Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Busy as a Bee!!

Man!! This forum admin stuff is a lot of work. Well, maybe its the editing patterns and getting them ready to test that is so much work. It really is. Thank goodness for me that I did the hardest dress first. I knew I would need to or it wouldn't ever get done. Now I just need to get testers. I have four testers for my Angel Kisses dress but none so far for my Angel Traditions dress. Actually, I do have three testers who want to test it, they are just testing other things at the moment and when they finish those things they are going to test it. I have put both dresses up on C'ville asking for testers and none have responded. I got so many nice compliments on them when I was showing them off in the show-and-tell. I wonder why no one wants to test them. Maybe its because they are done in thread. I hope people buy the patterns.

So, right now I am working on this bib/bottle/burpcloth set. I have the bib and one bottle cover done. I may need to run out today and buy a different bottle. I was thinking to have the bottle cover be in two sizes for the avent bottles (which are really popular right now...and the ones I use so I have them on hand) and then having another one for a different bottle. Just your everyday cheap bottle that everyone has.

I finished one bottle cover last night and I must say that it looks adorable. That is what happens when I take my time and make sure I like something all the way before I continue on. So, this bottle cover involved a lot of frogging, I must say. The end effect is one that I am proud of. No picture today though. I will wait now to show you all the whole set all together. The bib picture was my only preview of this set just to wet your appetites.

Here is a picture of the finished Angel Kisses bonnet I did. It needed to be redone completely since I didn't like the back on the other one. This one has a little flair at the brim which I am not 100% sure about. I know...I know...didn't I just say that I needed to like it completely all the way??? Yes! I did!! And I do. I love every aspect of this bonnet. The only problem I have is it isn't the same style as the old bonnet and I don't know if it goes well with the Angel Kisses dress. Its just the flair at the brim. Oh well, its darling anyway.

So, whats next on the agenda after I do this bottle cover set??? Well, lots. I want to do another two or three sets in different mediums. Kitchen cotten for everyday use, another thread one for a baby girl (with frills and lace since I just love that kind of thing) and maybe one in size 3 thread. Who knows!! The whole set series will be called The Littlest One. Don't know a name for the first set in that series yet. Something will come to me. It always does. (middle of the night sometimes)

I also want to try my hand at designing some skirts. My first one will be in Paton's Grace I think. (I just love that stuff...its my new fave yarn I think.) That way it would be good for summer since its cotton and all. I also have some ideas for more dresses, some onesies/t-shirts, some overalls, a blankie in thread and pretty much a ton of stuff that would take me two days just to type the list out.

Anyways, be on the lookout for these and more patterns to come. I can hardly wait until my website is ready. YAH!!! One more month!!!!

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