the best????

So, please check it out.

Its not a crocheting type name but oh well. It is a forum and its mine and I have started testing some patterns on it. YES!!!!!! I am testing patterns. Check it out to see whats coming up. Right now I have three in testing. I am working on finishing up my Angel Kisses dress and should have that ready in the next day or two for testing. Then this next week will be spent getting those other patterns ready for testing. YIPPPEEE!! I am so excited. Don't forget to check it out. Even if you don't crochet. (MOM!!!! hint, hint.) You have to register though to read and post. It would be fun. And I look forward to hearing from all of you.

And guess what!!!! I have been finding out that there are people reading this blog. I never knew it before. (well except a few of you and you know who you are{smile to you}) People actually are reading what I have to say. Well, maybe they are reading. They might just be looking at the photos. But hey...I'll take what I can get.

So, anyways, Ashlie and Laura are coming over to say goodbye and drop off a gift for Chloe. (and I love you gift just because) So, I need to run. I am working on redesigning the bonnet for the Angel Kisses Dress and I should be done tomorrow or the next day. Keep an eye out for that.