Monday, May 22, 2006

EWWW!!! Gross!!!

I completely understand that by telling the following tale, I will lose many readers to this blog and probably many a dear friend, because as true as this tale is, it is extremely gross in nature. Please be aware that I in no way asked for this to happen to me. And I am grossed out by it more than you will be once you hear of it. I have to LIVE here.

So, what is so gross??? One word! Fleas. Yes! FLEAS!! We have them. (not me personally) Our house has them. Well, before I get into that, let me start at the beginning of this tale.

It happened many months ago. My dearest and most knowledgeable husband decided that after 9 years of our beloved cats indoor life, it was time that she be free to wander in and out as she pleases. Now understand this, we have no kitty door which means that her pets (us) are to open door/close door upon her every whim. (which happens to be quite often for a cat) This is completely beside the point though. So, ever since then, we have obliged to this cat. Letting her in and out, all day long for months on end. Well, the other day, she was sitting next to me on the couch and I noticed her scratching herself. Not the normal cat scratching for good pleasure type of scratching either. This was more of the "get that off me type" of persuasion. Well, I looked a little closer to where she was lying and can you believe what I saw!!! FLEA DIRT!!!! (gross)

Wait though, it gets grosser!!! Being of the brilliant mind that I am (and I happen to think that I am....well, maybe not) I decided that just to make sure, I would get my handy dandy flea comb out and comb the thing for fleas. Upon commencing this exercise, I found one. Somehow, my training in flea catching fled my brain at this moment and I slowly lifted the comb closer to get a better view of the thing. Note that my main objective at this point was to get the flea OFF the cat. I hadn't planned what I would do once said flea was off. Well, my lack or prepardness paid off. As I was lifting the comb for my closer viewing pleasure, the little sucker jumped. And if any of you have been around fleas for any period of time, you know that they disappear when they do this. For those little guys can jump quicker than lightening and farther than you or I can jump. Well, needless to say, it jumped to the closest thing that smelled like blood. (me) I could feel it.

Okay, I need to interject a bit of important information at this point in my grotesque tail. Let it be known that I am petrified of creepy crawlies. (please don't tell my children when they get older)

That being said, you can imagine the scene that ensued. Another important key in this story is that the time of day I opted for this adventure was at precisly 1:12 am. Don't know why I picked that time of day...maybe fleas are more awake then...I don't know...are fleas nocturnal???

Anyways, I freaked out a bit and was finally able to get the flea off me. I have no clue where he went and I hope it was back onto Pattycakes. ( the cat that the flea originally made his home) I really do hope this... So, did I quit at this point realizing that the cat DID indeed have fleas and maybe I needed to take extreme measures in ridding my house of them? Me?? No, not I. For some unknown reason, I decide to keep trying to comb them off. (let me remind you that by now it is 1:22 am...not a good hour for sound reasoning abilities) I did happen to get a brilliant idea at this point though. I found a baggie in my kitchen drawer. (found it, ha...its was always there anyways...I didn't "find it"...) Okay, now you can imagine what I used this baggie for. Yup, entrapment!!! Let me just tell you now...fleas are extremely hard to get off the comb if they don't choose to get off. And once they are off, the don't like being in baggies.

So, they weren't dying in these baggies. What to do??? I squished them. Another important fact you need to jot down in case you ever encounter a case of fleas...they don't squish easily. And then for good measure, I added water and closed the baggie up. I love drowning creepy crawlies. I don't think fleas mind water though (or it would be easy to get rid of them) which is why I squished them dead first.

Needless to say, I went out to the store the next day to stock my arsenal against these suckers.

Do you think its enough??? I sure hope so. This is the cheap stuff (and boy it was expensive) I think I paid about $30 for all of this. But we are going to rid this house of these fleas if its the last thing I do.

This morning, I sprinkled this stuff on the carpet and vacumned it off. Whew, that stuff gave me a headache. I hope it doesn't kill me being that it is poisen and all. First, the instructions say to sprinkle it on the carpet. Then it warns you not to breath it in. Then, it tells you to sweep it with the broom to get it to cover the carper evenly or something. Okay, tell me how I am not supposed to be breathing this stuff in while I am sweeping it. ITS POWDER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! And just in case you have never swept powder flies up finer then when you sprinkled it. Well, it got in and I left it for an hour and then vacumned. I also vacumned the couch and sprayed that with a spray. Let me say that while the spray was twice the price of the powder, it is much easier to use. (in case you ever need to know)

Well, now I need to do the cat and the two bedrooms she frequents. I am waiting for hubby dearest to come home to help. I have a slight feeling that Pattycakes will not comply with this procedure.

If you are still reading at this point, I applaud you. You have a tough stomach. I, on the other hand, do not. So, I am going to go now. I will post again later today cause I have some crochet news (well, more like blabber) to talk about. Chloe is due out of the playpen now. Have a great day everyone and my you never have to deal with the pleasures of fleas in your home.


Solitaire said...

~shudder of sympathy~ I know what its like dealing with fleas .. I owned a doggie that liked to be outside as well ... call your vet and get their recommendation for a once a month flea preventative .. there are things you can use to keep them off your cats and out of your home! good luck and let me know how it goes. ~anxiously awaiting your crochet news~~

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna-

I hope you don't mind some suggesttions about flea control. I have 5 indoor pets, so I know how frustrated you are. Here are a couple of things that have worked for my family.

1. Vaccuum daily! Anywhere you see fleas, vaccuum that every day until the fleas are gone. You want to make sure no more eggs are around.

2. Empty the vaccum or change the bag after each use and throw the contents away in the garbage that is not in the house. At the very least, keep your vaccuum in the garage when not in use. Again, keeps the fleas from crawling out of the vaccuum in the house.

3. I know it's expensive and you've spent a small fortune on products, but that rub on stuff you put on your pet's neck is the best stuff I've found to kill fleas on animals. Make sure it also kills eggs. Since we started using this stuff 4 years ago, we haven't had fleas in the house at all.

I hate, hate, hate having fleas in the house so I hope you get it under control soon!

CraftyShannon from Crochetville

Mom said...

Girl, you are a hoot! Hope you got rid of your fleas!

Jenn (handbells)