Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Baby Bib Preview

Just thought I would show everyone what I am currently working on. I don't think the person I am making it for reads this blog so I am pretty safe in that regard. (in all honesty, the real person I am making it for is unborn far as I know...haven't gotten the word yet though...) I have a new nephew-in-law who is to be born any day now and I needed something homemade from us to give to him. Well, it is really hard to make something crocheted for boys. So, I decided to design somethings that were "boy friendly".

This is what I have so far. Its not the best picture of it but it will do for now. I am kind of a stuck point. I don't really know how to continue from here. I think it will come straight down but I'm not sure of this. I have never really been any good at math.

The one thing I like is the stitch detail that you can hardly see in the picture. I used a 4 dc puff stitch. I had tried the popcorn stitch but it wasn't doing what I wanted. So, I decided to go with the puff stitch. Not exactly what I wanted but I love the effect it has. Brings texture to the bib and catches the eye without being frilly or girly. I don't know but that the middle point in the front makes it more girly though. I'm kind of undecided on that. We will see when I get further along.

After this I will have to design a purse for my mother. Gosh!!! Its almost Mother's Day and I haven't even got anything sketched out yet. I have sort of an idea in my head but have no clue what to do with it. We will see.

Well, its late and I'm tired. James had said he would call before he went to bed so I was waiting up for him. I guess he forgot...or he's still out. They went to the riverwalk tonight. (since he is tdy...they do things like that.) Well, have a great night everyone. See ya!!

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