Saturday, May 20, 2006

Getting More Done!!! Yay!!

My SP (secret pal) Miss Sterious sure knows how to spoil a girl. So much so, that she puts me to shame in how I treat my own secret pal. I try to contact her...she's just very hard to contact and she doesn't reply back. It makes it hard to try to find things I think she will really love. But I will press on and keep trying. One of these days I will hit something. I shall stick to my gameplan though. I will spoil the only way I know how...its not the same way in which I am getting spoiled...but it is spoiling. And I am good at it.

So, what's been going on? I received a post card from Miss Sterious that I told you about the other day. Well, now I have the promised pic of said post card. Yay!!

Multinomah falls is really a gorgeous place. I love it there. I drove by it two years ago on our way home for Christmas. And the reason why we were in Oregon coming home to Spokane from Louisiana is a story for another time...a long, sad story of a horrible awful that I will not detail it to you now...for many of you already know this story and to hear it again would make you groan in agony.

In other news, I designed a new dishcloth yesterday. Well, I designed two but only got a pic of one. The other one wasn't done til this morning. Silly me got an idea in my head at 10:30 and had to sit and crochet it...and finally at 1:30 am decided I had enough done to remember what I was doing and so went to bed. (I won't mention that I only had two rows left to do and then the straps.)

But here is the first one I did yesterday. And I must say that I love her. I really do. She is a keeper and I am planning on doing just that. Keeping her. She is going to hang on one side of my window in my kitchen. Here she is.....

Isn't she a doll??? Okay, just so you can get an idea for size here, she would probably fit a newborn baby. She is a real (note the use of the word REAL) dishcloth intended for use. Yes, I intend to use her...haven't figured out whether that will be for cleaning dishes or huge puddles of something spilled on the floor. I mean...she is pretty large. The size of a hand towel at least. The thing I love most about her is she is so unique. You just don't see very many dishcloths of her size around. Very unique. When my website gets done, you should buy the pattern. (hehehe) If you don't crochet, I will crochet some up and sell them in my Boutique I am going to have on my website.

Speaking of website, I have been doing some research today on having a small business and doing taxes and all that junk. (yes...that's right...JUNK!!!!) Well, I have some work to do, it looks like. I think I am going to call our Sunday School teacher who happens to be an accountant/tax person (whatever they are called) and grill him on this JUNK!!! There are three things I am good at. Crocheting, cooking and playing with Chloe. I am not good at taxes. Man, I wouldn't even know where to begin. (well, actually now I do since I have done some research...but that's beside the point)

If you take a look out my front door, this is what you would see.

Its my Astible. I love her. She is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could take her with me when we move, but alas, here she stays with her Astilble brothers and sisters. Do flowers have brothers??? or are they all girls??? hmmmmmm, now that's something for me to ponder...wasn't very good in science an A though and that's all that matters. Anna, enough with the tangents already!!! Stay on topic. Stay focused. This is how you lose readers.

Back to crochet now. (don't you just love my topic dancing I am doing today!!! That comes because of the wonderfullyishesness mood I am in)'s something!!!! I actually made two hats this week for my Hat-A-Week along. Aren't you proud of me???? I sure am. (which probably is contributing to this wonderfullyishesness mood)

First is a hat from Dot's Patterns.
This is the Sassy A hat. Love it. Was going to give it to my friend Kelly in Italy but changed my mind cause I love it. And hey...Italy is in the Meditteranean for any of you who don't know geography well. (I got an A in that too...I love maps) And for those of you who have completely lost it (and might even be illiterate so you shouldn't be reading this anyways) it is very warm in the meditteranean. (okay...spelling was my forte in school but I am really sorry.....meditteranean was never on my spelling tests so I am afraid I do not know how to spell it. And I DO know that I am spelling it wrong.)
Another tangent!!! What's wrong with me tonight???
Here's the hat.

She was made with Caron Simply Soft. I didn't follow that gauge for this hat and it might be a tad small. I can wear it though. Next time I will check the gauge and maybe add a row or two of sc's.
And the other hat I made??? (since I did make two and all) I made the one that was actually assigned to this week. Funny, eh? I actually do what I'm SUPPOSED to do for a change. When has that ever happened in my life???? Probably never.
This hat has problems. (well, maybe only one) And that would be that it turned out way tooo small. The thing is supposed to fit an adult head. (mine) and it barely fits Chloe's head. (and her head is of a normal baby size) This will be a nice sunhat for her this summer. Anyways, it is pink so that makes it perfect. And the cool thing is, I have enough yarn left over from this skein that I could change my hook size, make the gauge (okay...didn't follow the gauge on this one either) and I could have a matching hat. Isn't that sweet??? Mother and daugther with matching pink hats. AAAWWWWW!!!! That's what I would say if I saw that in public...or maybe I would say, "that is just so SILLY." I don't know...can't decide. Oh, but I love silly so I won't mind. I have been called silly a time or two. (well...more like crazy or wierd...but I interpret that into my personal language as silly)

Okay, I can tell that my wonderfullyishesness mood is becoming borderline annoying (or terrifying) so I am going to cut loose. I have one more dishcloth dress to design tonight and then I will write up the pattern tomorrow. Yipppee!!! my favorite part of the desiging process. (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice???)

Well, goodnight everyone. Have a wonderfullyishesness day!!!

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Anonymous said...

I too am being very spoiled by my secret pal at the 'Ville, but the SP known to me is a very busy person and so I can't hear from her as often. Same situation as you. I have to remember that there is more happieness in giving than there is in recieving eh?

I don't know how you do it all, with a baby, and all the swaps you are in and starting a new business!!! Hats off to you, SuperWoman!!!